Escape (2).
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I was standing in front of the four heroes who have stopped their attack after watching me defeat No.2 Endeavor and No.10 Gang Orca. Those two were the main powerhouse of the ambush but now both of them are lying unconscious on the ground and here I am standing in full health without any damage in front of them.

I wanted to end this quickly, so I let them the time to think when I was standing doing nothing, I thought they will retreat after watching their powerhouses being defeated effortlessly. I thought they will opt for the most logical option but they are still standing there in their fighting stances.

'It seems the Pride of Heroes make them too hard to bend down even in disadvantageous situations.'

It made me remember the Water Hose couple. They stood on their ground to defend the citizens from the Villain. If they at that accepted his 'mercy', I am sure Muscular would have gone for the citizens. It was this pride of heroes that let them stand against Muscular, even if they were about to die.

I praise their pride but it is not going to help these heroes in this situation. You should know when to quit. I am not a villain who is going to run around destroying things if you are not stopping me, I just want to escape from here. But whatever, they have their stand then it's my turn to let them face the consequences.

I took out the guns this time. Since all these heroes are not that durable like Gang Orca or Endeavor, I am going to use rubber bullets against them. I have limited ammo of Rubber Bullets unlike Unlimited Ammo from the cheat but I will manage.

I aimed the guns at the Heroes.

"Let's Dance."

I shot several shots towards Eagle and Hawks as these guys are going to be a pain if left alone for too long. Hawks have feathers to interrupt my attacks while I am not sure about what the Eagle can do.

Hawks tried to use his feathers to block the rubber bullets coming towards him, but he was not that fast to use his feathers and got shot by a couple of bullets he couldn't block. After finding this trick not that efficient, he used the same tactic as Eagle, that is, fly to dodge the bullets.

Using his praised-High Speed and flexibility in the air, he was able to dodge all the bullets now. Eagle is dodging the bullets by a very close margin. It's like he is reading the trajectories of the bullet and dodging them. His quirk Eagle makes him able to do what an Eagle (bird) can do. Aside from a very good vision, I don't think eagles have a vision that can read trajectories of bullets.

'Maybe this is like Gang Orca. Orcas can use echolocation by sound waves but Gang Orca had an attack that took the concept of sound waves a level higher making them Hypersonic Waves. Like that, Eagle may have the upgraded version of the eagle's vision which can read the trajectories of fast-moving objects.'

I had to change targets because they kept dodging the bullets and a binding cloth was coming towards me. The cloth wrapped around my arm as my attention was mostly on the flying Heroes, I forgot to pay attention to the ground units.

'Either I am not that experienced in fighting multiple opponents or I am not taking this seriously subconsciously.'

Aizawa pulled the cloth, trying to make me lose balance or something. But I am more powerful than him physically so his efforts went to naught when he couldn't pull me down. On the other hand, I pulled the cloth-making him fly towards me. I readied a punch to hit the 'flying' Aizawa but I was interrupted by Ingenium who is using his high speed to distract me. He was using his other arm to punch me and make the distance. He tried to make several punches in one attack. And I was unable to counter him as my hands are busy here with Aizawa.

'Hit and run tactic. Nostalgic.'

I used the same thing on Muscular, but I knew one thing at that time that he should also learn when using this tactic.

I gave up on Aizawa and caught the punch on Ingenium. He tried to remove his hands from my grasp but my grip was stronger.

I looked at him.

"You know, When you use that tactic, you should know one thing, that is, 'In front of absolute strength, everything is useless.' But I was lucky at that time."

I then readied my fist,

'Super Punch 15%'

The punch landed on his abdomen and he flew like a ragdoll, crashing into a building which finally stopped his momentum and he laid there unconscious.

I then again readied my punch for the incoming 'flying' Aizawa. Aizawa let go of the cloth in the mid-air, but he couldn't suddenly change the momentum in mid-air, so he intended to use this momentum for his advantage and extended his leg for a kick.

He would have been successful as all this happening in a very short time, leaving me no time to react to this, but I have the Slow Motion Cheat Activated. I was amused by Aizawa's choice. It really showed how he is known for his expert fighting skills which he uses with his quirk, making him a formidable opponent.

But he couldn't use his quirk because I'm not using any. His Binding Weapon is basically useless against me, as I am physically stronger and sturdier, he also couldn't make me trip and fall down because I sensed his cloth way earlier. One by one, all of his tricks were becoming useless.

Now, he has only one card to play against me, that is, Hand-to-Hand Combat. I am also expecting something from the incoming kick.

The expected kick came but I blocked it with my arm. He landed and again aimed for the kick. This time I also tagged along and went with a kick. The kicks connected. I was looking at Aizawa and he was looking at me with a serious face not with his usual 'always neutral' face.

Both the kicks counterbalanced each other. After a short stalemate, both of us took a step back and got ready for the next attack. I never got a chance to use the martial art techniques I learned, so I will use them here.

