33: Girlfriend Sized Shirt
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Brook is mine! Brook is mine, Brook is mine! My girlfriend, my girlfriend! Mine, mine, mine, mine. Look at her! She's so good. My girlfriend. My girrrrlll! She's a girl and I'm a girl and we're in love and we kissed for real and then cuddled and then kissed some more and then we started floating and kissing and she kept touching my cheek so softly and oh my goddess I love her.

Then I made us float back down because I didn’t want to hurt her accidentally because oh my gosh I was definitely not going to lose her to like a busted head or something. She needed to live forever and I needed to live forever so that we could be super duper gay and loving for all eternity. Maybe a bit more. I had gravity powers, I’d figure out how to make eternity a little longer.

She was tired though, I’d exhausted her with how excited and happy I was, all the kissing taking its toll. My lips really hurt now, we’d been kissing for so long that they were bruised and my jaw ached. Oh and my toes hurt for some reason? Why the hell was that? Like seriously. I think maybe I’d been curling them so hard it hurt? It’s difficult to remember, the hours that had just gone by were a blur of hot skin and quick gasps of air.

“Are you staying the night?” she murmured from beside me, her short blond hair messy as all hell.

“I think I’ll have to,” I replied, carefully trying to smooth her hair back down. “It’s really late and like, because I’m a girl and all, it’s probably not safe for me to try. I’ll have to message mum.”

“It’s cute that you found a new mum with her,” my new girlfriend said, pushing herself up on her elbow.

I grinned happily and nodded, then pushed myself out of the bed and wobbled my way over to where I’d dumped my handbag. Fishing around inside, I found my phone after a moment and sent a message off to mum.

Elsie: Hey mum, I’m staying at Brook’s again. Uh… also we’re dating now. For realsies.

Mum: Can’t say I’m surprised there Eloise. Please be safe, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

Elsie: But you’re a lesbian too, and I’ve seen the way you look at Petra!

Mum: No comment. Love you.

I grinned at my phone. Mum was great, I hoped she got together with Petra. They really seemed to like each other. Plus, then I would have two mums! Two cool superhero mums, one physically cooler than the other of course. It’s hard to get cooler than a woman who walks around in a suit literally made of ice.

With mum informed, I dropped my phone back into my handbag and walked back over to the bed, lifting the covers and slipping back in with Brook. Gosh she was so soft and warm, she made me feel so safe the instant I was in her arms. I loved her so much.

“I love you,” I mumbled as she folded me back in against her.

“I love you too,” she said, and I could hear the grin in her voice even if I couldn’t see her face.

The fact that I’d made her this happy was just… it made me feel so good, like I was lighter than air. Wait, no! No thoughts like that, we’re comfy here in bed right now, we don’t need to be literally bouncing around the room again.

I shifted a little and realised that my face was in her boobs, feeling a lazy little spark of arousal wander through me. I had been horny for her for so long that having actual sex between us be a real and likely possibility was suddenly both hugely daunting and hugely alluring. Gosh I wanted her so badly, I wanted to feel her hands all over me.

I shifted back to look at her, watching as her eyes fluttered back open and she gave me a tired, lazy smile. “What’s up?” she asked, leaning forward to press a kiss to my forehead.

“Uh, I was just getting turned on by your boobs actually,” I told her bashfully, feeling my face flame up in embarrassment.

“Oh my god,” she laughed, giving me a light, chaste kiss on the lips. “Let’s give things a bit of time first, settle into this thing between us. Jumping straight to having sex when we were basically just best friends earlier seems like a bad idea to me.”

“You’re probably right,” I sighed, snuggling back in against her. With my voice muffled by her body, I had to complain just a little. “How am I meant to hold back when you’re so hot though?”

“Hey, you’re pretty damn irresistible yourself glowstick,” she chuckled, squeezing me close.

Basking in the feel of her, I nevertheless felt a little spark of naughtiness still floating within me.

“What if I do this?” I asked, one of my hands snaking down to run a finger up the inside of her thigh.

She gave a shiver and caught my hand, pinning it up above me. “No, bad. We’re going to sleep now.”

“Fine,” I sighed, repositioning to give the soft skin where her jaw met her neck a slow licking kiss.

“Oh fuck, you are… wow. Calm down there,” she groaned, pushing be back a little to frown menacingly at me. All it did was make her look hotter, but I’d pretend to be cowed for her.

“Alright, we’ll sleep,” I finally acquiesced, shifting to lay on my back to actually sleep.

“You’re still wearing your clothes,” she laughed, motioning towards me.

