Chapter 35: A Jingye Dai for the road part 6
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After the huge ‘opening’ event they all returned back to the oni’s side however contrary to expectations they didn’t simply return to the camp. No, instead they were transported right within the boundaries of the village itself. The female cultivators were obviously confused for a second - soon they couldn’t help but look around at the unique architecture.

As far as places go the red wood support beams, ebony cement, rectangular windows, kaware style tiled roofs and overall large size made for a very beautiful scene. If they were asked to imagine what the despicable {Oni Village} would look like they certainly wouldn’t think of such beautifully distinct buildings. The streets were also quite clean though there was no traffic due to how efficient the war machine known as {The Oni Village} was.

Due to being enamoured by the scene in front of them, the newly minted first generation of world wide pornstars (without their permission) didn’t even notice the people coming up behind them to attach a transparent tube up through the back of the pillar. The tube was then connected to a really large glass container which was placed beside them. Then for yet again they began to moan out once more as formations glowed on the pillars as they felt a suction coming from the wooden penis’ they sat upon.

As usual the first to say something was Pixie who clutched her belly while her body trashed around - her being the first one chosen to experience what the oni had prepared for them.

“Ah~ I feel it forcing out that icky man juice~” <Pixie>

Sure enough just as she said the transparent tube filled up with the Ebony mommy maker mixture that was causing Pixie’s belly to begin lewdly rumble. A vortest forming with her vagina at the forefront caused her an immense amount of satisfaction while saliva leaked down from the sides of her mouth. That big mouth of hers really not shutting as her tongue which didn’t stop wagging slapped against her lips as she threw her head about all the while her eyes bulged out as if she just saw the meaning of life - not exactly her usual beautiful expression but certainly an interesting one for the fans.

The ever graceful {Wind Pixie} nowhere to be seen as she constantly came from having her insides evacuated into that clear giant glass container stored more and more. It actually started getting to the point where the yakuza watching were worried they may need even larger stuff. It didn’t exactly help that Pixie clutching her stomach so tightly only made the semen inside vacate even faster but it appeared she either didn’t understand or care about that.

<She seems to have given up on escape and chose to enjoy it… Although Pixie may not have the greatest wisdom, something can be said about her ability to recover from trauma. Other than me she’s probably the only girl not having a mental breakdown…>

Jingye Dai was surprised as she looked over towards Pixie which was caught by the female cultivator making her freeze up for awith conflicted feelings filling her heart. Well, that was until another climax distracted her from that. She looked towards the jade while rubbing her big belly as it quickly became like an empty sack.

“Ah~ I feel so empty now…” <Pixie>

The once proud woman spoke with a pout while playing with her flabby belly - not even bothering to clean her messy mouth.

Say what you want about her bratty personality but she sure put on a good show. Her reward was someone undoing her chains and surprisingly the girl actually got a hint for once though she did take a moment to think as she held on the pillar to balance herself. Next moment her wings appeared in all their shimmering glory as she flew off the pillar and into the air while supporting her gut with glimmering juices leaving a beautiful trail behind her… Well if one didn’t know they came from her pussy it was beautiful and not lewd.

She didn’t escape though as even though she had figured out there was nowhere but an unmarked grave waiting for her in the cultivation world. Instead she parked herself a bit of a distance away in a squat while sneaking an occasional glance at Dai. Pixie’s wasn’t the only show though as all the girls were emptied out one by one - still it was all as expected with the other girls working things out leaving them not being as spectacular as the fool.

<It’ll be my turn soon.>

Jingye Dai thought to herself while softly rubbing her belly as they actually decided to set up several of the glass vessels in preparation for her own stomach. The kindness of the girl made her feel bad for those yakuza who had to go out of their way to rig up so many containers to dump the cum inside her out. Soon enough the formations began to shine and…


The thing wasn’t powerful enough as it just got jammed causing several of the workers to hold their heads in dismay while she just blushed with embarrassment. She hated making problems for people even if it could be argued to be Ebony’s fault not hers - she couldn’t control how much the Matriarch nutted in her afterall. As for the oni in question she simply guffawed at the sight before sauntering on up with a smirk.

