Chapter 23 – Deities Requirements
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"U-umm, are you sure? I am someone you have never met, and because I am the Great Cassandra's Champion, I can't stay loyal to her. This is something I wanted to talk to Joan about before anything else, can you trust me so easily?" In all honesty, I thought getting their approval would be an uphill battle. Instead, here they are trying to make me their son-in-law?!

"All deities have their own rules they follow, some are close to being evil and some are so stringent that only the most pure and unsullied can be chosen. Great Cassandra is someone who has certain rules she always keeps when choosing someone, the first rule is that her Champion is a principled person." Helen decided to make their thoughts on this matter clear.

"They break promises like anyone else and lie, cheat, or trick. But when they make a promise as heavy as marriage, they always abide by it. A promise that borders on an oath is something that a Champion of Great Cassandra has never broken. At least, they haven't broken it voluntarily." She reached out a grasped my hand, her hands were fleshy yet unable to hide her motherly doting, just like the rest of her. "I have seen your **** in the time you have lived here-"

"Wait, what does **** mean?" I couldn't help but interrupt and ask.

She looked at me blankly for a moment before chuckling, "It means, 'Conduct'." She used that strange sounds from before to tell me what it meant, my whole body shivered in response to hearing that 'language' or whatever that is again.

"Your conduct has made it clear that despite your flaws, you are not arrogant, you are sociable, smart and since you are a Champion, you're certainly talented. Great Cassandra also requires her Blessed to not only be principled but also be people who cherish those around them, for only a person who loves and knows how priceless having loved ones is can live a life worthy of her blessing." She let go of my hand and picked up some pastry, eating with perfect etiquette that just made me feel awkward to take a bite myself.

 While none of the deities made their rules for picking Champions clear, after seeing so many of them over the millennia, it wasn't hard to find some common points shared by the Champions. I was someone who understood that humans are social creatures; even if someone likes solitude, they wouldn't be able to stave off loneliness without others to share the good and bad in life.

As for being principled... even if it's just because of stubbornness or for my own dignity and pride, I wouldn't break a promise or oath. I guess there are other things to look for in Cassandra's Blessed but those two are enough to think my personality is acceptable as their daughter's lover.

"I don't dislike Joan, I am also happy that you are willing to accept me. But before we talk any more about this, I think it's best to wait for Joan to come back and talk to her." No matter what, the final decision is for the people involved, namely, me and Joan.

"That's fine, Joan has taken a liking to you from the start. I'm glad you feel that way nevertheless." I had to ask what 'nevertheless' meant when my wannabe father-in-law replied.

After chatting for a little while longer, they excused themselves to take care of their busy schedules. I decided to just relax there for a while longer, enjoying the tea and pastries placed in front of me. By now, my three personal maids showed up with glowing features and expressions like a cat that got its milk.

Clarise was even skipping while humming a tune, not that I minded with how her boobs bounced with each step. Her innocent and childlike behaviour just makes the dribble of semen on her cheek feel even more debauched. Sophia, who I found out not long ago was her older cousin, reached out and scooped the drop up. Nonchalantly sucking it up from her well-manicured nail, her complete composure while looking me in the eye made my loins throb.

"Ah! Sis Fia, that was mine~!" Clarise pouted in anger when she realised her prize was stolen away without her realising it was on her cheek all along.

Sophia simply smiled at her before turning to me and bowing, "Is there anything you would like mistress?" Clarise and Gwen, who were giving a smug look at some other maid, jolted back to attention and followed behind Sophia, "Mistress."

I was going to just wave it off before I stopped myself, while I want to be friendly with them I won't deny the appeal of having maids who maintained a certain level of professionalism. So I instead stayed quiet, finishing my tea before turning to them, "Half a day has not passed from when I rewarded you and now you act like this? I'm not... I won't force you to work hard all the time, but if you are lazy like this again, then you can leave." I didn't know how to say 'strict' so I changed my words... I need to hurry and upgrade my language skill.

The three paled immediately and lowered their heads even further, "please forgive us, mistress." Sophia reacted immediately and stepped forward, bowing so low that I couldn't see her face, "please, mistress. I apologise for our actions. Please allow us to ***** ourselves." I didn't need to be a genius to figure out she was asking for a second chance.

"Like I said, there is no need to work hard all the time. You can joke and have fun, but don't forget your job either. Sophia's actions were acceptable, but Clarise and Gwen didn't acknowledge me when I am seated in front of them..." I look at them coldly, making my point by saying the following words with a severe tone, "This is your first and last chance."

"Thank you, mistress!" The three responded at the same time, their coordination was honestly impressive. My only response was to reach out my feet, "Rub them." I might not know the word for 'massage' but Sophia was truly intelligent and understood was I wanted.

And so I spent an hour or so with one beauty massaging my feet, another massaging my shoulders, and a redhead feeding me mouth-to-mouth. The best part was that this was not long after 'greeting the parents' of another woman, isekai is some good shit.