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Jul 20, 2019

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Joined: Jul 20, 2019
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Hello! I'm Valerie, or Vale for short. I'm a girl who loves girls and I love writing about girls who love girls. My girlfriend is called Trashlyn, she's amazing. I'm looking to turn my writing from a hobby into a career, and I'm almost halfway to that goal, so every patron helps!

QuietValerie · Author · Jul 20, 2020

Sorry for the silence everyone! Currently working on a bunch of patreon-only projects atm, so my public stories aren't getting the love they deserve. I'll try and release a chapter or two of something in a bit. New patreon stories are sucking me in though so it's hard to pull myself away from them to write other ones.

LoRezInferno · Jul 24, 2020

Oh that explains a bit. Just got through binging your currently releasing stories on this site... might have to go check out your patreon. Does it have unique stories posted?

QuietValerie · Author · Jul 24, 2020

It has an exclusive story, plus work in progress stories that may or may not see release. Mainly my patreon is for those who want to support my writing in general though.

LoRezInferno · Jul 24, 2020

Might have to drop a dono so I can satisfy my insatiable appetite for literature.

QuietValerie · Author · Jul 24, 2020

I am currently writing and releasing 1-2 chapters a day of a new story called The Walls of Anamoor. It's an isekai about a trans egg who becomes a thief girl and stuff. It has a bit more of a traditional isekai setting, but with my spin on it. Dungeons, an adventurer's guild etc. Current plan is to write 30 chapters of that, then take a break while I post them to scribble.

Kamillah · Jul 16, 2020

Hi! when can we see an update to your amazing stories!!!!clear.png

QuietValerie · Author · Jul 15, 2020

So... yeah. New story is going super well, it's hella fun to write. It's also only available on patreon RN, so I've been a little quiet here. BUT. I have a chapter of Witch of Chains prepped and ready to post tomorrow at the scribblehub daily reset (12pm nzt)

Natalie2850 · Jul 15, 2020

it's hella fun to read too!

also really excited to see rosa again soon :3

KarmicSanity · Jul 15, 2020

@Natalie2850 you are vaguely adorable and i've only seen, like, two posts from you. It's like a cute mascot vibe, both of them are cheering on @QuietValerie. Good work~

illvy · Jul 15, 2020

Its so good and pure I can't wait for moreeeeeee 

QuietValerie · Author · Jul 9, 2020

Sorry for the silence everyone, been getting an exclusive story ready for when it launches. If you're really keen, I'm posting it to my patreon early. Thanks!

KarmicSanity · Jul 9, 2020

Oh my gosh that sounds adorable. I so look forward to when the site is up, i've been wanting to find one like it for a long time and your new exclusive on it is a great bonus to that clear.png Thanks~

AllendiaFarcrest · Jul 9, 2020

That *does* sound wonderful and amazing and aaahhh!! clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Natalie2850 · Jul 10, 2020

it *is* wonderful and amazing and aaahhh!!!

(also her computer is dying at the moment (and if/when it does it means no writing, and no gf time) so if anyone is able to spare some coin at the moment, to help her be able to get it, please send it here <3

Valairest · Jul 7, 2020

Hey babes,  just checking in and all... So how's it going with the new site and the @#//s who are messing with you. If not a good time,, chill lax and hope to catch up in the future 💕

QuietValerie · Author · Jul 7, 2020

Good! Getting an exclusive story ready for that site, another one set in the troubleverse. I left the old site that was melting down, deleted most of my chapters on there and left messages saying ppl could find me here. Gained like, 100 followers in a few days lol, it's pretty nuts.

Valairest · Jul 12, 2020

Sorry for the delay babes, this might sound a bit funny but finding it hard to get over a dream atm....... heaven to hell and so realistic..... Sorry and love your work 💕

DayDreamer · Jul 4, 2020

PPS, and new posts go at the TOP?  That's backwards.  Anyway, I tried to log into Patreon to check on status there, and...  It insists on sending a verification email... Which never comes through (double checked and all).  SIGH.  I'm cut off from my patreon support.

DayDreamer · Jul 4, 2020

PS, and AFTER you type in your message, if it's too long (500 chars), you get an intercept!  Here's the rest:

And how will I know when anyone posts a new chapter? TGST was so nice and simple that way, no need to mess with email notifications, just pop in whenever desired (pull not push) and scan for newly completed stories or new chapters.  Sigh. Initial reaction to ScribbleHub is, nothing simple like that.

ruifung · Jul 9, 2020

Add a story to your reading list, and then you can set it to sort by latest update when looking at it.

Also, there's an RSS feed for that if you're interested in that. I use IFTTT to set that up to send messages to me via telegram when anything on my reading list updates.

DayDreamer · Jul 4, 2020

Welcome (me) to Scribblehub.  Dang, yet another place to register, log in, an interface to learn, etc, just so I can follow a FEW favorite authors away from TGST (sigh). Valerie, you haven't said yet (that I've noticed), will you keep posting there, or must I find you here? I see that Trashlyn and Elamimax are leaving...