“Looks like your having some trouble emptying this Semen Bag bwahahaha~! Let me help empty her out. This one is so small & delicate she needs to be handled with care or she may just shatter in your hands~!” <Ebony>

With that Ebony stretched out her hand to hug that bloated belly while resting the side of her head upon it. Placing her ear against it she could easily not only feel the overwhelming heat from her fluid but also the constant sloshing around. The yakuza matriarch was honestly surprised by how comfortable it was; like a hot bath & water bath mixed into one… But thicker with a rather rancid scent due to being a fleshbag filled with nut butter.

On the other hand the girl being hugged was on cloud nine.

“M-m-matriarch is hugging me- OooOOooOoO~❣” <Jingye Dai>

Then Ebony put all her weight on the belly and began squeezing causing her insides to quickly flush out into those jars. Unable & unwilling to control her expression as she climaxed just like all the other girls before her though only Pixie was in the same league in terms of grandness of the climax. By the time Ebony backed away all the jars were overflowing into the tubes and the poor little Dai’s gut looked cartoonish. Despite that she managed to squeak out a response.

“This one thanks Matriarch Ebony for her aid…” <Jingye Dai>

She freed herself from her bindings which made it look like the wood melted off her ankles while the always golden [Holy Absolution Sword] slid under her big butt. Her hands reached back to grip her new blade with confidence of not being cut. In the next moment she slowly lifted herself up off the pillar.

All the while she infused vitality into her privates to ensure she didn't ‘fall out’ again. The only reason she, who hadn’t even begun to cultivate her body, was able to succeed in using vitality was because her attunement was greatly linked to.  It also helped that she  had tons of it due to her technique.

With the Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon it was easy enough to pull herself off even if she did let out a cute little groan.

After escaping from her bonds she merely floated over on her flying sword to where the rest of the girls were as they had decided to huddle up with Pixie. The two ‘outliers’ couldn’t help but glance at each other with Pixie blushing softly while patting her stomach and grinding her feelings nervously in the ground. She looked around for a bit before settling on that really abnormal yet slowly regenerating gut.

“Nice belly.” <Pixie>

And she fucked it.

Pixie internally cursed herself as she meant to compliment {The Nomadic Dryad}’s impressive recovery skills to try to break the ice between them. Maybe she could apologise since hindsight had struck slapping her with the realisation she was irrational to target her; if it wasn’t for the girl she would’ve been killed. Honestly Pixie didn’t think she could look at men the same way again despite being quite obsessed with them before.

Everything the girl had done was completely reasonable while, when putting herself in Dai’s shoes, she was quite the opposite. Sure she appeared to love that oni’s fem-cock but now that she had the time to think on things as well as having those she trusted try to kill her… Well now it made sense to her why the girl would rather make the best out of this situation.

Not like they were in too bad a situation, right? Maybe Jingye Dai could give her some hints while she shares some makeup tips or gossip as they become friends… Yet she fucked it as soon as she opened her mouth!

Still Jingye Dai just smiled cutely at Pixie neither of them knowing they were still being recorded.

“Thanks, yours is quite nice as well Pixie.” <Jingye Dai>

Surprised but not thinking too much on it she nodded with her own smile.

“Yes, I may be the second biggest but I don’t hold a candle to yours at all! How’d you manage to hold all that inside you despite being so small… I thought you were only a Qi-Cultivator but maybe your no- Oh you don’t need to tell me any secrets.” <Pixie>

Jingye Dai just giggled while admiring the bumbling of the once antagonistic girl who seemed to have grown quite a bit since they first met… Well other than in belly size.

