Hate X Enemy.
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-- "Will everything be okay, Reid?" A feminine voice asked him.
-- "Dad, Is mom going to be okay?" A little girl's voice asked him.

To which he replied, "Everything will be okay. You don't need to worry..."

Then he saw a face. The face resembled a middle-aged man with long white hair and a white beard. The man was smiling like he had met his grandchildren after so long.

--"Phillips is not your real family name... Your real family name is..."
--"The ritual is..."

And the very next moment, The scene changed, and a little girl with her head twisted 180 degrees, lying dead on the ground, and a woman lying on a hospital bed with a large hole in her abdomen appeared in front of him.


Shido's eyes shot open, and he woke up in the same unfamiliar room of the rented house where he slept off. He just had one bad dream, but the people in the dream were utterly unknown to him, and he didn't know why they died in his dream in such a horrific way.

He woke up, but there was a surprise for him. In front of his vision was not the room's ceiling; instead, he saw his reflection reflected by the curved black glass. The curved black glass was actually the face mask of Shido's newly acquired enemy, Genesis.

He was sitting on Shido's abdomen and his face too close to Shido's.

"You look so peaceful when you sleep... But you were grunting and making strange expressions... You had a nightmare?" Genesis asked softly.

Shido was about to say something, and he tried to move his face away from Genesis' face, but Genesis grabbed his face in his hand and put the finger on Shido's helmet where his lips were supposed to be.

"Sshh, Sshh, Sshh... Don't worry, I won't kiss you. I don't swing that way." Genesis tried to calm down Shido.

"Hero, I was waiting for your call and hoping to listen to the affirmative answer in your beautiful voice, but you didn't even bother to call me. How rude? But I am the type of guy who won't leave you so easily. So I came here myself to get an answer from you. Then... Hero, What will be your answer?

Just to let you know, I know that you said you wouldn't play the game to the President and the Director of AVL. I am just a quirkless upstart villain with a very destructive serum in his hands that can destroy the world. What's holding you back to fight a quirkless villain? Huh, Hero? I never thought the Hero I chose to fight would be so spineless not to fight a quirkless villain. I mean, What the fuck?! What kind of Hero are you? Don't you want to save the world?"

Genesis went on a rant, but then he started taking deep breaths.

"Fuh~ I am cool now. Sorry for the outrage, but knowing you not fighting me really triggered me. So I will ask again... Will you play the game?"

"What makes you think that I will change my answer?" Shido asked with the same stoic expression on his face.

Genesis thought he would surprise Shido by showing that he knew what happened in the AVL Base even when the security was tight, but he didn't get any reaction.

Shido knew people with a character like Genesis wanted to get reactions from other people. So he just laid there with no expression and showed it like he was not surprised in his words. Instead, he asked Genesis a question.

Without being sad about it, Genesis laughed a little.

"Oh~ You really want to know that?"

"Do enlighten this ignorant one, Great Bitch Genesis. Do tell me what will make me play the game of Hero and Villain with a nutjob like you..." Shido said with a smirk on his face. His smirk may not be visible to Genesis, but words filled with scorn and sarcasm were successfully delivered to Genesis.

"Hahaha," Genesis laughed when he heard Shido's response, "Well, don't worry, my ignorant junior. This benevolent senior will share his wisdom with you. So do open your ears and concentrate on my wise words. Understood... Junior Brother Shido?"

Shido's smirk vanished from his face, and a severe expression appeared. Shido was now not in the mood to play. He used his physical strength to throw Genesis off his body.

He took out his Uzi and Katana from the Inventory, fully arming himself. Earlier, he played with Genesis because he felt no hostility from him, but when he said his real name even when he was wearing his helmet, It was not a joke anymore.

The enemy now knows his real identity. The games were over, and now he needed to kill Genesis as soon as possible.

"What happened, Shido? A sudden mood swing. From Playful to Aggressive in just a moment. I don't think Himiko and Eri will like such an emotionally unstable father, and I hope you do not show such aggression to Fuyumi. You can show it on the bed; You know what I mean...," Genesis teased Shido. Shido's heart started beating fast.

Shido felt like an open book, and Genesis was reading it. Now he knows how it felt like when he starts saying things to characters that are secret to others, but he knows them because of his knowledge of the plot.

"So, What will be your answer now, Shido? Play the game, and you will get to kill me. Your secret about your identity will be gone with me. And if you don't, You might never be able to see your little cute family. You won't be able to see their faces after I am done with you."

