Chapter 37 – Behind the Scenes
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"...Are you sure you want to leave immediately Morus?" Is what Carmine beside me asked when we compare our conditions, wincing in pain while doing so. 

"Yeah. I'm a busy person you know." I replied, breathing heavily as I speak. Looking at Carmine I can see her struggling to also move and talk like me. Nonetheless though it'd be awkward not to talk to her after what we went through. 

After our fight, we got treated afterwards by the mages and healers standing nearby, and they carried me and the unconscious Carmine at the time to here.

They managed to succeed in healing most of the damaged wounds we had during our fight. But unfortunately... "You're so lucky Morus, I guess I'm no match for you after all." Carmine looks down and gently caress her cloth arm. 

Right now we are safely resting on a couch in one of the platformed chairs of the arena, an area reserved for staff and high ranking adventurers. I requested this place so that we could be away from the danger and prying eyes from the crowd. 

That's because, "I'm sure you'll heal up Carmine." We are battered like a mummy right now. 

Even after the mages did their best to heal us up, Carmine's wounds was severe. Several burn marks, plenty of bruises, lots of internal bleeding and a burnt arm. Which some of the mages say that... "I don't know if my arm's usable anymore." Carmine muttered what those people basically said. 

[What have I done...] I guess the adrenaline of fighting really got the best of me, as I just realized how badly I injured Carmine. [She haven't even started to be an adventurer and she's already retired from service.] I'm not dumb and optimistic enough to think that she'll recover her arm a few days like some anime or something. 

[So this is what fighting is like...] You won't be able to fight and recover completely the next day nor you would die. The most likely is this. [You'll survive but at a great cost, you'll lose something important from you.] Lennon's already an example of this, but this is the first time that I have realized it's consequences. 

[...That's the law of this world...] But I will not accept that! [I am someone born outside of this world!] I was transferred here, an anomaly among anomalies. [I need to do something!]

But it seems that my thoughts have leaked out to my face as... "You don't need to feel pity for me you know?" Carmine has noticed me immediately. "I have pride, and I don't want it to completely broke more than it does right now." She looks down and tells me a story. 

"I may be weak compared to you Morus but I believe I've put up a good fight." Carmine looks at me. "Well good enough that I would have lasted far longer than those guys back at the empire." And looks up in the sky. "...Even I know that this arm isn't gonna heal up soon but still," She looks at me one last time. "Thank yo—" Before she could say her execution. 

[That's it!] I hold her mouth, look at her with a smile that could solve any problems. 

"Shh..." I first calmed her down. "I think I have just the right thing for you Carmine." And look down and open up my bags. 

"Here you go." I go and grab something inside my bag.

"T-that's..." As soon as Carmine saw a glimpse of it, she shutters. 

"Yup." I told her, "It's a Kurumi healing potion." About the item that I brought. 

[Figured she's a holy knight of sorts so I think that she'd like this.] I thought with a carefree tone. 

It's a diamond shaped flask with a glass blueish color with the contents in contrast inside being the classic red for most stereotypical healing potions, with the cork having a upward halo over it symbolizing Kurumi. 

[I don't know if this item is rare or not in this future Endless during the time when I last played in it...] The Kurumi healing potions you could say is the most reliable of all the healing potions in Endless; good balance of quality and price with different levels of rank and finally can be found all over Endless via NPC traders. All those reasons and more is why Kurumi is dominant in that market. [But if this is a rare item then...] Even with all that I don't know it's value here so I look at the quivering Carmine. 

"...I-I couldn't possibly accept that!" As I thought. "...If that is a genuine potion of healing from Kurumi-sama then a mere knight like me couldn't possibly touch it less be I soil it!"

[I guess there's no need to question this but...] I take a sigh first. "Is this perhaps valuable?" And ask the obvious. 

"Yes!" Carmine nods in desperation. "...I only saw a glimpse of it back at the capital when we were coronated as knights, the top student of our batch was called upon the front to take the knee when the bishop had dripped a few drops of the blood red potion onto his lips from a grail. I knew immediately that this isn't a fake because of it's color." She points at the potion with shaken hands. "How in Kurumi-sama's name did you managed to get an item only reserved for heroes and cathedrals?" Carmine looks at me in a semi-serious manner. 