“I have a lot of vitality as well which means my body is far healthier than it appears which is likely why my body is so oddly proportioned…” <Jingye Dai>

“Well if you go down that ‘pornstar’ route the oni was talking about you may as well call them money makers since everyone would rather watch big ones flopping around!” <Pixie>

Her voice squawked out but seemed far less ear grating when it was attempting to convince Dai that her oversized assets were very productive to their somewhat forced career change. In reply Jingye Dai just gave her a smile with a nod as she continued to sit on her sword. Her gaze turned towards Ebony who seemed to be about ready to address them with Onyx yet strangely Violet was nowhere to be seen.

<She is rather cute like a dog yelping at a cougar in the distance thinking it’s a normal cat only to become passive after approaching…>

Just as predicted Ebony stepped forward to address all the girls.

“Now I guess what will happen to you brats over the next week which is technically nothing. You all made enough money over last night to afford some accommodation so we decided to give you just that. Take the time to get used to the village before we head out to push the cultivators back again - take the time to think about what you want to do.

Although I will ‘politely’ refuse to take down prior recordings of you brats, you don’t have to continue working as our pretty little pornstars if you don’t want to. We will also continue to pay you for all the content bought with your faces in them… This village won’t be charitable to give you free board for nothing.

There is always work to be done and you’ll always get paid for it which you need since you’ll slowly die without the qi from [Spirit Stones] supporting you. As for if you decide to continue with our little project-” <Ebony>

“Me and {Nomadic Dryad} will continue working~!” <Pixie>

“Yes, I want to use myself to repay Matriarch Ebony for… For sparing us? No, for allowing me to break through to my current realm with your generosity.” <Jingye Dai>

The girl was quite joyful as she waved both hands in the air making her nude body jiggle about under the afternoon sun. As for the one she spoke up for; she didn’t seem to mind though half way through explaining she realised Ebony hadn’t really done much. Still by searching her rather muddled memory she found something of merit to thank her for. They both even pushed their large bosoms out towards the matriarch as if trying to seduce Ebony to devour their voluptuous bodies once more as they stood (or floated) ahead of the other girls.

Ebony couldn’t help licking her lips while swallowing down her rising desire to breed them on the stone brick street; a massive bulge appeared while making the two girls smile.

“Can make all the porn records you want later mom - just stop doing it in front of me since I don’t like my future step-mom in such a state or I’d never respect her~. Could I also have the female cultivator? Since I doubt the poor thing will get any action with how you always eye up that little genius like a prized possession~.” <Onyx>

Her daughter eloquently whispered into her ear while gazing at Dai with a cheeky grin. As if by magic the bulge seemed to completely vanish just like that. With a simple shake of her head Ebony was back under control however she didn’t forget to stomp her daughter's foot for stopping her from pounding that adorable short stack into an equally adorable cum-ball. Also deciding to ignore the actual meaning of the words.

“Not surprised you two bimbo’s are more than fine working with your sex appeal! Especially you, you, the attention loving {Piggy Pixie} bwahahaha~! Since you two are so eager and Semen Bag should have experience managing people and resources I’ll accept your loyalty. Short stuff with a side of meat will be a {Yakuza Elder} in charge of pornograthy division while the sexual relief on wings will have the joy of getting attention & envy from all across the world~!” <Ebony>

With that she threw the [Network Jade] that was still covered in Jingye Dai’s business back towards the girl who quickly hurried to catch it… With her Spirit Sense so it didn’t actually look too hurried due to being an invisible force she had nearly complete control over due to her outrageous talent. Still she managed to capture it without much trouble.

On the other hand Pixie just looked excitedly at the crystal that she would soon get as well like it was the holy grail. She was never a subtle person and it was most definitely true she loved attention while her deepest desire was to get the very level of attention Ebony promised her right at this moment. So what if it required letting millions of people touch themselves to her as long as she was getting that attention?

The most shocked was Onyx as well as the Yakuza around her having to state the worry on theirs as well as any other elders who would worry about this in the future.

