Chapter 27: A Flowery Chat
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...I'm bored. Soooo bored. How long has it been already? Looking at the flower clock, it seems that only two hours has passed.

Ugh, it's only been two hours? And we have already ate all of the mochis served by Alraune-san.

"Kyuu~ Kyuu~"

"Oh? You wish to have more snacks, little fox?"

Seriously, Kyuki!? You ate more mochis than me! Is that not enough?

"What about you, my dear? Would you like more of the snacks I made?"

"No... I'm fine... Thank you..."

I had enough of mochis for the time being. Rather, I would like to eat some meat, but...


Kyuki is enjoying the snacks right now. Of course, I could just ask it to start a fire, but I don't want to ruin its time of happiness now. Besides, I ain't that hungry just yet. So I'll just ask Kyuki for the fire later.

Anyways, it has only been an hour so far. Asides from Kyuki making happy noises, Alraune-san and I have been quite silent during the experiment.

I should have a chat with her, right? But what should I even talk about? So far, the conversations I had with her were only because they were necessary, with me merely responding in short sentences. But other than that, we barely did any idle chatting. We did not talk much about ourselves, and the only thing I know about Alraune-san is that she has been here for over two hundred years at least, and that she is lonely.

Besides that though, I know nothing about her. Hell, she doesn't even know much about me! I have yet to even tell her my name!

I should probably do that first.

"Sheila... Frontier..."


"My name... I didn't... tell you yet..."

"Oh. That, I already know."

Wait, what?

"I used Appraisal on you, my dear. From the moment I first saw you."


Right... Appraisal isn't unique skill or anything of the sort. It's a common skill which anyone could learn. So, of course someone like Alraune-san can use it. But I didn't expect my status to be seen already...

Wait a second. If Alraune-san saw my status... does that not mean she saw my Reincarnation from Another World title!?

"Umm, did you..."

"Oh, why yes I did, my dear. My Appraisal skill level is six, so I saw your Reincarnation from Another World title, if that's what you were wondering about."


Oh... So she did see it. And now Kyuki knows about it, huh. But why isn't she surprised about it, or rather curious about it?

"Have you... met people with that title... already?"

"Nope. You're the first I've ever met to possess such a title. And I would be surprised about it... if I hadn't been told about you beforehand."



W-What did she mean by that? Who told her about me? Wait, no... It can't be...

"Was it... the Evil God Dionix... who told you...?"

"Fufufufu~ Who knows. It may be... It may not be..."

Mmm... which is it? I can't tell... Alraune-san is just being a tease right now.

"More importantly, my dear, let's talk about you more than about me. I'm curious as to who you were in your previous life, and what kind life you had in another world. I'm sure your little fox spirit is curious as well, aren't you?"


What? Kyuki too!?

"Well, I uh... I was... a human... in my previous... life."

"Oh ho~ And?"


"A-And... I was... part of a... wealthy family."

"My my~ And, what else?"

And what else, uh......

What else about my previous life should I even talk about!? That I was a disappointment to my parents? That my parents preferred my younger brother more than me? Or that I had no friends whatsoever? Which part of my shitty past life should I tell them about!? All of it would just make the conversation go awkward!

"I... That's all... about me..."

"What? That's it, my dear?"


I nodded my head in silence, as I do not want to talk about it anymore. Prompting me to eat one of Kyuki's mochis, so that I wouldn't be able to say anything whilst eating.

"Hmm... Oh well. If you don't want to say anymore, then it's fine I guess."


Alraune-san sighed in disappointment, and so does Kyuki, making me feel bad for not saying anything else about my previous life. But even so, I still do not want to talk about it. As a matter of fact, I wish to forget about it. Heck, why didn't Evil God-san erase the memories of my previous life before reincarnating me!? This current life could have been so much better without it!

"By the way, my dear..."


After a brief moment of silence, Alraune-san suddenly restarts the conversation with a question.

"Not to be rude or anything, but why aren't you wearing any panties? I can see them from where I am, you know."

I closed my legs quickly and readjusted my sitting position. Afterwards, I begin answering her question.



But just before I could do that, a note from Evil God-san appeared before Alraune-san who then grabbed it and looked at it with a curious expression.

"Hm? What is this?"

"It's a note... from Evil God-san..."

"From the Evil God Dionix? Wait... You mean he's listening to us right now!?"

I nodded, to which Alraune-san looked up to the ceiling, before reading the note she was given in silence.

"Pfft... Hahahahahahahahahaha~! 'The Battle over Panties!' Oh now, this is gold!"

All of a sudden, she laughed. Making Kyuki and I very curious as to what was written on the note.

"Umm, what did he... say?"