"Well..." I told her, "It was given to me by a friend." A half-truth. [By that friend I mean the one that you worship.] It's not lying it's selective storytelling. 

"..." She's not convinced. "...Although I am extremely curious about this I believe it will rude of me to probe any deeper, just as you stopped me from doing so earlier." I want to take a sigh of relief but unfortunately, "...But I still have to refuse Morus." I'm still not done convincing her. 

Carmine looks at me calmly and tells her reason. "I believe that I am still not worthy to hold such an item Morus, this hands will soil Kurumi-sama and that friend of yours might not be happy about it giving this to me." She explained. 

I was taken aback for a bit. "R-really..." And I contemplate again. [You know you're thinking of the same person right?] Is my first thought but I quickly shook my head. 

[How do I get Carmine to accept this?] She's more of a tough cookie than I thought. [I won't give up right now since I'll forever feel guilty of injuring her.] Plus she already knows that I have this. [What should I do...?] Big brain get working! 


Finally! "But Carmine 'If thou friend gift to one you dear, then thee friend who shalt give is to be blessed by me.'" I remembered one of Kurumi's teachings. 

[...I can't believe studying her Bible—I mean Halos book would be useful someday...] It might sound complex at first glance but the passage literally just means giving gifts is a form of blessing. It's that simple. [Well Kurumi does like her pretentious words and all.] I hope she doesn't hear this. 

But back to reality. "H-how did you know one of Kurumi-sama's teachings?!" Carmine seems rather shocked by this. "Only the priesthood and us knights would have read the Halos's specific passages!" 

I feel like a question mark got put to my head. [Are they restricting the copies of the Halos?] Is what I thought but I need to get back on topic. 

"...I read it, yeah, I have the book... So from her own words, please accept this gift of mine." My desire to think about topics got my sentences fucked up but I managed to get formal in the end.

"...Hmn." Carmine couldn't really argue with the words of her god so, "Fine!" She finally grabbed it. "But don't you think you helped me out here Morus, so we're even!" But left grumpy as a result. 

"Of course." I for one am really happy with any results as long as I get Carmine to accept it. 

Carmine sighs and turns back in front, putting the flask in her bag and returned to watching the final match in the arena, but not before, "...Let's be adventuring partners okay?" She said that with a red face. 

"Sure." I told her with a smile as I also look back at the arena. 

Only to see... "He won! That is the last match! That is all, thank you for watching!" It's already over. 

"Aww..." I didn't get to see most of it. 

"Oh well, let's go out now Carmine." I stood up just as everybody else are; stretching my limbs before walking out the seats. 

[I guess I'll just see how Kum—] Just as I begun thinking of what to do next, "Morus, I need to ask." With her working arm she holds on to my clothes.

"What is it Carmine?" I ask. 

What she told me, "About the potion... And Kurumi-sama..." Is our prior conversation. "Not only do you have this legendary potion but you knew the verses of the Halos Book..." She grips onto my shirt harder. "...I know I told you that I wouldn't meddle in your business but it's really bugging me. I first thought you were a follower of the three dragons, but are you one of us Morus? A Krumist?" Then looks at me with completely serious eyes. 

[I need to answer this correctly or I'll ruin everything.] I get serious as well. "No Carmine, I'm not. I just read The Halos for a thirst of knowledge and wisdom, that is all." I managed to answer the big one, the second one is... "But I don't particularly follow any of the gods except for..." Back in the game I'm not really into the religion aspect and just allowed any religion to be in my territory as long as they don't cause trouble. 

Until now that is.

"Godman." I told her the name of the god that although was the one that killed me, he protected me for who knows how many millennia. Even if he says that it's just a task, without him I'll probably be a collection of floating mana without any consciousness. 

Effectively I'd be dead without him. [What a fate... You might be the lamest god I know or even met, but that isn't enough to not make you the god of my choice.] I say to myself with a crooked smile. 