Ohhh yeah. I quickly wriggled out of everything that would be uncomfortable to sleep in and promptly threw it down and off the bed. Good, now I was ready to sleep.

“You realise you’re practically naked right?” Brook asked, her eyes averted, her cheeks reddening slightly.

“Yeah, but I’m in bed with you, why would that matter?” I asked, knowing full well what kind of effect it was having on her. I was just a little evil.

“You are temptation,” she grumbled, then reached over to run her hand through my hair. “But I will not give in. Good night glowstick, I love you.”

“Goodnight, I love you too,” I whispered back, her low voice reminding me of just how exhausted I was. Definitely time to sleep.




When I felt gentle fingers run down my cheek, I woke almost instantly, and then regretted it just as instantly. Who was touching me? The caress was so soft, so caring. Even as my brain struggled to figure out where I was or who was touching me, I felt myself sigh and then inhale deeply. The scent of the person next to me was safety, she was love, she was everything.

“Brook,” I mumbled, smiling as I came to remember the night before. I was in love with Brook, she was in love with me, we were together. Fuck yes.

“Elsie,” she said, placing the whisper of a kiss to my lips. “Good morning.”

“You’re my girlfriend,” I blurted, grinning up at her.

“That I am,” she chuckled, beaming at me with raw happiness. “And you’re my girlfriend.”

“I am,” I giggled, pulling her down onto me. Goddess, hearing someone call me their girlfriend was amazing on so many levels. Like, wow, I was a girl, and I was in a relationship as a girl! Plus, like… I was a girl in a relationship with another girl! Lesbians! Gosh.

Suddenly we were kissing all over again, morning breath be damned. I liked this whole relationship thing so far, nothing but cuddling and kissing! I mean, understood that things would get like, hard in places, we’d have to work through issues together and all that, but right here and now? I was in heaven.

Being almost naked in only my underwear and shirt, there was a lot of skin available for Brook to play with, and it seemed like this morning she was very keen to explore me. I loved it, I loved the feeling of Brook’s long, talented fingers as they slid up the arch of my spine or across the curve of my thigh. My heart was beating wild, an answering erotic echo pulsing between my legs. I was rapidly becoming very, very turned on.

When her fingers lazily grazed my lower back again, I’d had enough, pushing her down into the bed and shifting over to straddle her. Her eyes were wide with surprise when I dove back down to capture her lips, my hands sliding under her shirt on a quest to find her boobs.

The door clicked open, and a voice I vaguely recognised as Rosie spoke, “Hey brook, sorry to bust in, but I was talking to those guys and— Oh holy shit, alright.”

Brook and I parted with a fit of laughter and maybe a small amount of embarrassment. Somehow my knee had gotten up against the apex of her thighs and had been, uh, causing friction there. Wow, I didn’t realise I was like that to be honest. She looked breathless and happy when I rolled to the side and looked over.

We grinned at each other and she mouthed out, Oops, got carried away!

Rosie was standing facing the other direction with a blush so vivid we could see it in her ears. Oh dear, she really shouldn’t have barged in like that.

“So uh, what was it you were saying?” Brook asked as she pulled the covers back up over both of us.

“Uh, I was… uh, that Oliver guy… he… um,” Rosie stammered, still facing away.

“We’re decent, you can turn around,” Brook chuckled, sharing another glance with me.

“No no, I uh, I realise that. I’m just trying to um... figure out how to look you both in the eye again, you know, after that. It’s a tough process, give me a minute,” she said, sounding slightly breathless. My eyebrows shot up. Did she like what she saw?

I snuggled into the crook of Brook’s arm and closed my eyes, content to let her deal with all of this. She was so amazing, so lovely. I was legit tearing up over how strong my feelings for her were, it was like my heart had been muted and numbed by my ignorance, and now that I knew and accepted it, the floodgates had been thrown wide. I didn’t want them to see that I had tears in my eyes, because then they would get all worried and I’d have to explain it, so I smooshed my face into her side and left it there. Perfect.

“Alright, I think I’m good,” Rosie said finally, her voice a little shaky. “Sorry, I honestly didn’t expect to find you two uh, in bed together like that. I thought you were just like, friends and shit?”

“Not anymore,” Brook said happily, and I felt a hand come to rest on my head, beginning to gently scratch away there. Ohh, that felt nice. Yes, yeeesss. More.

“Wow, that’s great! Makes your lives a whole lot simpler, and I’m going to guess it makes you both pretty happy too,” she said, sounding genuinely happy for us both. “Real dating is a hell of a lot easier than fake dating.”

