Volume 6 : Epilogue
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The ocean was to the east of the Demon Continent. A great expanse of water that separated the landmass of the Demon Continent from the mainland Human Continent.


During the Great Wars it was said that the two lands were joined together at several places, but when the Gods laid siege on the devils. Their altruistic ultimate powers was so immense that the world could not hold it until the lands were decimated and demolished.


Fissures occurred in the wide land and the wrath of Gods brought upon the Great Earthquakes and the rest of what was remaining was washed away by the Great Tsunamis.


And thus a wide expanse of water bodies were formed between the Human Continent and Demon Continent. A favourable consequence that stopped further campaigns of war because of the distance it wedged between the people of the world. Making them entirely two separate lands.


Currently a huge ship sailed on these oceans. The surface of the water was clean and a multitude of crowd was on the deck to enjoy the current pleasant sea weather.


In that crowd unlike the others a young face, for a moment skims over the gurgling surface of the sea as the ship bears to the west of the Human Continent.


A beautiful and cute young girl with waist-length blue hair that has bangs hanging over her forehead with chest-length hair strands hanging in the front, blue-green eyes. She wore common clothes but her looks and grace were no less than that of a lady.


And then she intently looks at the small patch of land that appeared in front of her. Her view widening with every second as the ship gets closer and closer to the other end of the land.


The water sped against the gush of wind and looked more like white foam spreading and acting like the endless barrier between the two biggest landmasses that covered the world.


This trade ship had sailed from the world’s most prosperous trading kingdom ⸺ the Stark Kingdom. Located directly on the mid-western coast of the Human Continent.


After an hour the ship docked into the port. It was the port town of Gilde, another trading city on the Demon Continent where trade ships gathered from round the world.


The sails were lowered and the stairs raised from the deck to the land.


People started getting off the ship with their luggage. Huge barrels of rich spices, oil, extravagant gems, precious jewelry and other rare material which couldn’t have been procured elsewhere in the world, but Here in the port city of Gilde. Or, so it is known.


While some could have also seen strange animals in cages, there were other large cages covered in clothes. Those belonged to the rich unnamed traders of the city and no one would ever talk about what’s inside of them.


Because the walls had ears, and it was known throughout the city about the horrors of what happened to those who questioned about it.


The young lady blended in the crowd almost too perfectly with little presence. Her silky blue hair fluttered in the cool sea breeze as she looked around all kinds of people wearing rich ornaments and silky clothes to those in almost ragged clothes carrying heavy luggage for them.


From behind an old man followed the girl, trying to get close to her. But apparently they never talked or behaved like they knew each other on the ship until then.


“Are you sure of this my lady? Can we really find it here?” the old man whispered to the girl, keeping his voice hushed. He did not anted to be discovered that the two were working together.


“There’s no doubt. My sources tell me that they have traced back the origin of the unknown poison to this place.” The girl asserted to the old man.


They continued walking out of the docks and to the city where they could find lodgings for themselves.


They had little to no load except for a small suitcase which the old man held firmly in his hands. No one could have known that it was filled with precious gold coins, gemstones and other valuable materials. The girl had put every of her belonging to get her hands on the item for which she staked her life and position to come to this foreign land.


“Yes my lady. Forgive me to question you but was it the right decision to leave your home without telling anyone? I think the kingdom demands your presence in these troubled times.” The old man leaned making sure no one take note of their dialogue.


“My kingdom is no longer safe when everyone is busy plotting and playing their own politics and agenda. You are now my only close confidant that I can trust. It has been almost half a month that my mother and father were poisoned and since then they have been in a deep coma. If we delay any longer hiding the news of the bad health of the King and Queen. It will surely spell the doom of the Stark Kingdom. Do you understand that now.” The girl steadied her footsteps and the old man tried to match her with his own.


He was astounded to see the responsibilities the young girl shouldered despite her age. As a matter of fact, from the day she had been born it was his duty to look after the girl and educate her.


And today was the day he proved his loyalty and allegiance to her in these troubled times.


“I am highly honoured my lady and I will not fail you. Princess of Stark Kingdom. Arya Stark. I am yours to command.”


“As the only princess and heiress of the Stark Kingdom I can no longer sit there and watch my parents suffer until death takes them away from me. Search every market, trader, black market and in auctions. I need the antidote no matter the price. I will pay for it.”


Listening to the commands the old man butler marches forward. Acting on the order of his princess, who in turn puts on a back hood and decided to head to the place to meet her informants in search of a cure determined to save her parents and her homeland.






Hello there, this is NOEL ELITIA.


It’s been two and more than a half month since the fifth volume release. And finally I announce the sixth volume hereby completed.


I still consider myself new at this and trying my best that you enjoy the journey which our characters have set on. This time I tried casting a complete set of new side-major characters. Edith, Lia, Will, Caige, Maia and the Dalton Brothers. I know I have taken a big gamble by slowing down the main storyline by introducing such characters which was actually self-serving of me because I couldn’t help but narrate their story for you.


I’m not sure if this volume betrayed your expectations or fulfilled them, but I’ll be glad so long as you derived some amount of enjoyment from it. In my mind, this work of mine is meant to be a simple, fun read with a slant towards comedy and a romantic approach towards magical fights.


The atmosphere of this book’s pretty different from other volumes, and as I’m sure many of you have noticed. Getting to know other characters and how they feel and react to our main character is something that might have not been a part of the initial volumes.


With our new crew of characters, an unnamed Doctor in the shadows, a princess with a covert mission and Alicia and Regis together setting off.


How their tales would intertwine with sea pirates ready to block Alicia’s way from crossing the sea to get to the human continent in search of Athena…. Still a mystery even to me.


I’m not sure if you guys liked the new characters with different mind-sets, personalities and their own dreams. More or less, but... As long as you enjoyed it, I’m happy.


I have also started preparing grounds for other school reincarnates, Athena, Adventurer’s guild as their actions too drive the storyline further and makes the plot even more interesting.


An appearance of a new person in your life, their decisions and behaviour draws you in to learn more about them. And as that happens you could not help yourself but compare and how you can be helpful to each other in times of your needs.



Alicia and Regis reach the port town of Gilde to drag out the unnamed evil Doctor. But it would seem that the Doctor has also completed his research work, making an entirely new magical species of living being that cannot be killed. What was the serum that turned the Dalton Brother into a monster? For what purpose was it made? And how Alicia is to overcome the immortal danger     lurking in the laboratory of the Doctor.

Is Alicia’s magic still almighty enough to grant wishes and as to how she would find the next clue to Athena’s whereabouts.

Don’t forget to get your umbrellas because it is time to sail a ship and a siege by ho-ho pirates.


As I’m sure those of you can already tell that I am a huge fan of isekai genre. Potent enough that after writing the sixth volume I am aiming for the seventh now. Feels almost unbelievable thinking back when we started on this journey!


The next volume featuring a new major character who is permanently going to become a part of her life for eternity. And to prove her trust, she is going to risk her life by unraveling her soul. What lies beyond and next we will surely find in the next volume.


Once again, I’d like to thank my readers for letting me enjoy myself all the way through.


May we meet again in the next volume of When I Got Reincarnated As A Spider With My Goddess.



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