{IAVENJQ} - Super Punch

[Cheat Deactivated]

Aizawa's next attack was a punch, he punched to my right which I blocked, I made a kick which he evaded by stepping back. I rushed towards him, making a punch. He used his cloth to wrap around my arm and pulled it. it caught me off-guard. He may not be able to pull me but he was able to change the trajectory of the punch. He took advantage of that and made a tornado roundhouse kick on my head. I took some steps back.

He thought I will be dizzy from the attack, but sorry Aizawa, that's not gonna happen. I again rushed towards him. he again used his cloth but this time aiming for my leg. I side-stepped to dodge the cloth and took out the gun with a rubber bullet while aiming at his chest.

"Now parry this if you can."

I shot several rubber bullets onto him, making him unstable for a moment. The damage from the rubber bullets can not be underestimated. He was staggering for a bit, which was enough for me.

{IAVENJQ} - Super Punch

[Cheat Activated]

'Super Punch 15%'

A punch in the abdomen, same as everyone else. Aizawa was unconscious after the punch, same as everyone.

'Ground Unit Finished. Flying Unit Remaining.'

I turned to look at the Flying Heroes. Hawks like usual was flying at a distance from me and observing the fight with Eagle flying behind him.

'What this guy is up to? He didn't even attack. If he used to his feathers to assist the heroes, I would have a hard time knocking them out.'

From the start of the fight, Hawks used his feathers two times. First to stop me while I was running and the Second time to block the rubber bullets. He is just observing everything happening in the fight.

I decided to make the first move.

{KANGAROO} - Super Jump

[Cheat Activated]

I pushed the ground with full force which with 'Super Jump' Activated gave a huge boost. This increased the speed and height of the jump. I rushed at them like a missile with great speed, but in Slow Motion, everything was a lot slower, which gave my mind some time to think about how to deal with the Hawks.

I took out one Tec 9 with Normal Bullets (Unlimited Ammo) and one Uzi with Rubber Bullets (Limited Ammo). When I was close to Hawks, I knew he was going to use his feathers to block me and he did as expected. The feathers started rushing in my direction like bullets. I used the Tec 9 with regular bullets to offset these feathers while I was using the Uzi with Rubber bullets to attack Hawks, which was proved to be efficient.

He then out of nowhere wanted to leave the battle and started flying away; Eagle followed him. Now I cannot let him go away 'unscathed' like that.

{ROCKETMAN} - Spawn Jetpack

[Cheat Activated]

With the jetpack on my back, I started chasing these two. With the speed of Jetpack, I could only maintain a distance with them, which was enough for me.

I started using the Uzi again. This time the unfortunate guy was Eagle as he was slower than Hawks and was behind him. I shot several bullets on him, especially on the wings. The guy was not in a good state to fly anymore. After several more shots, he became unconscious and started falling down.

Hawks who were observing things while flying, saw Eagle's bad state so he guided a few of his feathers to take Eagle to a safe place.

After everyone was done, only Hawks is remaining. But he now stopped retreating as he stopped flying and just stayed in the same place in the air.

"What are you doing Hawks? First, doing nothing in the fight, then retreating after getting shot a few times, now stop retreating? I don't understand what are you doing." I asked him.

"Well.. you see. I was about to attack you after Gang Orca told us about your location but the moment you defeated Endeavor in such a short time. I had to admit I was not sure we could deal with you."

"So why didn't you retreated with the others? Don't you worry about your hero colleagues?"

"It's a simple thing. You are Vigilante, not a villain. I know you won't kill the heroes, because if you wanted you could've killed the police officers back then in the Explosion Incident but you decided to escape. And could've killed us here but you resorted to knocking us down. This shows you also want Justice to prevail but you want to do it in your way.

I want to know what motivates you to come out of your normal life and become a vigilante; maybe because of Hero Complex or some other reason that I don't know. It amuses me you know, You a vigilante, going against HPSC. What an amusing thing. I wanted to see how far you can go and see, you defeated 5 pro-heroes just to escape the chase of HPSC. Do you think you can run forever?"

"You think HPSC will be there forever to chase me?"

This only sentence made Hawks' eyes go wide and blood rushing in his veins. He was fuming with anger just by this statement.

When he and his mother were struggling on the street, It was the HPSC that gave them shelter, protection, and money to live a good life. He was given a chance to become a Hero-the job and people he admired so much in his childhood- by the HPSC. He admired the heroes so much that he thought heroes were fictional, but when the HPSC gave him the chance to become one of them, all the fiction became true for him. Now he could become a part of his fantasy. He pledged his loyalty to HPSC from that day onwards and now has a non-healthy obsession with the crooked idea of Justice and HPSC, as he was indoctrinated to become so.

The HPSC that he loyally follows. It was this HPSC that was threatened to be destroyed.