Meanwhile, on Carmine's side. "Goodman? I never heard of the name of that god before." She already mistook his name. 

But, "Yup." I'm fine with that. [What good naming sense.]


In god's realm. 

"Achoo..!" Goodman now felt something in his ethereal body for the first time in this world. In the form of a sneeze. 

"...That sneeze might be minute but it's a clear sign. I'm feeling it in my body, the changes inside." Somehow that sneeze has made him feel grounded to the floor for the first time. 

Goodman could only think of one reason for this. "Could it be that Rin... said my name to this world?" A god is an existence completely dependent to it's believers. So for a god with no followers, any mention of it's name will generate stimulations that will reverberate throughout it's body. 

"That human... I have expected it that he'll say my name at some point but..." Goodman looks at himself, "Now that I have been acknowledged in this world... What will happen to me in the future?" His skin hair for the first time has straighted up. 

As an AI God that doesn't even have a name before Morus, this sense of fear and anticipation has him produce emotions never felt by him before. He's like an actual god now. 


"Kumo!" I shouted his name.

"Morus-sama!" He shouted back. 

[Thank god I found you.] The weirdest thing is that even though I finished my match, due to the circumstance of my health they didn't allow me to talk to Kumo for a while. So now that I was finally able to see him...

"Who're these people?" I ask, looking behind him I see three unfamiliar figures. 

"Sigh... Please Morus-sama forgive me, beside this one here these two elves has been bothering to see your presence." Kumo looks blankly at the one beside him while looking at the other two with narrowed eyes. 

[Well... at least you didn't kill them.] I thought as Kumo is unexpectedly flexible with his emotions. 

[Now who are they?] Since Kumo is giving them a hard time I should introduce myself to them first. "Hello there, Morus's my name." I say to the two elves. 

With their ears fluttering, the old looking elf was the first one to speak with heavy breathing, "Hello there my friend, I am Gustav. An elf that thirsts for knowledge." He has an arched back which makes him even more old than he already is, shaking my hand in a rough manner. "I would like to know about—" Just before he could say anything creepy, "That's enough young one." The female elf with a robe steps in. 

"Sorry about that, my friend here is quite obsessed in our ancestor's lost knowledge." She apologizes swinging her hair. "My name's Lusillin, and me and Gustav here are a pair of rank 4th elf mages. Nice to meet ya." Unlike the previous one this elf seems more sane in comparison. 

"It is also good to meet you too." I say in return. "Then that means you're my senior right?" I ask.

"Don't worry about that." Lusillin quickly shrugs off that difference. "It pains me to say this without hurting my pride but you already seem to be more powerful than I am, so our experience is null when on the field." She smiles for a moment. "We are just here to introduce ourselves as your senpais but it seems to be you're quite busy for the moment so we'll leave for now." And just like that Lusillin was ready to turn around and leave. "Well the main reason I was here was to pair up with you first before everybody else." She turns around one more time with a wink. 

"O-okay." I feel that it's too sudden for her to leave but when I looked at her partner though.

"But—!" Gustav is having none of that and tries to object. 

"No, it is a shame for a mage to steal another's magic, so let us go." Though Lusillin quickly shuts him up. 

Although this time he won't back down without a fight. "But you've seen it right?! This woman's magic, it's of elvish script!" He shouts at the her. 

"You—!" It seems that Lusillin's temper has finally been fused as she was ready to quickly shut him down. 

Was anyway, "Well I got something to do right now, but I won't mind telling you guys at a later time." Before I stepped in stopping the fuse for a loud argument at just the perfect time.

"Really?" Gustav reacts positively, but I rub my eyes away from him and look at Lusillin's reaction. "I see..." She seems to be contemplating about this. 

"Thank you Morus." Though in the end she thanked me anyway. "I apologize if we are intruding too much on you, as your senpai I'm ashamed to behave like this." Lusillin starts bowing her head. "As elven mages it is always our desire to find out more of the knowledge that even our long lives has forgotten, so please understand." 