Genesis looked at Shido with expectations. He already has played the card that he wanted to play for so long. He was feeling blissed by imagining the twisted expressions Shido was having behind his helmet.

'Who said we are not playing the game? We are playing the game from the start. I annoy you and you get irritated... Haha, As I thought, I am thoroughly enjoying it. But if I can get his consent to play the game then it would be more fun.' Genesis thought.

Genesis wasn't able to see his expression hidden behind the helmet but there was Rage... Rage was the only feeling that Shido felt right now and it was clear on his face.

"... I..."

"...I..." Genesis repeated Shido's words.

"...Will kill you."

» » ⁅ Auto-Aim ⁆ → » » ON « «
» » {SLOWITDOWN} - Fast Perception Cheat.
» » [Cheat Activated]

» » {PROFESSIONALKILLER} - Max. Weapon Skill Stat (Hitman Level)
» » [Cheat Activated]

Without a second thought, Shido activated the cheats with full intention to kill the pestering Villain. He thought that he won't be seeing this Villain anymore but he was literally sitting on him while he was asleep and he also knows his identity. Killing him right now is the most viable thing to do.

"...Kill Me?... But this is so soon... You are skipping so many steps before doing this... We still have to share ideologies with each other, I will show how my plan is so dangerous to the world and you will be more resolved to defeat me to save the world and so many things. I never thought you will be so proactive about this... and... and my heart is not ready yet to do something like this. Please Understand?..." Genesis fidgeted and touched the tips of his pointer fingers, talking like a shy anime girl.

Shido didn't buy any of this and shot the entire magazine on Genesis. All of the bullets aimed for the headshot. While shooting he thrust the katana forward, aiming at Genesis' heart. Shooting an entire magazine of bullets was already overkill when it came to killing a quirkless person like Genesis, and using the sword was overdoing it. Still, Shido was not going to take any chances.

"Please... Don't kill me. I am just a common villain who tried to imitate the villains from the movies. Please... Please... I beg you. Please don't kill me... I have a family... I am sorry... I promise I won't pester you anymore" He raised his hands and pleaded while standing at the same place. But now what? The bullets are already out of the gun.

Shido just wanted this Villain to die. Whenever he killed a villain, he didn't feel any emotion. Remorse or Happiness was far away from his mind when he killed the villains. He chose this Vigilante lifestyle earlier to save Eri, but even after saving her, he couldn't stop himself from going out to do more Vigilante stuff.

This lifestyle added fun to his mundane life as a Noodle Shop Owner. But there was no such craziness for killing or trying to become a harbinger of Justice. He just wanted to do it. He wanted to kill this nuisance right here and now. Nothing more, Nothing else.

But Genesis was the first Villain that raised the hidden urge inside of him to kill... To kill this Villain down right here and right now.


The bullets touched Genesis' black helmet, but instead of going forward, the bullets stopped. The same thing happened to the katana. It stopped right in front of his heart. Shido tried to thrust it with more power to move it forward, but it didn't move. He saw a faint blue layer covering Genesis that stopped the bullets and the katana.

"...I am sorry... I am sorry," Genesis pleads continued but then it stopped after some time.

"Hahaha... How was it? I did nice acting, right?" Genesis' cries of pleading changed to a hearty laugh.

Shido didn't stand there in shock like a wooden statue, pondering about why his attacks didn't make it. Instead, he threw the katana and the Uzi and attacked with his open hands.

He was about to use the attack he never used on anybody as he thought it was unnecessary. Still, now he is not even thinking about anything else other than killing Genesis.

» » Overhaul's Disassemble + [Law of Matter] = {Disintegrate}

Shido thought of this bug in his free time and practiced it very little when compared to {HESOYAM}*Rewind as he thought he would never use this against someone. His control over it was not that fine. But he was going to use it on Genesis.

Overhaul's Disassemble does the thing as its name suggests. It disassembles. Disassemble means to take apart, and adding [Law of Matter] to this makes it {Disintegrate}.

Disintegrating means breaking it down to its constituent particles.

And what he was going to do it now. Disintegrating Genesis into a bunch of organs and flesh.

Shido's palm went forward, and his palm passed through the supposed barrier, which stopped the bullets and katana earlier. He felt a bit of resistance earlier, but after applying more force and concentrating the Law more into his hand, the palm moved forward like a hot knife passing through butter.

Seeing Shido's palm didn't stop but actually disintegrated his barrier, Genesis' eyes widened in shock. He never thought someone other than 'them' could break through his barrier, but the Vigilante in front of him did it. But with his eyes, his smile widened too.