“W-wait you can’t just raise someone to such a high position in the family like that - she hasn’t even done anything to prove herself yet? How do we even know if she’s strong enough to get that position and what if it’s all just a ruse? I know you like her bu-” <Onyx>

“I can’t do what exactly?! Have you forgotten who I am, you hussy, I’m the uncontested matriarch of the family so if I can’t promote someone who could! Also what do you mean she may not be strong enough - did you not see how many of those powerful geniuses, renowned family heads, wise elders and invincible sect masters she reduced to wall paint? Even if that is only technical strength with that technique's ability that’s fine. We aren’t picky enough to fault someone with the ability to wipe out an entire large sect even if only in certain instances since they can be the scariest opponents…” <Ebony>

“But her lo-” <Onyx>

As Ebony was speaking she slowly got quieter and quieter as her head followed the little figure of the little Violet returning. Despite not getting to eat those cultivators earlier she seemed to have a far better mood than even when she was knocking heads with her sister. Onyx who was listening to her mom also realised this so also paid attention as Violet plodded up to the female cultivators.

Perusal the literal man eating demon somehow managed to appear to be the most adorable thing to everyone watching her. Even the female cultivators who knew full well how horrible she was from how she butchered their comrades let their guards down for a second  - though when logic came back they hurriedly backed away from her. Only Jingye Dai didn’t (even the joyful Pixie was quite afraid) but tilted her head with a confused look as Violet walked up to her.

This was the point where Onyx started speaking yet stopped as soon as her little sister just grabbed the confused Jingye Dai by her belly to drag her onto the floor. The cultivator didn’t refuse Violet’s intentions only for the little Oni to chuck her hat off to the side - falling face first into her flabby belly and quickly drifting off. Jingye Dai was clearly frozen in shock however Slate was quick to throw a blanket over Violet as she napped.

“I guess I’ll concede.” <Onyx>

“If the Ojou-sama trusts her there is nothing else.” <Yakuza>

“It is only common sense to trust Ojou-sama.” <Yakuza>

“Ojou-sama’s opinion can’t be questioned after all…” <Yakuza>

“Why does it feel like she’s not my heir but instead the Matriarch…” <Ebony>

Although she seemed displeased she didn’t scream out… She didn’t want to wake Violet so just grinded her teeth. An action which strangely linked her to the very daughter she was both doting of and jealous of!

And so, just because Violet chose to use her belly like a beanbag, Jingye Dai became one of the most powerful women alive.

Well… That wasn’t exactly the only time Violet seemingly randomly approached the new elder over the week since it happened many more times over the week. That wasn’t to say that either her or the little girl weren’t busy as one could say nobody was busier than them. Although the now way happier & excited Pixie was on hand to help there was only so much she could do to actually help.

That wasn’t to say she was useless but even many older cultivators don’t know what goes into running a profitable venture let alone one which was treading a completely untrodden path. She had to thank that succubus who apparently provided the proposal though since it had a lot of useful information upon it that explained a lot of the decisions made. That was the first thing she needed to understand after all; where they were currently at and why.

Luckily mostly every elder was outside the village so she managed to move into the {Little Hannya Manor} with no resistance other than Onyx’s prior worries. As such Jingye Dai had her very own office to read in peace while Pixie ran around the village in revealing outfits to see what gained her the most attention… Something pointless when nobody was around but at least the cultivator knew her way around the village.

Violet meanwhile had been processing a lot of meat while going around cleaning up the borders whenever any rats tried to enter. An easy task for the little Oni who was always underestimated which always was a fatal mistake. Despite that she had always found the time to barge her way into Jingye Dai’s office with fresh meat in hand while just staring at the girl. At first she was confused at what the girl wanted but figured out what was needed of her…


For some reason Violet, her new Ojou-sama, would make her cook her various cuts of meat which she knew for a fact was from humanoids. Even if she was known as {The Nomadic Dryad} it wasn’t like she only focused her studies on plants. She had a deep understanding of many of the creatures that roamed their world - she wouldn’t claim to be all knowing but she knew a lot. At the very least enough to recognise what meat something was from.