"Take that back.." He said in a low voice.

"Why should I?"

He took out two long feathers which turned into sharp blades like katanas. He then rushed in great speed towards me with the feather sword.

"I said take that back..."

'It looks like my words did a number on him. Let's take this to a higher level.'

{SJMAHPE} - Recruit Cheat.

[Cheat Activated]

This cheat makes the words more effective. If it contains hateful words, the hate will be amplified.

"Do you think the HPSC you are loyal to will give any fucks to you when you are useless to them? You are just a pawn they raised from childhood to make you loyal to them. Have you ever questioned them what they are making you do?" I said while falling freely, as I took back the Jetpack to the Inventory. I wanted to make the fight a Close Combat, but it seems like it will be a psychological war.

"They are promoting Peace and Justice. I help them in doing that." Hawks growled, still rushing to me and closing in the distance.

"Hahaha, They just wanted to hire me as a Hitman and you consider them a Peace-spreading Organization. What a fool?" I said while shooting him with Rubber bullets which he dodged but his momentum decreased.

I landed on the ground and after some moment he also landed with his feather swords out. I took out my katanas.

'What can be better than fighting with swords while we exchange ideas. This really makes me realize I am in an anime world.'

He started moving towards me, I started moving towards him. When we were close enough, he initiated the attack.

"Justice needs to be prevailed either by hook or crook. We, the HPSC know that better than any of the incompetent fools and we capitalize on it, making us better than the other law enforcement agencies out there in Japan. We have been doing this for years and a petty Vigilante like you, cannot demolish what we have built in all these years.

You are just another hurdle that has appeared in the way of the Justice of HPSC. You are not different. A lot of people, like you, came to threaten our way of Justice, but we squashed them like a bug, and you will be too squashed like them. "

I blocked his attack. I don't have any intention to attack anymore, I want to stall this for more time. I just want to make my words plant a seed of doubt in his mind, which will bloom into a serious conflict between him and the HPSC.

"Yeah, then why your President is so paranoid about me if I am so inconsequential?" I continued blocking his attacks while he is attacking in a very fast manner.

"She's just a stuck-up bitch. She is even struggling to handle things that her predecessors created and handed to her. What an arrogant, incompetent, and paranoid bitch she is. The previous President was much better than her in every aspect. The HPSC flourished under his guidance but unfortunately, he was murdered. If he would have been still alive, In no way trash like you could even pass through the gates of HPSC."

'This is my chance.' I thought as Hawks showed vulnerability by showing his respect towards the former HPSC President. And it was correct as he was the one who took Hawks under the HPSC.

"Lady Nagant."

"What?" He asked while preparing for the attack.

"She killed him. Lady Nagant killed the former HPSC President in his office."

"How do you know that?" He stopped the attack.

"Didn't your 'stuck-up' bitch told you? I thought you were trusted personnel of hers and She would've told you, but it seems that I know more on this topic than you." I mocked him. He was restless and growling. It seems the words are getting more effective when I started talking about a issue sensitive to him.

"Don't beat around the bush. Tell me everything." He lowered the fighting stance, to show no-hostility. Then I started my act.

"You see, Lady Nagant was a pro-hero, you know .." I started talking and slowly walked towards him.

When the distance was right, I took out the Rubber Bullet Uzi and shot him. Dodging these bullets was impossible for him, as the distance from where they fired was very close. He got shot by the bullets, he subconsciously crouched. He tried to regain his posture to attack. But all of a sudden,

'Super Punch 20%'

A punch in the abdomen landed on him. He was thrown away like a ragdoll.

I got close to him where he was lying, I checked on him, he was still alive but was unconscious. I was about to leave, when I saw Endeavor trying to stand up.

I aimed at the Uzi and shot two rubber bullets on his head, making him fall down again, but not unconscious. It seems that his indomitable will is not let letting him go unconscious. It must be a shameful thing as he the No.2 hero got knocked out the first couple of seconds after the fight started.

And Endeavor is a prideful and arrogant man. This must've hit his pride too hard.

So as not to cut any corners, I went close to him while he was trying to stand up again. I took out a baseball bat from the Inventory and hit the back of his head with the bat, making him unconscious for sure this time.

*Beep beep*

The Device started beeping, then La Brava's voice came,

:: Chief, Run away from there. Reinforcement of Heroes and Police is coming to your location. and the City exit is completely locked by the Police::

"Don't worry, I handled the situation here. I am coming to your apartment."

I said and took out the Jetpack.

{AEZAKMI} - Disable Wanted Level

[Cheat Activated]

My presence became low, and I became 'invisible'. I started the Jetpack and flew towards Danjuro's apartment. While I was flying, I was thinking about the whole visit. I was thinking about the reason I fought head-on with the heroes. I did it all to create deterrence by showing my power. Now President Ige won't be taking my case with carelessness.