"I-I see..." At this point I'm pretty much used to people bowing to me now. Even so it's still overwhelming at times to have such a finely sculpted woman in robes bowing to me. 

[But this still benefits me in the end.] 'Forgotten knowledge,' is the key word here. [What the hell happened over these years?] The phrase is not cryptic at all, but I wanna know why or what things have been forgotten overtime. 

"We will go now, let us meet again Morus." The elven mage Lusillin stops bowing and turns around with the finicky Gustav in her hand, leaving us alone. 

Now that the two of them left, [...I guess I need to be extra careful from now on...] I nervously thought. [Not only is my powers out of place but even my magic is weird as well.] I was using magic that was likely forgotten in this world. A major point down in blending in. 

Also when I was checking Carmine and the other mages they all had one thing in common. [They are all using chants!] Another major oversight on my part. Although I did shout in the fight that was barely a chant and is because of the heat of the moment. Just adjusting my power isn't enough to make me blend in. [...What shall I—] It seems that I'm in my head for too long again. 

"Morus-sama." As Kumo is here to pull me out. 

"Y-yes Kumo, let's go now shall we?" I finally remember my original goal: To leave this place.

So we resumed walking. [Well that was breath inducing.] I thought with a sigh. [Now I can finally relax and....] I finally reached the door out of this place.

Just when I was opening the door, "You know, after watching you, I do understand the two elf's plight about you for a bit." The third one with a robe whom I completely forgot said to me out loud. 

"What are you—" I was gonna ask who he is but...

"My name Prince Gérmann, 5th prince of the Kingdom of Santhos, currently incognito." It seems I don't need to ask it. 

"The hell—" But even reacting to the events, as the light of outside hits my face. "Mori-saaan!" Have me interrupted by a certain red headed girl. 

"Mary?!" I exclaimed in shock as I see the girl hugging me tight. 

"Good grieve..." But not only her, but Juno as well. 

"Stop hogging Mori-sama to herself!" And Itia too. 

"...Mary-chan, I need to take notes of this." And don't forget about Gabril.

"..." And Krissa as well? 

"Too many!" I just said something just now that should be inside my head. 

"""Mmm?""" Many of them react with confusion.

"Sorry, sorry..." I quickly calm down and hold my head. [I need... Explanation...

Why the hell are you all here?! 


It all explains with a little backstory. 

In the middle of Morus's fight, another set of events, a more subtle one, is also moving along in the background.

"Yay!" Mary is running, or rather, "Time~ to~ see~ Mori~san!" Jumping and skipping like a frog.

"Wait be careful!" As the older one of course I am concerned about her... basket of bought fruits she has on hand. [This human is a health hazard...] Although I haven't broke an imaginary sweat constantly chasing her like this is troublesome to say the least. 

But it just seems she's running faster and faster. [Seriously how can a human have so much stamina?!] If all humans are like this and not mindless ants that follows a circle in the sky I might have a different view of them. 

"...More importantly." I look behind and see one pathetic man. "Aren't you supposed to look at your family?" I asked this man named Juno.

A spineless brat, "...Well when Mary's really into something no one could really stop her." That can't even stop her own little sister. 

[Seriously... Why am I even here in the first place.] The reason for why am I here with these two creatures is two fold; one that Mary really wants someone who's her senpai like me whom she admires to play with her and secondly... [I am not a kid!] Some stupid human rules says that a child like me couldn't join the guild yet.

[Like hell that'll stop me!] After going around and buying from the marketplace, I was ready to head to the guild to see Mori-sama, no matter what stupid rules says otherwise. [I am not even a child my age is—!] Just before I revealed the truth. 

"...Hmm?" I stopped my tracks because I see a Mary that isn't energetic for once and is just standing there in one place.

"What's wrong?" I asked Mary because it's really unusual for her. 

"U-uhm... Why is that girl crying over there?" Mary answers with a point towards our destination, the Adventurer's Guild. 

Right now we made it, we're just right next to the building itself. When I looked at Mary's direction, just at the side of the building I see it. "Sniff... Sniff..." There really is a human girl crying.

