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Jul 20, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Jul 20, 2019
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Moving from a different site cos that one broke

Tishers · Dec 6, 2019

I just love how you are writing so many stories that are all linked in to CORA and how other authors are collaborating in this wonderful universe. You did a great job of pulling together some powerhouse talents to work with you.

QuietValerie · Author · Dec 6, 2019

Thank you so much! The other authors really are all great. I feel like the quality of the Troubleverse is quite high this time.

ToasterGoddess · Dec 5, 2019

Just finished Trouble with Horns and read through the first 7 chapters of the Witch of Chains. Really like your style. Working my through the older stories now.

QuietValerie · Author · Dec 5, 2019


Yuudaari · Dec 1, 2019


Romythered · Oct 30, 2019

nya nya! have a good day and cant wait for more as usual!
have fun and be safe!

NicholaSperry · Oct 26, 2019

Love your work. Thank you. Take care of yourself (for my own completely selfish reasons) :-)

ranaltor · Oct 25, 2019

Like your writing style and also read trouble with horns and pellan rise planing to read the others when time permits

QuietValerie · Author · Oct 25, 2019

Thanks <3

Shadehaven · Oct 25, 2019

The discord link expired, can you post one that does not expire? Thanks!
Your story is amazing btw >.<

QuietValerie · Author · Oct 25, 2019

Oh they aren't expired, they were killed on the discord side. The only working one is the one on Trouble With Horns

Shadehaven · Oct 25, 2019

Thank you!

FireflyFanatic · Oct 23, 2019

I am devouring all of your stories. These have been the most entertaining two days in a long while, thanks to you. I think I only have Songbird, Silver Light, and Will of Bastet left. I've read Trouble With Horns, Falling Over, Kammi Kettu, and Pellan Rise so far. Am I missing any?

QuietValerie · Author · Oct 23, 2019

Songbird is written by my girlfriend, and Bastet is by my friend, but yeah that's it so far :)

FireflyFanatic · Oct 23, 2019

They're all so amazing. I'm in love with your writing. The characters are so vibrant and powerful to read. I love it.

Alisa-Hutako · Sep 19, 2019

Is trouble with horns part of the kammi kettu universe? Or is it separate?

QuietValerie · Author · Sep 19, 2019

Separate! Standalone story that will not have any tie ins to anything else. Although I may reuse the universe later down the line cos I like it :)

vaexis · Aug 13, 2019

Wow, you're amazing. Are your latest Pellan Rise chapters pre-written or did you write them on the fly?

QuietValerie · Author · Aug 14, 2019

I've written up to chapter 32 of pellan. I'm migrating to this website cos the last one has issues :)

mrsimple · Aug 27, 2019

Honestly, I wish some more writers would migrate away from our "broken" shelter and head here -- or at least somewhere else -- because there are no other places to find their novels. :(

Trashlyn · Aug 13, 2019

Mow! :3

QuietValerie · Author · Aug 13, 2019

Love youuu

Sabruness · Aug 9, 2019

Dryad Berserker. Enough said ROFL hahahahahaha

QuietValerie · Author · Aug 10, 2019

<3 you found it!

Sabruness · Aug 10, 2019

I'm currently devouring Kammi Kettu, after which i'll be reading all the spinoffs from others.

QuietValerie · Author · Aug 10, 2019

Nice! Be sure to check in on the discord!

DerbyGhost · Jul 31, 2019

Wow what a cool girl

Trashlyn · Jul 27, 2019

<3 <3 <3

Emitsun · Jul 26, 2019

One of my favourite writers :)

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    Moving from a different site cos that one broke

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