After the ‘Talk’.
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"What do you mean? I gave up on uploading videos when I became a Vigilante." Danjuro was a bit confused as I was the one who convinced him to change his way of doing things but now I am the one asking him to upload videos again.

"It's easy. You just have to do heroic work and make a video of it, then Upload it on the internet." I explained.

"I know what did you meant by that. But I am asking why me?" Danjuro asked.

"Isn't that obvious? Out of all of us, you are the one who is most experienced in this thing. You know how to present your views to the audience and you have a very likable character." I said my thoughts to Danjuro, trying to convince him.

"But if I was that talented, then why did I failed in the first time?" It looks like he still remembers the failure he got even after the years of hard work and grinding he did.

"It's not your fault. It's the society, how they perceive a person and how they treat them. Being a Pro-Hero is a dream for almost every kid in the world and you were no exception. Heroes are so glorified and that the word 'Hero' has lost its meaning. Now heroes are people with licenses who perform activities to save or help people. No morals, No Values, No Courage nothing.

Villains are just opposite to them. They are vile people who have lost their right to live in society. They don't even think there are villains who can be redeemed or what happened to them in the past which led them to become a Villain. They don't want to see that as it will show the fault in the way they are living. They are just happy being ignorant and watching Heroes and Villains fight, cheering from the sides, enjoying the sight.

And you being a villain faced the same hate the society possesses towards Villains.

If you just did heroic activities in your previous videos, the people would've admired your mettle to defy the law to use Quirks without License and help the people in need because you are a noble person and whatever...." I then paused for a bit to let Danjuro think more about it.

"And don't take your past efforts as a complete failure, as you gained a loyal admirer." I then pointed towards La Brava.

Danjuro took some time to think about all the things I said. He then looked towards me with determined eyes.

"What do I have to do?"

"Just upload the videos of you doing some heroic works like helping people, cleaning trash, dealing with villains but don't kill them. We don't want a bad reputation for the face of the team. But most importantly, you will have to cover your face." I said.

Danjuro had a weird look on his face, "Cover my face? Isn't it ironic I am the face of the team and I have to cover my face? How do people will know that I am Mr. Fantastic?" He asked.

"About covering your face. I don't want that your Vigilante work affects your normal life. It will become hard for you to do normal things like going on walks and other things once you are popular and your real identity is known to the people.

You will be receiving a lot of attention from the start as you are a member of Night Raid. I don't want any random person or our enemies to attack you or La Brava when we have our guard down." I explained my reason to cover his face for the videos.

He accepted my decision when it came to La Brava's safety.

"Since everything is okay for now. I think I should take my leave." I stood up from my seat and went to Eri.

I picked her up in my arms and took out the Jetpack from the Inventory.

{AEZAKMI} - Disable Wanted Level

[Cheat Activated]

Once the cheat took its effect, I flew from Danjuro's balcony to our home. On the way to our home, Eri fell asleep in my arms. When we reached, I put her down on the bed and placed her teddy bear 'Rilakkuma' beside her, if she wants to cuddle something to sleep with.

After that, I took out the futon and slept. Today was a very (mentally) exhausting day.


[HPSC Headquarters]

President Ige was sitting on her seat, listening to the agent who is reporting about the ambush of heroes on Night Slash. When the report ended, President Ige ordered the agent to leave her office.

"He is a greater threat than we expected. Not only he does know our secrets, but he is also powerful enough to defeat Pro-Heroes including Endeavor, Gang Orca and Hawks."

She was expecting the ambush to be successful. If that happened then she would've silenced him personally. But it seems that Night Slash has the power to destroy HPSC but he didn't leak or spread the information directly but just warned them not to do anything against them.

"If he destroyed HPSC, the result would be the same or much better for him as there will be no HPSC to chase them, but he didn't."

This was more concerning to Ige. The opponent has the power to destroy them but he is not using it. She thought Night Slash is playing a bigger game and now HPSC has become a chess piece in the game. Her paranoid thinking led her to various outcomes.

Her thoughts were interrupted when her secretary entered her office.

"President Ige, It seems like Night Slash has entered our databases and deleted his information from the data storage." The Secretary reported to Ige. But Ige was not that surprised.

"Don't fret about it. It is good that he did that. We would be more distracted if we checked the previous data. Today he showed us a lot of new things that we didn't know about him earlier.

Start a new file under his name. Level of Classification: 10.

I want his file filled with the new data observed by the heroes participating in the ambush. No need to use the previous conclusions or anything. Start from new." President Ige ordered her Secretary.

The Secretary nodded and again reported,

"Endeavor woke up from unconsciousness and left for the Pro-Heroes Association HQ. Reports of other heroes have just come. Gang Orca is the most injured with his muscles of abdomen ruptured to a very bad state and his 4 of his ribs were found broken. Eraser Head, Ingenium, Hawks, and Eagle have the same type of abdomen Muscle rupture injury, and few broken bones. They will be able to return to their duties in 3-4 days with the help of a healing quirk user. Agents have been dispatched to escort Recovery Girl to Hosu City."

"Let the agents go to the site and ensure that the news of this incident doesn't go to the civilians or leak out of the area near crossway."

President Ige ordered and waved her hand, gesturing the Secretary to leave the office. The Secretary complied and left the office.