Still she didn’t hesitate to handle the meat as in the words of the [Nine-Tailed Fox]; it is a greater disgrace to not make use of the kill.

With one hand on the handle of a frying pan as she guided the meat to dance around the pan to thoroughly cook with a heavy sizzling coming from the rich meat.  Second continuously dipped into various bowls filled with powdered spices - pinching a bit before sprinkling it evenly upon the meat. Flipping it and doing the same until she felt the meat was well done. She didn’t think herself a good cook, however if Ebony’s daughter wanted to eat her poor attempts she’d try her hardest (not even using her Spirit Sense to control the pan).

“Is this meat fine Violet?” <Jingye Dai>

She originally tried calling her like everyone else but when then the girl would just aggressively say her name. If Jingye Dai tried to continue on without saying her name the little girl would just interrupt her with her name. And, if she was silent for too long Violet, the silence would be cut with Violet saying her name, Still the girl was adorable so Jingye Dai couldn’t be mad and simply took the constant persistence as an order rather than a request; something which the cultivator couldn’t help but think was suitable for the daughter of Ebony.

“Arummm~” <Violet>

Violet who was hugging Dai’s hips nodded happily while quickly going up to the plate which the cooked meats were on. She quickly squirrelled them over to a table before picking up one of the pieces of cooked meat between her hands which she quickly bit into. The young cultivator who was already used to the girls actions just smiled softly while grabbing a washcloth she already had at the ready. Wandering up to Violet.

“You always make such a mess when you eat Violet - nobody would dare take the food from you so you can take your time. Do you like feeling all sticky? When you get older Slate & Ashue may not want you to kiss if your mouth is all messy with food.” <Jingye Dai>

That comment made Violet stop eating for approximately a second - that time Jingye Dai used to wipe her mouth - before she continued eating at a slightly slower pace. Somehow the girl had managed to capture a hold on Violet’s hard to understand personality in a couple days. An impressive feat to say the least; she didn’t notice though. Instead she just took a bit of meat herself and threw it in her mouth before nodding at the mix of flavours she had been adjusting over the week. She didn’t need to eat as a {Pseudo-Immortal} but yet she ate the likely human flesh anyway since she long decided she wouldn’t feed her anything she herself couldn’t stand eating… Apparently what could be eaten included cannibalistic options.

Unexpectedly Violet asked a question.

“Is using violence evil?” <Violet>

The girl's Violet eyes looked up to the {Asura Yakuza Elder of Pornograthy}  with sparkling curiosity practically melting out from them. It did make Jingye Dai think about it. Was violence and evil the same thing? Just because one's first action when faced with adversity was violence makes them evil? The answer was rather clear to Jingye Dai with just a few seconds of gathering her thoughts.

“No, that would be the same as claiming wild animals are evil simply because they will resort to violence when their territory is encroached upon. Yet - despite what some humans or mortal races may say - just being a beast doesn’t make them evil. That would be akin to calling nature itself malevolent, which is hardly the case; it’s merely just a fact that violence can solve a lot of problems so it is naturally relied upon.” <Jingye Dai>

The girl just tilted her head.

“Why don’t you use violence?” <Violet>

That took Jingye Dai back since she wasn’t expecting the first question let alone the more personal followup. Still she didn’t get angry at the girl for questioning her hypocrisy. Instead she looked inward to gain an understanding of why she didn’t just choke everyone she met with vines like Violet may if she had such skills. It took her a bit longer but Violet just ate while the nude midget stroked her forehead in thought.