'I never thought I would find such a goldmine. You constantly make me wonder that you are a blessing that came to me when I am in such a dire time. If there is really a god out there and I mean a real god, then I am thankful to you for bringing him to me. Who would've thought that a Vigilante from Japan will be the one?' Genesis thought.

The palm was about to touch Genesis' chest but Genesis disappeared from where he was standing. Shido was shocked again because the man who claimed himself as quirkless was now doing things out of the ordinary again and again. But he quickly came out of the shock and retracted his palm, which was glowing Purple because of the [Law of Matter].

He quickly turned around and shot his palm forward again as he felt someone behind him and he was correct. Genesis who disappeared in a white flash appeared behind him. Again, there was that faint blue layer around Genesis. But this time someone else was with him in that layer. A woman with Black hair and White-eyes.

It was Caos, the girl with Teleporting powers and the assistant of Genesis.

Shido's palm disintegrated the barrier layer again. But they disappeared again before it touched any one of them and then they appeared in the corner of them. Caos leaned and told something to Genesis in his ear. This made Genesis laugh harder.

"HAHAHA!!!!" Genesis laughed.

Shido knew that he just needs one contact... One contact with Genesis and everything will be over. So he jumped towards the two, readying his palm for the next attack but he stopped moving mid-air.

Shido was surprised how his body is stuck mid-air. He tried to move his hands and body, but all went for naught. Seeing Shido struggle while he is stuck, made Genesis smile inside.

He slowly walked close to the struggling Shido. He then grasped Shido's helmet in his hands.

"Let's see the handsome face that you are hiding behind this helmet~" He then removed the helmet off Shido's head. He tilted his head and looked at Shido's face. Shido didn't know what Genesis' expression was behind his helmet but he was feeling like he was being ogled by that gaze.

Genesis held Shido's face in his hands and then caressed his face. His hands roamed and checked each feature of his face. His eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, cheeks, and chin. Shido felt creeped out by his touch. He tried to move his face away but Genesis didn't stop.

"Truly an exquisite face. Why would you hide such a handsome face behind this black creepy-looking helmet? No wonder you got such a beautiful wife like Fuyumi." Genesis said like he was fascinated.

"Now you may be wondering, 'This guy told me he is quirkless a few minutes back then how come he has a barrier that can protect him from bullets and a katana?' You are thinking that right? Well, let me tell you--"

"Master... I am close to my limit." Caos interrupted Genesis in-between his speech.

"Release him then."

Just as he said those words, Shido fell to the floor. Without thinking much, He quickly let grenade out of his inventory on the floor. He then rushed towards the window which was behind his bed to jump out of the room but before he could jump--

"[Law of Electromagnetism] - Paralysis"

A blue ray hit Shido's back and he fell down on the bed. He heard the sound of footsteps coming towards him. He saw Genesis walking towards him with the grenades flying behind him, they were covered in the same blue layer that defended him from the bullets. The grenades then blew up inside the sphere made of that blue barrier but the explosion was contained inside the sphere.

"I may be quirkless but that doesn't mean I cannot control the laws. You are not the only one who can control the laws, Shido. There are others as well.

I am the current Holder of [Law of Electromagnetism]. It lets me control one of the Four Fundamental Forces in the Universe, Electromagnetic Force. This law is the one that was once held by individuals who were hailed as Gods by the masses.

Zeus from the Greek Mythology, Thor from the Norse Mythology, Indra from the Hindu Mythology, and many more.

But that doesn't matter right now. What matters now is you Shido..." All the playfulness which Genesis showed earlier was now not there. It was like he is a completely different person from what he was a moment ago.

"I was already impressed by what you have shown me by far. Concealing your presence to the point of being invisible to others' perceptions even if you are sitting close to them, Bringing things like your gun and Katana from out of nowhere, and now I saw you use [Law of Matter] to break my barrier.

Can you do more things Shido that would fascinate me? What are they? Tell me?... Ah~ You must be thinking that I paralyzed you so you cannot talk but don't worry, I just temporarily paralyzed your body down the neck. You can move your head and can speak. So do tell me... What more things you can do?"

Shido was about to curse this nutjob in rage but he felt a finger on his lips. "Sshh... I changed my mind. Don't say anything. I will find the answer to that question myself."

"But before anything else, I want you to make a choice" He then stretched his hands out with his palm open. One palm started glowing a blue hue while the other gave a red glow.