Rosie seemed to be a good person underneath all the poison from her previous friends, and I was so happy she with us now. Well, not with us, with us, we weren’t polyam, but still. I wonder what that would be like? Having Rosie in the bed with us, making out, cuddling and stuff. Oh dear, that was an interesting thought. But no, I was a jealous girlfriend, Brook was mine. Hiss.

“It is, and yeah I am definitely happy,” Brook said, giving me a side squeeze. “Anyway uh, what was the news?”

Rosie seemed to pause for a moment, then perked up. “Oh! I got to talking to that Oliver guy right, from that skating youtube channel, and they were talking about doing a VLOG, just a sort of thing they do every now and then. So anyway, we talked some more and then we were like, why don’t the three of us go and hang out with them on camera, build our following or whatever. A collab or something.”

“Don’t we have class?” I mumbled from where I was wedged against Brook.

“Yeah but like, after that,” Rosie said impatiently, but not unkindly.

“What do you think glowstick? Want to do it?” Brook leaned down to ask me, her warm breath sending wisps of my hair blowing around.

“Sure, sounds fun. I like those guys,” I nodded against her, then pushed back to smile at my girlfriend. Again there was that stutter in my brain as I thought the word, followed by ecstatic mental flailing. Goddess this was great.

“Okay… well I guess we should do that then,” Brook agreed, then picked up her phone and winced. “I see you tried to get a hold of me too, sorry about that.”

“You were preoccupied. Uh, do you still want that ride to college or should I head out?” Rosie asked uncertainly.

Ahhh so that’s why Rosie was here! Giving Brook a lift! Wait, if I was going straight to college… I didn’t have anything to wear! I had only brought a change of underwear with me.

“Brook, I only brought a change of underwear with me,” I groaned, suddenly feeling embarrassed.

“Why only that?” she frowned before her eyebrows rose and a smirk lifted the edges of her amazingly kissable lips. “Oh! Oh my. Someone was ambitious.”

“I already knew how you felt about me!” I protested, giving her a pout for good measure.

“Uh huh,” she grinned, then pulled me close for a little kiss. “Alright, you go shower first. Make sure to lock the door, the boys are kinda pervy sometimes.”

“Yeah alright, I will,” I grumbled, rolling out of her arms and wiggling to the edge of the bed.

I threw my previous outfit back on, not really minding that Rosie was trying very hard not to watch, then grabbed one of Brook’s towels and made for the bathroom. I was quick and I tied my hair up to keep it dry, then wrapped the towel around me and rushed back to find Brook and Rosie staring at a spread of clothing on the bed.

“Hey glowstick, we’re trying to find clothes of mine that will actually fit you,” she grinned. “We’re having trouble because you’re shorter than me, so that rules out all my pants, then your hips are huge, so that rules out many of my shorts and skirts. Your boobs are bigger than mine, so that rules out a lot of my tighter tops. It’s a real conundrum.”

She said all that while eyeing me up, which gave me the distinct impression that it wasn’t exactly a hardship for her girlfriend to have those qualities.

“Just find some shorts that will fit me and a baggy top, I’ll be fine,” I shrugged, dropping my towel and walking over to join them.

I’d changed into my new underwear and bra back in the bathroom, but they didn’t know that. Brook gave a short, shallow squeaking gasp, then groaned and rolled her eyes with a chuckle. “Fucking hell Elsie. You had all sorts of thoughts going through my head there.”

I didn’t say anything, pretending innocence as I scrounged through her shorts until I found some that might fit if I wiggled a lot when I was putting them on. A tank top and Brook-sized T-shirt later and I was reasonably well clothed to go to college. Seeing that I was fine dealing with the clothing, Brook wandered off to the shower. Wew! Girlfriend stuff, sharing clothes!

“I’m a little confused,” Rosie said after a moment. “I thought you weren’t into her?”

I looked up and met her eyes, finding them slightly guarded. I smiled, the girl was being protective of Brook, and rather than upsetting me, it made me happy to know she had my girlfriend’s back.

“Turns out that I was really, really confused and just a little bit stupid,” I replied, sitting down on the edge of the bed. “I’ve loved her for a long time, but I just… I didn’t know what the feelings meant, and that caused me to play hot and cold with her constantly.”

“That’s good, I’m relieved. She wasn’t enjoying what was happening,” she said with a sad smile. “But that’s behind us now I guess, I no longer have to worry about my new best friend getting depressed.”

“Nah, I’ll take good care of her,” I grinned, feeling a wave of emotion for Brook. I would definitely take good care of her, no matter what.


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