"Uhm Itia-chan should we help her?" Mary pulls into my clothes with concerned eyes. 

Even with that look my answer is simple. "No Mary." I decline. 

[Who cares?] Why should I care about a lowly human that I don't even know about? It's not a human that Mori-sama knows and is acquaintances with so she is but a distraction to the scenery. 

"Let's go." But thanks to that crying girl I finally managed to capture her by the wrist. 

Even with Mary's caring personality my strength is strong enough to pull her with me and walk along pass her.

That is until... "Hey how are you guys run so—eh?!" Mary's brother finally catches up to us and reacts to the crying girl differently from us. "Lady Krissa!" I was annoyed at first of his presence but the name that he shouted caught my curiosity. 

[Krissa? Isn't that...] The woman that Mori-sama had met yesterday and told us about. [Though her look is so haggard now than it was yesterday.] I only saw a glimpse of her but the unkempt hair and a face that's covered by her hand while she weeps; it's no wonder I didn't realized her identity. 

I look at the girl once again. "Oh it's...sniff, you Juno..." Krissa attempted to cover it up but failed miserably. "...I'm fi—"

"No you are not fine!" Juno for once bravely grab Krissa by the shoulders. "Krissa please tell me what happened please!" But it seems this might have come off as too brave as he tightens his grip around her. 

Of course being grabbed like that makes anyone uncomfortable as she, "...I told you I'm fine!" Pushes Juno back and him falling on his ass. 

I look at his shocked face. [Even I know more about a human's feelings than he does.] Which as somebody that isn't even human is impressive. 

"Juno!" But Krissa instantly regrets her decision and helps pull Juno up. "...Even my only friend here I can't..." Then starts murmuring to herself about something. 

Seeing this pathetic sight has finally annoyed me enough that I, "May I ask what's wrong?" Ask her a question. 

[With you being an acquaintance of  Mori-sama, this changes the story.] I couldn't care less about a human as much as a rock but if there is even a possibility that this might benefit Mori-sama in some way. [Now I care about you.] I move in. But not too much like the brat on the ground. 

"Sorry if this may be sudden but my name is Itia, a friend of Juno." I first went diplomatic on her, even calling that brat my 'friend.'

"Oh... your... one of Morus's friends right?" It seems she already knows me somewhat. 

"Yes I am." That makes things easier. "We were just heading to her about now, but we saw you here near this street corner crying so we couldn't help but ask." I first explained the circumstances. 

"Yeah, I was really shocked to see you like that Krissa." Juno commented something unnecessary. "I first saw you Krissa-chan!" Mary also, but not as much. 

With all three of us talking. "I see..." It seems that the tears from her finally stopped flowing and finally stood up; wiping off the mess on her face in the process. "I guess I really do stand out huh?" Now with Krissa's hair not covering her face she's ready to finally talk.

"Well you see..." Just as Krissa was about to explain what happened, [...So you are the one that set this up.] I look up and noticed a certain magical scent coming near to us. 

"...The pervert's smarter than I thought." I murmur to myself in the lowest possible tone. 


Back to the present. "So basically..." After listening to Krissa's story. "It's all your father's fault." That's the gist of it. 

""That's right."" Both Itia and Krissa said at the same time. 

[I see...] Both recounting Itia and Krissa's story, in summary:

"I was suddenly called out by my father and demanded that I should quit being an adventurer again, saying that this isn't proper conduct for a lady of house Tranchant. Of course I said no because father always wanted me to quit but this time he ordered my friends; Lojalgra, Sjhaeck, Jung, and the others back to the mansion and told me that I won't ever see them again unless I quit." 

[Jschovenne... What an asshole.] That's the summarized version of what happened, without all the interruptions and questions from Itia and the gang. [He even made his own vassals his hostage.] Although they protect Krissa, they still work for her family thus Jschovenne being the head has authority over them.