“I guess… I guess I’ve never felt like I needed to use violence for myself. It’s not like I’ve never defended myself but I simply didn’t think to defend myself with bruteforce as it didn’t matter to me what other people thought or were.” <Jingye Dai>

“Would you use violence for mommy?” <Violet>

“Yes.” <Jingye Dai>

Not hesitating but her cheeks did flare up a little as her mind went to Ebony.

“Mmm…” <Violet>

With that the girl slowly nodded before she reached into her robes to pull out a parchment which she simply placed on the table before skipping away where her two loyal assistants began to argue over who would be more willing to let Violet kiss them.

Jingye Dai simply shook her head with a smile before picking up what would likely be an order and based on the subject of the last question she was asked…

<Matriarch Ebony… I want to see her again but she went to the front lines saying much to me except to work hard for my brothers and sisters in the {Asura Yakuza}... It was also decided that the porngraphy division wouldn’t need to mark our bodies since it interfered with our work. Still I feel so… Frustrated I believe this is called? Me and Pixie agreed not to make any more content other than answering the occasional question from fans. I didn’t know that my body would be this needy though…>

She could only shake her head while opening the order to see what her new tasks were now that a week had passed. The only people she had communicated with being Violet, Elder Alabaster (for work only) and Pixie yet she was used to speaking to no one except Spood & Cebal for months. Sometimes she went years with no human contact and she was perfectly fine with this… Yet between her thighs was constantly burning.

Reading the order brought a smile to her face since it wanted her to head to the front lines to help in case healing is required; if not she was to focus on getting captives since she was the best elder for that now with her ability to control plants.

In a forest surrounded by giant qi-sapping trees, how could she not be strong?

With that in mind she quickly ran out after informing a random person in the manor to inform Pixie as well as the rest of the girls the current state of things. The women’s deadline for deciding had come up so she would have Pixie get those that stayed up to date. Other than that she also would get her to inform those that weren’t interested in becoming pornstars that it was probably easiest to get jobs at the camps.

How things worked out for them wouldn’t matter since she planned to give them severance pay in order to be able to cut them out of the profits from their videos in the future.

Of course, only a fool would accept severance instead of keeping their rights if they’d seen the numbers Dai had. Unfortunately she doubts anyone would realise how revolutionary a change Ebony has invested into was except for herself & elder Alabaster at the moment; even Ebony might not. It was understandable since what does ‘just another way to purchase’ truly change… Convenience of purchase & distribution is the answer.

If you asked the {Fu Family} or {Qian Family} where most of their returns came from and most would answer it to be their wealthiest black card holders. The concept of ‘rich who are willing to spend the most money will make for the biggest returns in business’ is as old as the dawn of the first economy… However from a mere second glance a merchant would be able to tell you that such thoughts are nothing short of blindness.

Taking the {Fu Family} as an example (who distribute a lot of manufactured equipment); how many mercenaries or smaller sect disciples will come in during a year for some more cheap potions? Could you guess how many potions they each buy? Also what about equipment like swords; how many cultivators need to buy a weapon or two to replace their old one?

Now if one asks the same question about Lord Zhengyi; how often will he come in during a year to buy the most expensive potions for himself when he hardly sees combat? Do items which attract his gaze have multiples to sell? Will he need to replace his equi- Well he would need a new sword but that one's an outlier.

The fact of the matter is that having a range of merchandise which appeals to the larger masses will often net just as much if not more than what you’d get as a merchant from the wealthy…

So what if you could set your demographic to be the entire world while being able to back that up?

Well you would get the quickly climbing numbers which Jingye Dai herself has been able to witness live in person from the safety of her own office. Even if she is just in charge of selling perverse content to those who desire it…Well to put it simply she could already give those girls a severance that easily overcame what they got as well known cultivators and would still be robbing them in secret.

With those thoughts she quickly arrived at the head camp due to her cultivation realm making it simple as going for a jaunt. Quick flash of her Spirit Sense and she was already on her way to where Ebony was currently located. As she approached, another thought entered her head as she approached the tent.

