Chapter 41 – A Normal Day
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Clang! Clang!

The sound of swords meeting with each other sounded in Astrea’s mansion courtyard.


One of the swords was broken. The tip of the sword danced in the sky before it embedded on the ground behind the red-haired man. The Two Knights that were exchanging blows with their swords smiled at each other.

“It’s my loss. You are really good, Milady.”

Reinhard looked at the iron sword in his hand that was cut right in the middle before looking at the girl who wear a similar knight uniform in front of him.

“No, Sir Reinhard. It was because you already defeated me a few times with the same sword. That was why I was able to cut the worn-out sword in your hand.”

The girl, Arturia, wiped the sweat that formed in her forehead with her hand. She looked refreshed after moving her body in the spar.

“I can’t take that reason, Milady. It’s my loss. The weapon is not the problem here, you have improved in your swordplay, and you managed to beat me right now.”

Reinhard turned around and pulled the tip on the severed sword before approaching Arturia.

“Please take a look, the sword was cut in two beautifully. It’s the sign that your swordplay had improved tremendously.”

He gave Arturia a refreshing smile.

Arturia looked at Reinhard with a happy smile on her face.

“Is that so?!” She exclaimed happily.

“Yes, Milady. I believe that there are only a few people in this world who can beat you in pure swordsmanship.”

It’s been a few days since the party. Arturia had gotten used to her new memories and she had sparred with Reinhard every day in the morning.

Merlin was running around the slum and the city on Arturia’s order. She had ordered him to look at Felt and Rom. At the same time, she wanted Merlin to protect them and searching a candidate to be trained as a knight.

She wanted to make the round table Knight in this world. She wanted to honor her memories and her identity as Arturia Pendragon by creating another round table in this world.

“You are exaggerating, Sir Reinhard. In this mansion alone, I know 2 people that can defeat me in pure swordsmanship. One of them is you, and the other one is Merlin.”

‘Merlin was the one who taught Arturia about everything she know. Even Arturia’s, my swordsmanship was not the best compared to the other round table knights.’

Reinhard had a surprised expression when Arturia said that.

“Merlin’s swordsmanship is better than yours, Milady? Isn’t he a Magician?”

“Yes, he is. Remember when Sage Council asked Merlin in the party about his identity?”

Reinhard nodded his head at Arturia.

“Yes. I believe he said that he was your Tutor or something.”

“Indeed. He’s my Tutor. He taught everything to me, which included swordsmanship. That’s why, in pure swordsmanship, he’s still better than me.”

“That’s surprising. Almost every magician in this country focused on their magic. If someone pursued Sword and Magic at the same time, they will not be special in either. For example, Julius. He’s proficient in Spirit Magic, but his swordsmanship is better than his magic. Compared to the true Spirit Magician, his Magic is not that strong.”

Arturia smiled wryly and looked away.

“Merlin is Merlin, I can only say that.”

“Hahaha, I see. Then, Milady. Allow me to excuse myself. I have a patrol this afternoon, so I need to go to the Knight Station right now.”

Arturia looked at Reinhard and nodded her head.

“Alright. I also planned to visit the slum again to meet Felt and Rom. I believe Merlin is in that place too.”

“Be careful, Milady. Well then, I will excuse myself.”

Reinhard bowed his head to Arturia and walked away after strapping his usual sword that was laid on the nearby bench on his waist.

Arturia looked at his Knight walked away and then looked at the sky.

“Well, let’s meet Merlin before he played a prank on Felt or Rom.”

She walked to the nearby bench where she put Excalibur and Avalon. She strapped them on her waist and then nodded her head.



“Hey, white hair. Stop running around!”

A young girl with blonde hair was running after a white haired man in the robe. She chased him around the slum while being watched with the resident of the slum with a smile on their face.

The slum residents had gotten used to the sight because the man had visited the slum for a few days now.

At first, they were wary of the man, but he proceed to take out the criminal in the slum one by one. There was a time when Reinhard joined the white-haired man, Merlin, and brought the criminal to jail.

Their complexion also got better after someone who claimed to be King’s candidate shared a lot of food for the slum residents.

“Oii! You bastard! Change back my gender!!” The girl, Felt’s shout had gotten louder as she pulled knives from her pocket and threw them towards Merlin.

However, those knives were caught between Merlin’s fingers without him looking back.

“Isn’t it better that way? With your personality, being a boy is better than being a girl! Hahahaha.” Merlin’s laugh was loud enough to be heard all across the slum.

Rom was watching them running around near his house with a tired gaze.

“When will the young miss arrive? She’s the only one who can stop them… Haa-”

He sighed and rested his head on his head while looking at Felt and Merlin.

For some reason, the magician came to him with Arturia. She said that she asked the magician called Merlin to find someone fit to be trained as a Knight amongst the resident.

Rom at first was wary of the man, but his action the next day changed it all. He was playful and loved messing around with Felt for some reason.

“Youu!! I am a girl, you bastard!”

And Rom saw that Felt somehow opened up to Merlin a bit faster than usual.

When Rom was thinking about that, he heard a familiar voice from his side.

“They are at it again?”

He looked at the source of the voice and saw Arturia look at Merlin and Felt with a tired face.

“Young Miss! You’ve come!” Rom raised his voice intentionally so Merlin and Felt can hear him.

And he succeeded. Merlin stopped running and Felt was able to catch up to Merlin.

“Now change it back, you bastard!”

“Hahaha, fine. You managed to touch me, so I will change it back.”

Merlin tapped his wand to the ground and pink light surrounded Felt’s body. She immediately felt that something was gone, and she smiled.

“Finally!” She shouted and kicked Merlin at his shin before she ran towards Arturia.

“Ouch!” Merlin who was kicked rubbed his shin with his hand before shouting, “That hurt you little!”

Felt looked back at Merlin and stuck her tongue out, “I don’t care, you white-haired old man!”

Merlin was not offended with it, he smiled instead and then walked to Arturia.

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