And now how will I know if you reply to me? Guess I'll have to check back.

QuietValerie · Author · Jul 4, 2020

Hah, you gotta hit the reply button if you want the posts to follow on from your original one. I will be leaving tgst soon, yes. Just not publicly saying it until Chiri has her new trans-friendly website up and running.

As for figuring out if stories have updated, you can put a story on your reading list and it will tell you if there's an update. You can also bookmark your place in a story to keep track of it.

DayDreamer · Jul 5, 2020

Thanks, oops, duh, right.  So, hate to bother you asking but it's unobvious, how do you skim around to notice new stories by new authors? Or even an existing author? Must keep checking or get lucky? And "GenderBender" seems to cover a lot, no way to focus on subcats like TGST did?

QuietValerie · Author · Jul 5, 2020

So there's genres and then there's tags. Genres are the usual broad terms you'd expect, but there's like a million tags that can really help you refine the search. Most of the authors from tgst will be posting under the transgender tag. You can also find all the stories by an author by clicking the "Series" tab at the top of their profile(This page).

Croma · Jul 3, 2020

thanks got it. 

Valairest · Jul 3, 2020

If possible,  would love a link or site name when all is up and running. Reading your post gave me the feeling that some people are not being very nice 🤔 For what it's worth I personally love Trouble with horns 💕 You are an excellent author and wishing you all the best babes ✌ 

QuietValerie · Author · Jul 3, 2020

Thanks!! Will do! Chiri is going to get a barebones version of the new site up soon. This site is still fine, it was another site that was a problem. Scribblehub has always been amazing about protecting its trans authors :3

Roadbandit · Jul 3, 2020

Well yes screw them! I just need to learn how to use this new site, I hate the deviantart site ! So hopefully I can learn this site before they change or fix it so I need to learn it again. Lol

QuietValerie · Author · Jul 3, 2020

Goodness, my follows have been going mental all day. Hello everyone from tgst! Been a bit of a wild few days huh? Just so you're aware, Chiri is working on a new site specifically for transgender stories. While this site has been amazing and I'll continue to post here, it will be great to have a space where we can post and be safe etc. Also screw Joe and his dumb ass.

QuietValerie · Author · Jul 3, 2020

I think you might have missed the recent tgst drama lol

Croma · Jul 3, 2020

Hi i am an avid reader of you wonderful stories and am in the process of trying to find all your stories on here that were on TGst. is there an easy way of doing that without searching every single story

QuietValerie · Author · Jul 3, 2020

@Croma Yes there is! On this page you can scroll up and find a tab called "Series". That's where you can see all the stories I've uploaded to this site. I think there's even one that isn't on tgst.

gothicshark · Jul 3, 2020

Since I've never been able to even see what's on their forums, I am sure I've missed a ton of drama. Kind of glad I did, though, also I should read what's on the discord for your group. After all, I joined it a few weeks ago. Still love the idea of group world-building you guys did there. 

ChoTimberwolf · Jun 3, 2020

What is the reading order of the series? I started with pellan but it is referencing other stories? Which should I start with?

Trashlyn · Jun 28, 2020

For the Kammiverse start with Vale's story "Kammi Kettu" ("Kammi Kettu" and my story "Songbird" intertwine but both stories have pre chapter note's letting you know where they converge etc). Alternatively you can start Vale's Kammiverse series with "Falling Over".

"Pellan Rise" does


tie in with "Kammi Kettu" and "Falling Over" at one point


, but it can be read as a separate series.

Trashlyn · Jun 28, 2020

For Vale's Troubleverse (separate setting entirely to the Kammiverse) start with "Trouble with Horns. There are a few other stories in the setting such as my story "Illegal Alien in a MMO World", Vale's "Witch of Chains" and "Hidden Adorable", Chiri's "Snowbound".

Vale's Ryn of Avonside is a story set in its own separate setting.

ChoTimberwolf · Jun 28, 2020

Thank you @Trashlyn I will as soon as I am up to date with "I didn't ask to be the demon queen"

berrybrunne · May 31, 2020

so weird that even the worst most evil villains you wrote in your stories are looking pretty fucking tame right now and i-- thats saying alot

QuietValerie · Author · Jun 1, 2020

Yeah it's nuts hey? We got told that our Kammiverse villains were unrealistic. Lol.

EeveeViviChu · May 29, 2020

heya!! im a trans girl and ive started reading your kammi kettu and im absolutely inlove with your work. i see you also have written other books i plan on checking out after im done reading about my favorite little fox girl. i just wanted to show my appreciation for the joy im feeling right now. ;-; also a little sadness over kelly dying. <3

QuietValerie · Author · May 29, 2020

Thanks!! I hope you enjoy Kammi and the rest of them :D

Sabruness · May 3, 2020

Congrats on trending No.1 with Ryn of Avonside *claps*

QuietValerie · Author · May 3, 2020

Only took five chapters in a single day xP

Sabruness · May 3, 2020

And a double dose of bun-y good ness

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