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Jul 20, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jul 20, 2019
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Hello! I'm Valerie, or Vale for short. I'm a girl who loves girls and I love writing about girls who love girls. My girlfriend is called Trashlyn, she's amazing. I'm a professional author who loves her work and her fans! Please check out my patreon if you're interested in supporting me!

Milanda · Oct 20, 2020

I just wanted to state as a recent member of scribble hub I’m a big fan. Started pursuing your work with Pella and now I’m hooked. Thanks for being an amazing writer

Valairest · Oct 20, 2020

Love your work and it's always worth the wait 💕 look after yourself first ✌

QuietValerie · Author · Oct 19, 2020

No Ryn chapter sorry everyone, been feeling like crap these last few days. I'll try to have one ready either the day after or the next day. Idk... I'll upload the next two Anamoor chapters instead. Sorry everyone.

Aster1254 · Oct 19, 2020

its fine Vale, if you don't feel up to it you don't have to push your self, we can wait :)

NekoMax · Oct 19, 2020

Take you time, you health is first, make sure you take care of yourself, we can wait as much as you need.

I hope that you feel better soon... here have a clear.png and my wish that you recover soon clear.png

Lexi · Oct 19, 2020

Get well soon! Thumbs are pressed, wood is being knocked on, rooting for you is happening.

FireflyFanatic · Oct 19, 2020

It’s all right, take your time! We can wait as long as you need.

Supervivens · Oct 9, 2020

Hey Valerie I must say I love your writing.  I wanna ask though is Kammi Kettwo ever gonna happen?  I read the teaser and am not starving for more clear.pngclear.png

Supervivens · Oct 9, 2020

Also where can I find your discord?

QuietValerie · Author · Oct 10, 2020

There's a working link to the Valyn discord at the end of Walls of Anamoor I believe, although I don't spend much time there anymore. These days I hang out in my patreon only discord server. No idea if Kammi Kettwo will happen or not. It really depends on my muse.

4138 · Sep 29, 2020

W-where can I find the other stories? Because I didn't see digital galaxies nor a few others on here and don't know where to find them

QuietValerie · Author · Sep 29, 2020

For my paid stories (Digital Galaxies etc) they are on my patreon here:

Otherwise you can click the "Series" tab at the top of my profile page :)

Hipogriff-101 · Sep 26, 2020

If you are still having trouble with Ryn, might I suggest someone in the group remember about the Voyagers and the map they carry. After all, all we know for sure is that the hellwave will hit earth in under 200 years. They might have time to find a way back and save the people of earth.

DayDreamer · Sep 24, 2020

Finally found time to read all of Anamoor (so far posted), and then dive into Witch. More great stories!  Thanks.  But I sure miss Ryn, and hope you don't end up stranding her conclusion-less back at Avonside... I know that story is already crazy-long, but it has so much potential and unfinished loose ends!

QuietValerie · Author · Sep 24, 2020

Oh definitely! I'm currently working my way through Trouble right now to bring it up to a nice little stopping point. Also writing lots of Digital Galaxies because my patrons are loving that story. I'll get around to Ryn at some point, I plan to take that story like another 400k words or more. That one will be long

Arslein · Sep 22, 2020

I'm the only one that ryn's new cover reminds me of the spellbreak game???clear.png

Tiffy25 · Sep 21, 2020

just wanted to say I love trouble and ryn,   please keep writing.  

QuietValerie · Author · Sep 21, 2020

Trouble chapter incoming 10~ hours! <3

JimSilver · Sep 18, 2020

Thank you for having such wholesome stories of love. I’ve read some horrific things on scribblehub, torture and non-consent. But then one of your chapters pops up and I’m so grateful. Grateful that you write adventurous characters of fun and daring yet loving and pure. It’s so strange because it’s all fiction but I feel a need to know that good people can be ok and your characters show that they can be, they can survive challenges and they can have amazing consensual sex, Thank you!

QuietValerie · Author · Sep 18, 2020

Thanks :D. I just write what I love tbh. Which is cute girls loving each other, of course xD

QuietValerie · Author · Sep 12, 2020

Sorry there wasn't a chapter today friends. Was admitted to hospital yesterday morning. I'm back home now but taking it easy.

Violet_Vivid · Sep 12, 2020

You being healthy is MUCH more important than anything else!! <3


Emmykat · Sep 12, 2020

Echoing everyone else. Take it seriously focus on your well-being. Hope you are feeling better.

AshLauren26 · Sep 14, 2020

Hope you're feeling better soon <3

Blossom · Oct 1, 2020

Take it easy Valerie. You're heath is more important! Rest & get well.

DanielJacobson · Sep 11, 2020

Do you have the Kammiverse cannon stories on another site. I am up to date with Songbird but the story just stops. Annpying....

LordMarshal · Sep 9, 2020

First post so I want to thank you for your stories. I enjoy reading them. I do have to ask though. I was on another read of Trouble With Horns and I noticed that you had changed Chiri's name to Millie. Even her stream handle had changed.  It was kind of jarring to see those changes

I would love to know your reasons why.


QuietValerie · Author · Sep 10, 2020

Cos I wanted to :). The reasons are private, and tbh the new name is way more thought out and unique than the original was anyway (I legit just random gamer tag generated the original). Her stream handle is now the name of a commonly used herbal remedy flower.

syln · Sep 9, 2020

thanks for all your hard work

NikMedic · Aug 27, 2020

I just re read all the stories posted here over the last several days and just want to let you know that you're stories always cheer me up when im down! Keep being amazing!!!

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    Hello! I'm Valerie, or Vale for short. I'm a girl who loves girls and I love writing about girls who love girls. My girlfriend is called Trashlyn, she's amazing. I'm a professional author who loves her work and her fans! Please check out my patreon if you're interested in supporting me!

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