Considering all those things I look back at Krissa's pitiful state, "So what do you wanna do now?" I ask of her. [I mean anybody's gonna cry at that point.] Forcing you to stop your lifestyle and having those dear to you taken by your own father no less is sickening to say the least. [I think I can relate to that.] That touches a sensitive part of me. 

But as much as I sympathize with Krissa. [I can't just stay with you here forever.] Right now we're chilling near the guild building, just waiting for a certain someone to come. 

"I..." Krissa looks down in deep thought. "I wanna go to Juno's place first, and formally apologize to her mother." And said something out of my expectation.

"What?!" Immediately he reacts to her statement, "No it's fine you don't have—" And tries to stop her.

"No Juno." Even so Krissa is one determined woman. "I will need you to get my friends back, so please Juno." She holds his hands, practically begging for him to accept it. 

[Say yes you dumbass.] Is what I conveyed in my stare at him. He better not wuss this one out. 

"...Y-yes, of course." It seems that he received the message well. 

Krissa looks back at everybody that's supporting her with a thankful face. "Thank you everyone." She bows her head, but not at me for once. "Especially to you, Gabril, for motivating me to do this." But for this inconspicuous angel in disguise. 

"Do not worry Krissa-san." She thanks her back with a small smile. 

But that smile for me represents her more mischievous side, [I can't believe you pulled this off.] And even I couldn't believe it.

When I opened the door earlier and finally calm down with the sudden influx of people; Gabril basically told me the circumstances as to how this happened. 

"Since the meeting of the prince and that Jschovenne is troublesome for Mori-sama I tinkered about with some stuff and made Jschovenne's security and the Chains of Loyalty duke it out. Which of course made the man himself notice and scolded the girl." Is what she said to me. 

[What a despicable plan...] Gabril was the one that caused the quarrel in the first place, so I may have been a bit hypocritical for that part and having all the blame put on that man. 

But there is another part to this, "Thank goodness I managed to reach Krissa on time and turned myself into my human form to convince her and sow the seeds of discontent upon her." Basically Gabril was the one that thought of the plan to meet Marina. 

To which, [I need to take a break...] Causes me to have an headache from all these behind the scenes shenanigans so I sat down on a nearby bench. 

I sat and look afar to see both my companions and the people I've met in this world talk and chat to one another, [...I really hope I don't drag them down a path of destruction...] Because of my very existence, I will soon be noticed by powerful figures in this world. Nobles, Kings, Emperors, and maybe even mythical creatures will notice this anomaly that is me. 

[Tsk, Goodman you're the only god that I've met so far so please. Don't make them follow death and have them lead a peaceful life.] I liked the name that Carmine had said to him, so that will be the name I used on him from now on. 

Seeing so much life in these people that was once just a piece of code in a game; and the fact that they are technically children of my friends. With also the people in this world that I became friends and acquaintances with. [I'll shield you guys from any threats.] That is my determination. 

"...Mori-san?" Although it seems one of those determinations decided to seat next to me. "You look scary right now hehe..." I might have frightened Mary for a bit. 

"Oh, sorry about that." I return from my thoughts and pat her small head. [I wonder what Mary seems to me...] Being friends with a child is kinda weird after all. 

"Hehe I couldn't help but help Mori-nee!" She shouted. 

[Oh yeah, sisters, silly me...] The first time I entered Starting Point Inn, when her family kinda made me their own daughter in a way. 

"Well thank you Mary, you certainly helped me out." I accepted her help. [Can't believe it's only been two days.] Time sure goes by fast. 

"Hehe no thank you Mori-san! Now I have more friends like Itia-chan!" With a beaming smile she declared that. 

"I told you to not call me -chan!" Itia certain heard that and barked back at her. 

I couldn't help but be pulled in by that innocent smile, "Silly you..." Then rub her head once more. [Well you certainly are the one that I don't want to be involved in my business the most.] I know this hurts but must keep a distance from her in the future because... 



[There he is...] I will be involved in the world where no kids are allowed. 

A small, inauspicious horse and buggy has parked right in front of us. Although this may be rather bland for the person inside but since he's incognito right now, it's an appropriate vehicle. 