"He didn't kill them, which means he just wanted to show his power otherwise he could've easily sneak off or something like he did to escape the police encirclement.

Hah, It seems I will have to follow his terms, or the HPSC is done for. Why all of this is happening in my term of Presidency?" She sighed and complained at the same time.



In a hospital bed, Hawks was lying on the bed looking at the white ceiling and was thinking about something. After some moment, an agent came close to his bed and placed a thick bunch of files on the cabinet near the bed.

"Sir. These are the files you asked for."

He saluted Hawks and left the room. Hawks took one of the files and read every line carefully.


//HPSC Records//

*Name: Kaina Tsutsumi

*Code: Lady Nagant

*Work: Hitwoman

*Level: 3

*Description: Hired as a Pro-Hero... Still a Pro-Hero (Part-Time)..... Excellent Sniper Skill with remarkable marksmanship, along with the Rifle Quirk, she is a perfect long-range attacker. Her effective attacking range is 1.5-2 Km. Trained by the HPSC trainers, she has always shown great enthusiasm towards upholding justice during the training, reported by the Trainers present ... Currently Mentally Disturbed. Killed a fellow hero in an argument.

*Weakness: Values morals and justice too much. May discard the mission if the objective is against her values or dismisses justice.

*Current Status: Imprisoned in Tartarus.


He then looked over the Pro-Heroes Association file of Kaina Tsutsumi but didn't find much about her, so he skimmed through the records of mission which were completed by her during her tenure in HPSC. He read each and every mission detail and concluded.

'Each of these missions is already a Level 7 or 8, either because of the difficulty or because of the level of information related to the mission. But she completed all this and her level was still 3. What is happening?'

Doubting something wrong, he again checked the mission records and his assessment of mission level was correct. The missions mostly dealt with the dark side of the HPSC or some high-level villains. But missions of these levels were given to high-level agents.

He then again checked her file, then he noticed something,

[Weakness: Values morals and justice too much. May discard the mission if the objective is against her values or dismisses justice.]

Things started to become clear to Hawks,

'They deliberately didn't increase her rank as to suppress her access to the data in the database and they must've used a fake story for her to complete the mission. Constantly keeping her in an illusion that she is doing everything for peace, justice, and the betterment of the society and HPSC is guiding her in doing that.'

He then checked the date of her arrest which is 'coincidentally' the same day when the Ex-President died.

His thoughts were a bit complicated. A part of him was saying that nothing is wrong as long as Peace and Justice prevails, no matter what the actions it takes to do that,

But the other part completely disagrees with what HPSC did to her. Using a person to accomplish the selfish goals of the Commission, even if Commission does things to prevail Justice and create a Peaceful future. 

But Hawks was not struggling in this dilemma, what HPSC did was right or wrong. He was thinking about what would happen to him if he were to rebel against HPSC.

'She killed and killed until her mind broke and then she killed the guy who was responsible for all of this.' He couldn't come to hate Lady Nagant even if she killed the Ex-President of HPSC, who was like a father to Hawks. From what he read from the reports, she was just a normal kid who aspired to become a Pro-Hero. The HPSC took her from the normal life and threw her into the dark side of society, where her mind, which was of a normal person, broke.

'What an irony? Wasn't it me who said Justice needs to be prevailed either by hook or crook to Night Slash? But now when the HPSC did this, I cannot agree to it.'

He then remembered Night Slash's words,

'Yeah, he is right. They will throw anyone if they lost their value to HPSC. They did it in the past, they will not hesitate to do it again. Looks like HPSC is not that compassionate as I thought it would be.'

"Hahaha, It seems you were right Night Slash. The HPSC is really rotten to the core and I was just a bug raised on the rotten core and saying to others, how sweet the core is. It seems you won this time." He laughed as he realized. The saviors of his life. The one he pledged his loyalty to. They turned out to be nothing more than scams and corrupt politicians who used him as a pawn to gain more power, and there are a lot of pawns out there just like him.

"But don't worry, You may have won the battle Night Slash, but I will win the war that you started today."


[In a car on the way to Musutafu City.]

In the car, A HPSC agent was driving the car to Musutafu City but he was a bit nervous and the reason for his nervousness is the passenger in the car.

Endeavor is sitting in the passenger seat with his face and the flames on his face, showing his overwhelming anger.

'That petty Bastard was able to defeat me in seconds. That is impossible. How can I get defeated in the first place? Because of the fire-extinguisher? No, it was just a normal extinguisher, it cannot extinguish my Hellflames.'

After spending some time thinking about the battle. Endeavor calmed himself down,

'It seems like my overconfidence has gotten to my head and I neglected that sneaky bastard to do something unexpected. I cannot let this shame go on my track record.'

He was concerned about his near-perfect track record of dealing with villains as it will reflect on his career as a Pro-Hero. He took out a phone and called someone,

"Arrange a meeting with the Director. I need to talk to him."

:: Sir... But the Director... is not in the HQ... How can I..::

"I said to arrange a meeting then arrange one, I don't need any excuses from you." He shouted on the phone and hung up the call.

'I will have to take things in my own hands to wash off this shame on my career.' He thought with a serious face. He was dead-serious about Night Slash now and wants to deal with him as soon as possible.

'Say Goodbyes to your Loved ones Night Slash, as they won't even find an ash of you after I am done with you.'