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Jul 20, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jul 20, 2019
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Hello! I'm Valerie, or Vale for short. I'm a girl who loves girls and I love writing about girls who love girls. My girlfriend is called Trashlyn, she's amazing. I'm looking to turn my writing from a hobby into a career, and I'm almost halfway to that goal, so every patron helps!

Trashlyn · Feb 3, 2020

My gf, the famous author clear.png

QuietValerie · Author · Feb 3, 2020


QuietValerie · Author · Feb 3, 2020

New story is up for the public! Check it out, comment, rate etc! Thank you for reading!!! <3

FireflyFanatic · Feb 3, 2020


WntrDrgn · Feb 3, 2020

QV, now you know I read most of what you write.

QuietValerie · Author · Jan 27, 2020

First chapter of my new story out on patreon for early access. It will be publicly available once I've got a few more chapters finished and my friend draws a cover for it. Story is an Isekai where an entire university, including all the buildings, people and everything, is lifted and dumped on a derelict ring world. Will be trans and lesbian like usual.

bakafennek · Jan 27, 2020

And I subbed to you on patreon just yesterday. Perfect.

Lexi · Jan 8, 2020

I want to make use of this particular comment section to leave signs of appreciation and utmost thankfulness here.

While the stories of yours that I have read so far sucked me right in and kept me chained, they also sent me through a rather disturbing but also enjoyable rollercoaster of emotions between hope and desparation, sadness and euphoria. And a good amount of dysphoria-by-proxy. Seriously. The chapter 13 of Trouble with Horns - holy shit! clear.png

Lexi · Jan 8, 2020

But there is another thing for which I am grateful: Your characters give a mixture of narratives to describe their transsexuality that is so much more real and just neccessary for every egg out there - in opposition to what lobbyist groups are spreading. They just convey the feelings how they are experienced; the dysphoria, the self-neglectence, the hopelessness, ...
So again, thank you so much, for your work and for its b e a u t i f u l results. clear.png

jiecut · Jan 1, 2020

So, what exactly is the kamiverse? Is there a reading order?

QuietValerie · Author · Jan 3, 2020

Kammi Kettu and Songbird were the ones that started it all, and they're intertwined stories. The rest is whatever

PriyaKitten · Dec 29, 2019

Honestly wish I lived in the time period that Tami lives in. I'd go through ways to shape my body honestly. Nice story by the way~ Time to read more.

QuietValerie · Author · Dec 29, 2019

Thank you!!! And totally same, I wish I lived in that time period too, even with all the underlying nastiness about that society it seems better than now that's for sure

Lexi · Jan 8, 2020

Someone has to lay the foundation for such a time. If not in technology, then at least in society change. This is us and our sisters and brothers before us. clear.png

skilodracus · Dec 28, 2019

Just want to say how much I love your stories. They make me addicted and feel all sorts of feels. You're one of the best authors online, and I honestly wish I could buy your work in a bookstore.

QuietValerie · Author · Dec 28, 2019

Thank you so much!!! And I'm working on that part myself! My patron only story will eventually either be sent to a publisher or just thrown up on amazon in a self publishing thing. Also going to do edited and reworked versions of a lot of my stories that will be up on at some point. Who knows, maybe a physical copy kickstarter will happen or something?

Shmd · Dec 10, 2019

So I kind of made this account to at least convey my feelings for your amazing work. Keep fuckin' doing it. You are, by a long shot, one of the best novelist I've stumbled upon, subliming one of my most beloved gendra. I've been moved to tears more than one time. You actually made me dream, both metaphorically and physically, something nobody, and no substances, actually succeeded in almost 8 years.

Stay strong and productive, I beg thee. 

QuietValerie · Author · Dec 10, 2019

Thank you s much!!! I definitely intend to, and messages like this help me out a ton! I'm currently concentrating on non-public facing projects as a sort of downtime thing to recoup. I can't actually stop myself writing even if I tried, so yeah.

Shmd · Dec 10, 2019

Giving a frank and happy review is the least I can do, considering you probably made me understand a lot of things about myself and some shit through it.

Hope I'll see more of Kalia and Tami's antics, both stories are incredible. No pressure, you know your own pace better than I am :)

DemonLordShadowheart · Dec 9, 2019

So I found this the other day when I was goofing off and for obvious reasons, I was reminded of Trouble With Horns.

QuietValerie · Author · Dec 9, 2019

Hehehe i saw that one too! On r/actuallesbians :D

Tishers · Dec 6, 2019

I just love how you are writing so many stories that are all linked in to CORA and how other authors are collaborating in this wonderful universe. You did a great job of pulling together some powerhouse talents to work with you.

QuietValerie · Author · Dec 6, 2019

Thank you so much! The other authors really are all great. I feel like the quality of the Troubleverse is quite high this time.

ToasterGoddess · Dec 5, 2019

Just finished Trouble with Horns and read through the first 7 chapters of the Witch of Chains. Really like your style. Working my through the older stories now.

QuietValerie · Author · Dec 5, 2019


Chirichirichiri · Dec 1, 2019


Romythered · Oct 30, 2019

nya nya! have a good day and cant wait for more as usual!
have fun and be safe!

NicholaSperry · Oct 26, 2019

Love your work. Thank you. Take care of yourself (for my own completely selfish reasons) :-)

ranaltor · Oct 25, 2019

Like your writing style and also read trouble with horns and pellan rise planing to read the others when time permits

QuietValerie · Author · Oct 25, 2019

Thanks <3

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    Hello! I'm Valerie, or Vale for short. I'm a girl who loves girls and I love writing about girls who love girls. My girlfriend is called Trashlyn, she's amazing. I'm looking to turn my writing from a hobby into a career, and I'm almost halfway to that goal, so every patron helps!

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