"Oh, right... Apparently, you were supposed to receive panties from the Evil God, in addition to your clothes. But a comrade of his had intercepted the packages which contained your clothes, and removed all of the panties in it before sending it to you as a joke."



So that's the reason why I never got any panties... It's because of Evil God-san's comrade!?

But that still doesn't explain why I only got mini skirts from Evil God-san. Which means that Evil God-san do have a mini skirt fetish! Am I right, or am I right?

"As of right now, the Evil God is still trying to get those panties back for you, which will take some more time since that comrade of his is another God. Until then, guess you'll have to go commando for a bit longer."

Ok... that I can wait. But still, another God, huh? What kind of a God are we talking about...? Going so far as to pull this kind of prank.

Guess I'll never know until later then. Also, the Battle over Panties... Really?

Once she was finished reading it out to us, Alraune-san then incinerated the note using Fire Magic. Which is a surprise, considering that she is a plant monster.

"Hmm... It has only been two and a half hours since we started testing how long your unique skill can last, huh."

Wait, seriously? Only thirty minutes have passed after that? Oh god... This is going to take a long time, ain't it? And we didn't even had much to talk about! Argh!

"But that should be enough time for you to get most of your magic back, am I right? So while the experiment is still going on, let us train your magic skills and have it improve to higher heights. That includes you, little fox."


Okay, so we're finally getting back to training. Great. I'm tired of sitting on my butt as well.

"So... what will we be... doing?"

"Fufufu. Oh, don't get too excited, alright. The first magic skill we will be improving is your Magic Sense skill. So just continue sitting where you are, close your eyes, and meditate."

Oh, uh... OK then...

As per Alraune-san's instructions, Kyuki and I closed our eyes, as I begin to feel the warmth of magic enveloping my body once again. It is a nice feeling. Makes me forget about all of my stresses and worries, as I sit up straight and focus until the system notification rings into my head.

«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Magic Sense LV 4] -> [Magic Sense LV 5]»

I continued to meditate, ignoring all of the sounds around me as I hear more of the alerts, informing me of the skill levelling up.

«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Magic Sense LV 5] -> [Magic Sense LV 6]»

«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Magic Sense LV 6] -> [Magic Sense LV 7]»

«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Magic Sense LV 7] -> [Magic Sense LV 8]»

«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Magic Sense LV 8] -> [Magic Sense LV 9]»

«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Magic Sense LV 9] -> [Magic Sense LV 10]»

«Max Proficiency Reached... Skill has Advanced to the Next Rank: [Magic Sense LV 10] -> [Magic Perception LV 1]»

"Hey... Hey!"



Ow! What? Who!?

After having my Magic Sense skill evolved into Magic Perception, I was slapped hard on the face which broke my concentration, and opened my eyes to see that the artificial sunlight is gone.

What the... Why is everything so dark? What happened to the fake sun above? It's like a moon right now. And why is Kyuki and Alraune-san staring me like that?

"My dear... Do you know how long you have been meditating?"

"Umm... an hour...?"

"Wrong. More than seven hours have already passed since. We are reaching the tenth hour since we started your Dark Domain duration limit experiment. And now, it's already nighttime."

Seriously!? I have been doing that for seven hours!? No wonder I have been feeling hungry. I have not eat my meal yet, asides from some mochis! And Kyuki's seemingly hungry as well.

"That being said, you shouldn't sleep just yet until we know the limits of your unique skill. So why don't you and your little fox get something to eat. From what I have been told by the little fox, you have meat stored in your unique skill, don't you? Go ahead and cook it. And use these herbs as well for the spice."

"Ah... thank you."


"You can... speak with Kyuki...?"

"Why of course, my dear. I have the Vocal Translation skill I told you about, didn't I?"

That skill can do that!? Holy hell, now I must get that skill no matter what! It'd be awesome to understand what Kyuki is saying!

But now...

Kyuki, start a fire please.


I took out the wolf's meat while Kyuki ignites a flame with its Fire Magic. I then seasoned the meat with the herbs Alraune-san had provided, before remembering that I could learn a skill known as Cooking. So I did that before cooking my usual wolf meat skewer over the flame for a several minutes.

«100 Points Spent... Skill Acquired: [Cooking LV 1]»

«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Cooking LV 1] -> [Cooking LV 2]»

Alright! They're done. I passed a skewer to Kyuki, and as for Alraune-san, uh....

"Alraune-san... do you... want one?"

"No need, my dear. The artificial sunlight from this dungeon is more than enough nutrients for me."

Oh. Is that why her boobies are so big?

Well then... Thank you for the..... meeeaal....?

Eh? What the.... Why is my vision so dark? Where did everyone go? And why do I feel so cold?

"Kyuu! Kyuu!!!"

"Oh my... Seems like ten hours is the limit."

Thanks for reading. 🍫