"Kumo, Itia, and Gabril." I call their names in a serious tone, and the jovial atmosphere disappeared with it. "You three will come with me." I told them so while turning around, "I apologize if this is a bit sudden but Krissa, Juno, and yes even you Mary. You three do what you need to do back to Marina but you can't follow us any further." I sadly told them what is necessary to say. 

"But Mori—" Mary obviously is against this, "I'm sorry Mary but please, this is for your own good." I really hate to say that phrase since it's such a bad excuse but it's the appropriate one for this situation. 

Sensing the gravitude of my words, "Okie..." Mary backs off. 

But not wanting a sad Mary in my eyes, "I'll give you a present later okay?" I told her as compensation. 

"Yay!" That seems to have lighten her up. 

I, satisfied with the result I look at the other two. "Good luck you Krissa and Juno." Although I don't know Krissa's plan yet it seems to be a steep one from my observation.

"Of course Morus!" Krissa loudly answers while elbow dropping the side of Juno's waist, "Y-yeah!" He struggles to stand straight. 

"Good luck to you too." Then Krissa finally saying it back to me before waving her hand. 

I wave my hand as well before finally turning around, "Alright you three, let's go." I told them as we walk. 

"Of course Morus-sama."

"Yup yup Mori-sama!"


All of them agreed, with Itia making some progress reaching Mary's level of comfort with me. 

I nodded in satisfaction, [Alrighty then...] I climb up the stairs and open the door. 

[There he is.] Although I didn't see him that well with his cloak and leaving early. But now he is exactly what Itia and Kumo reported. 

The young kinda feminine midget that's obsess with magic, "It's good to finally meet the Black Witch." It's Prince Gérmann, descendent of Arin.

"Good to finally meet you, Your Highness." The reason why I'm meeting him?

"Alright driver, to the Mages Guild." It's that location as the Prince told the guy in front. 

I quickly turn around, "Alright everyone let's go." And I enter inside. 

[I am also kinda obsessed with magic as well.] That's the real reason why I am here;

I wanna register in that guild as well. 


Somewhere within the guild.

"Have you done it Lusillin." There was a meeting behind everybody's back. 

"Yup, my partner almost ruined it for me but thank goodness that Morus is a patient one." She breaths a sigh of relief. 

"Of course of course, but the important thing is did you manage to do it?" He looks at her with sharp eyes. 

"Yeah yeah Guildmaster I've done it jeez!" Lusillin finally said his identity. 

Gremio holds a cup, "So?" And ask her the results as he drank from the cup.

Lusillin breathes another sigh, "Yeah I managed to appraise her but..." And scratches her head. "That Morus... is a really, really, weird case." She sat down while sighing repeatedly. 

"How so?" He asks as he finishes his cup. 

"Later, later." She holds her head tighter, "That mana is making my head hurt." And looks towards him. 

"Well while my head's recovering how's that raging pig Jschovenne been doing? Has he calmed down at all?" Lusillin moves on to a different subject in the meantime. 

"Don't tell me about it." It seems that Gremio's the one that's having a headache. "He calmed down now after screaming at my face and demanding I'd let Morus and Carmine fight again... I mean  how the fuck can I let two injured adventurer's fight it out again? Is he insane?" Gremio scratches his head more times than I can count. 

"Is he that pissed towards his own daughter? It was a bit weird why his security started fighting Krissa's party but he didn't have to be so outraged afterwards for not seeing one match." Lusillin commented on that affair on the side of her daughter. 

"Yeah..." Gremio then stretches back and looks up. [...Well a fight of a lifetime.] He secretly smirks at the thought of that pig not getting to see that spectacular fight. [I'll make sure that pig can't even look towards those two prodigies.] He doesn't want another 'Aqua Strider' quitting on his watch. 

"So, you ready to talk about Morus?" Gremio bobs his head up to see her. 

"Yup." Lusillin seems ready now after letting out her complaints in this tiny little room. 

...These little private meetings between two parties discussing the black witch will be getting more and more frequent in the future.

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