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Jul 20, 2019

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Joined: Jul 20, 2019
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Hello! I'm Valerie, or Vale for short. I'm a girl who loves girls and I love writing about girls who love girls. My girlfriend is called Trashlyn, she's amazing. I'm a professional author who loves her work and her fans! Please check out my patreon if you're interested in supporting me! (The tips button under my profile picture)

Deadguydave · Apr 17, 2021

Hi, I just discovered your work on here earlier this week and wow! I am an avid reader and I've just devoured your writing so far! I think in 4 days I've read all of both Trouble and Ryn. It's really amazing to read from a much different viewpoint that I've had my whole life (being a male and only having hetero relationships). Your work has hit all the emotional spectrum and your characters are truly wonderful.

QuietValerie · Author · Apr 17, 2021

Thank you!! It always makes me happy to hear that someone who isn't queer has still enjoyed my stories haha.

Deadguydave · Apr 17, 2021

Well it helps that I'm not a bigoted piece of trash despite being raised in a very rural and bible-thumping area of the USA. And the fact that I really am not sure if I could consider myself entirely straight anymore due to recent "adult entertainment" choices

QuietValerie · Author · Apr 17, 2021

Lol! Hey man, power to you. It's honestly impressive to find someone who can come out of an area like that and not be a bigoted asshole. As for straight... well, I'm honestly not surprised. I'm willing to bet that a lot of "Straight" people have some stuff that they never explore because its easier not to.

Tajarim · Apr 17, 2021

"straight" doesn't really exist anyway. It's just easier to say than find a word for all the slight permutations of people's sexuality. If you were of the mind to do so, I'm sure you could define "being trans/queer/x" or "being straight" away as some kind of kink, etc. All just words that are insufficient to describe the complex construct that is the human mind.

General plea, dear author : MORE BUNS! 

EMPTY-SOUL88 · Apr 13, 2021

Yo just curious when there'll be more of Witch of Chains? 

QuietValerie · Author · Apr 13, 2021

Not for a very long time I'm afraid

EMPTY-SOUL88 · Apr 14, 2021

Good too know and Understandable

Tomatokiller0 · Apr 10, 2021

Are you finnish? In finnish ''kettu'' means fox and ''kammi'' means peat goahti or peat hut. ''kammi kettu'' would mean something like fox of a peat hut. I haven't read much of the story but the meaning kinda fits in with the story if you twist it a little. This has bothered me for a couple of months. What is ''kammi kettu" supposed to mean? 

QuietValerie · Author · Apr 11, 2021

My original editor for the story was finnish and came up with the name :D. She said that Kammi could be twisted to make the title "Glitch fox" :D

Tomatokiller0 · Apr 11, 2021

"Kämmi kettu" could be translated to glitch fox but the editor obviously had to change it because there is not "ä" in english alphabet. Thanks for the answer :) 

EMPTY-SOUL88 · Apr 1, 2021

Hey so just curious when there'll be more Witch of chains? I quite enjoy the story so far

Snowycragrat · Mar 20, 2021

Just found your work this past few weeks and have really enjoyed your stories so far. I have read Trouble with Horns and Pellan Rise so far and found them really interesting. Trouble is really cute at times and I am looking forwards to where it goes next. 

Snowycragrat · Mar 20, 2021

With Pellan, I felt that the ending was right for Syl, but I did feel that there were some unresolved issues, particularly with the the enemy that is threatening Pellan.

Snowycragrat · Mar 20, 2021

Do you think you might go back to the world of Pellan eventually to resolve events there? I know it is a shared universe, where can I explore it further?

EMPTY-SOUL88 · Mar 19, 2021

Just curious but when will there be more witch of chains? It's a awesome story I look forward to more 

Akajaro · Mar 18, 2021

So, maybe I'm missing something, but is your discord still up? because I can't find a working link ANYWHERE.

Also I like the whole multistoryverse thing you've got going on. Super neat to find a whole bunch of stories I know are gonna be awesome. (Not two entirely related points, but they seemed connected in my head)

QuietValerie · Author · Mar 19, 2021

I just updated all the links in Falling Over :). However, I have to warn you that I don't often duck into the Valyn Storyverse anymore as I have a patreon-only discord server now. Valyn is still a great place to go if you want to find stories by other awesome authors though :D

Akajaro · Mar 19, 2021

Yey! Tanku.

Dragonnerd · Mar 18, 2021

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Have a good day Valerie!!!

QuietValerie · Author · Mar 18, 2021

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed the new chapter!

Talon · Mar 18, 2021

Happy birthday Valerie

Aniel · Mar 15, 2021

I hare already read Ryn of Avonside, Gautlette (I want the next chapter clear.png) and I jus finished Trouble with horns, and I started Pellan Rise so keep going I support you, you will find some of my comment in your novels.

MadHatter2121 · Mar 12, 2021

sweet a new chapter of  Avonside

OliveB · Mar 6, 2021

You know I just realized. A lot of your stories have superficial similarities to a lot of your other stories


Kammi Kettu and Gauntlette (because trans fox girls, and you did call this “spiritual successor to Kammi”) Ryn Of Avonside and Pellan Rise (Nia’s story) and Pellan Rise and Trouble With Horns (both VR Games). Even, a bit less obviously, Walls Of Anamoor and Pellan Rise (the ‘video games’ end up being a real world). What do heck Val?

OliveB · Mar 6, 2021

Tbh tho it would be kinda hilarious if these were all apart of the “QuiteValerie Extended Universe”


And TBH they probably could be because of the multi-verse plotlines in Pellan.

QuietValerie · Author · Mar 7, 2021

Haha yeah. I like the concepts and have so many different ideas for how to take them. I do have a magic school story floating around as WIP, which would be a new one for me. Unsure if I will continue it yet.

Yairy · Mar 4, 2021

Congrats on #1 trending! 

QuietValerie · Author · Mar 4, 2021

Oh nice!

Tishers · Mar 3, 2021

I still could not sleep so I stayed awake all night long reading "The Walls of Anamoor" its different from the other stories of QuietValerie and does not fit in to any of the other series. Right now the story is waiting on subsequent chapters right before the beginnings of a large event in the storyline. I can't wait! Definitely a 5 star story.

Tishers · Mar 3, 2021

I read Gauntlette tonight and hope the author finds the creative energies to return to the story. It is set in the COVID-americas and deals with some of the stuggles that were going on in 2020 for the soul of a people. Behind much of it is a shadowy organization with dark powers and now with the protagonist of the story playing a critial role in the return of magic to Earth. There is surely some major changes underway that will only become more significant in future chapters.

Vyria · Feb 27, 2021

I just finished binging Ryn of Avonside and I loooooooove it so muuuuuch! I started reading it last night and finished the latest chapter just now. Looking forward to more when you are posting on it again. Will definitely be checking out some other works of yours now

Alux · Mar 1, 2021

Trouble With Horns was my 1st, then I read Pellan Rise and Witch of Chains, followed by Ryn of Avonside...  I don't have any doubts that I will be reading more of QuietValerie books. They are truly great stories.

Vyria · Mar 1, 2021

yeah I've been binging a lot of her work the past few days. Just caught up on Trouble With Horns. Suuuuuper good

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    Hello! I'm Valerie, or Vale for short. I'm a girl who loves girls and I love writing about girls who love girls. My girlfriend is called Trashlyn, she's amazing. I'm a professional author who loves her work and her fans! Please check out my patreon if you're interested in supporting me! (The tips button under my profile picture)

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