"Choose one of them. You choose the blue, You stay ignorant of the truth and I will play the game with you and nothing more will happen after that. You choose the red, I will show you what is happening in this world from behind the shadows.

Now you may be wondering that you already know about the dark side of society, the gangs, the Underworld but what I will be telling you runs deeps down the things you've ever imagined. But remember, once you choose the red... You will be so much involved in things that you won't be able to find your way out of the quicksand that I've put you into and every day you will hope that you never chose that route.

Because 'they' don't like people knowing about them. Only a handful know about them. And Once they got to know that you know about their presence without their permission, They will hunt you like you are a rabid dog that needs to be killed right now. And all that will be happening under the name of 'betterment of society' and 'maintaining order.'"

Listening to Genesis' remark, Shido knew he had to make a move or this nutjob who has already ruined his night, might ruin his peaceful life.

» » {HESOYAM} + [Law of Time] = {HESOYAM}*Rewind

Shido used the bug {HESOYAM}*Rewind to rewind his body to 2 minutes before the paralysis. He quickly moved up again which flinched Genesis who was under the belief that Shido was paralyzed. He also wondered how Shido healed himself so quickly.

Caos - who was standing at the corner of the room and watching everything transpire - had her eyes wide open. Her body started to tremble as she watched Shido healing himself. She tried to say something but her voice didn't come out. But seeing Genesis standing near Shido, she gathered up courage and shouted,


Genesis quickly turned his neck as he heard her shout. He was surprised as he didn't know what caused Caos to be so frightened and made her tremble.

"Master!! He used just [Law of Time]... t-to get out of the paralysis. He holds two laws under his control. He is dangerous. He is dangerous... Please Leave." Caos warned Genesis but Genesis had the opposite reaction. Instead of being afraid, he was amused.

"I never thought I will find someone who has two Laws under their control other than 'him' and myself. And the cherry on the top is that you can control the [Law of Time].

Today is not my birthday but this day is full of surprises. So many wonders in this one body alone. Aah~! This makes me want you so hard. But don't worry, eventually, I will get what I want.

Fuck the red and blue choices... I am not going by the nice guy route anymore. No Consent is needed now after what I've seen. [Law of Matter] and [Law of Time], This guy is a package and I am not letting you go, You will play the game Shido and that is final. And You will be balls deep down into the shitstorm that I've created now. No Choice."

The blue and red glow turned concentrated into a small ball then they exploded into a whole lot of colors running inside the ball without any order. He thrust his glowing palms at Shido but he was surprised when he saw Shido thrust his palm towards him as well. His palm was glowing purple which meant one thing, he was using {Disintegrate}.

Genesis' palms touched Shido's chest and at the same time, Shido palm touched Genesis' left arm. He then gripped his left arm hard and started disintegrating his arm but he found what he has holding. It was not Genesis' arm but it was that pesky blue layer barrier trying to protect Genesis from {Disintegrate}.

Genesis was grinding his teeth as whatever he was doing was taxing on him too much. Shido disintegrated the barrier again and touched Genesis' left arm this time.

Purple lines started appearing on Genesis' left arm and the skin started turning to an ashy color as if all the living was taken from the hand and only ash was left.

Even after sustaining such big damage, Genesis didn't back down and started chanting while his only hand now was in contact with Shido's chest,

"Be the Kratos who slew Zeus, the Ruler of the Olympus!
Be the Fenrir who ate Odin, the Allfather!
Be the Vritra who poisoned Indra, the King of the Gods!

Then it happened, The chaotic colors moved inside Shido's chest. Shido fell down on his bed and started spasming as the chaos of colors started flowing through his body.

"Master!!" Caos quickly ran towards him and held his bloodied stump. The rest of his arm disintegrated into ash. Shido being not so well-trained in using {Disintegrate} was the reason behind Genesis' survival with the only loss of his left hand.

"Caos quickly clean the room. Teleport anything that may lead to us to our hideout. What I wanted to do to him is done. Let's go home." Genesis said.

Caos nodded and did what she was told to do. She teleported everything that might have led to them and quickly cleaned the room. The room looked like nothing happened. She then held Genesis' shoulder and was about to teleport out.

Genesis turned around and looked at the spasming Shido.

"If you survive this, Hero, then come and defeat me... Defeat me before 'he' does."

He said slowly and then they teleported out of the room.


After a long time, Shido stopped spasming on the bed and his breathing which was erratic earlier evened out. The chaotic colors running within his body died down.

At the same time, he received a system notification.

» » [The Law of Chaos has been scanned by the System.]