<I should ask for permission to send a message to my family as well as my fi- Ying Han… No wait maybe I should skip him and directly contact his father and our Sect Master.>

Entering kneeling around a map she saw Ebony, Onyx and a Wine haired lady with a wine bottle between her thighs. From the starter pack she got from fellow elder Alabaster knew this was Ebony’s nanny ‘Granny Wine’. Though that didn’t make the sight of the lady desperately biting off the cork to the bottle due to her eyes being tied behind her back - Mother & Daughter chanting the ladies name while clapping their hands - any less unusual.

Sensing her enter Ebony looked away from the struggling granny who said she could drink a whole bottle without hands. Having the relationship they did the matriarch instantly jumped on the chance to see the older Oni embarrass herself so here they were. Still while the granny was distracted she stood up and approached the confused nudist; admiring that beautiful body.

As usual she was tiny with two long pigtails that reached down to her hips - lightly curled but more intense toward the bottom - but now with some pink field down below. Ebony didn't find it weird that a girl so obsessed with ‘natural’ would shave herself down below so just nodded her head in acknowledgement. She also noticed that Jingye Dai seemed to have not only tightened back up between those plump bottom lips but also her entire gut was back to being flat.

Something that would need to be fixed in the near future…

“Oh~ going all natural now that you're an elder lil’Bag~?” <Ebony>

“Y-yea… I only really went fully hairless since my fiance didn’t like the look otherwise but I felt I may as we-” <Jingye Dai>

“You have a fiance?” <Ebony>

The conversation between the two went as it always did; with Ebony making a comment at Jingye Dai only for her to answer in a serious fashion. This time things went a little strangely at the mention of Jingye Dai’s fiance since the matriarch vanished with a flash step to appear right in front of the girl. Strangely the intimidating aura around thicken as the area darkened like light being blocked by a canopy of trees - one way or another a change was occurring within Ebony and the entire forest was feeling it.

Even the massive trees seemed to tremble.

“Y-yes I wanted your permission to talk to mine and his father about that ac-” <Jingye Dai>

“Cancel it now...” <Ebony>

Ebony’s voice was unusually calm which caused a clear cracking to fill the silence left after her words as soon the splashing of a liquid followed. However Jingye Dai was too enamoured with the beautiful face ‘protectively’ ‘gazing’ into her own large pink eyes to notice anything else going on inside the tent. Her fingers wiggled about nervously while her blood rose to her cheeks as she gasped for air under the scene; it almost seemed as if they were surrounded by ebony tree’s from all sides.

Though that was because she had been drawn into the matriarchs newly formed {Pugnacious Plantation - Divine Realm}; nothing major.

The forest was just as amazing as the {Forest of Mortality} while she felt her body being glanced at by the falling leaves from above… Though each of the thousands of leaves easily sliced through the girl's defensive shield. Despite that, those leaves never came close enough to cut a single hair on her body. Of course the trees all appeared to be bushy ebony trees however not all trees seemed to be the exact same type of tree - Dai didn’t mind any of that as she eventually answered.

“That’s what I planned to discuss… I don’t think we’ll be able to see eye to eye about my decisions anymore nor do I intend to worry about the consequences of breaking the engagement we have as cruel as that may be on him. Do you perhaps send a message over a long distance.” <Jingye Dai>

“Oh… Of co-” <Ebony>

“My wine!” <Granny Wine>

Suddenly the world itself seemed to be made of jelly as it wobbled from side to side while the sweet scent of grapes tickled their noses. The {Drunks Paradise - Divine Realm} had just begun to form as a red haired figure angrily charged towards the Matriarch. Scrolls with symbols unfurled from her hands to send various attacks at the oni who quickly jumped back into a tree to become one with the forest while the floor began to flood with red and purple liquid - Wine herself having her body transform into such.

Just like that, for the first time since the {Asura Oni}, two {Kijin} were born.

And they were also  already fighting… With each other…

The Ancestors would be so proud.