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/ Series / When I Got Reincarnated As A Spider With My Goddess
When I Got Reincarnated As A Spider With My Goddess
When I Got Reincarnated As A Spider With My Goddess
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4.1 (103 ratings)
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Sixteen years old Sachi, along with her classmates dies in a school bus accident. But then are suddenly brought back to life in the divine realm where the Gods offer them another chance to be reborn in another world in order to restore stability in this new world of magic and swords. The only condition is that they have to form a covenant with each God, which will help them to gain a unique ability each and guide them on their journey of saving the world.

Note for readers : Please forgive me if you find the volume 1 terrific, but that was the time I started writing for the first time and it has improved considerably from volume 2 with volume 1 currently under a rewrite. So, even if you want to give a review do it after reading through atleast volume 2 or 3.

Book cover created by - Maury

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Even a little amount helps. I hope that you keep enjoying my work and in knowing the interesting characters which will be constantly introduced to you in the story.

I hope that the next chapter too proves to be to your liking!

ActionAdventureComedyEcchiFantasyIsekaiLitRPGRomanceSchool Life
Adventurers Anti-social Protagonist Beastkin Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Cheats Cold Protagonist Demi-Humans Demon Lord Doting Parents Elemental Magic Familiars Family Famous Parents Heroes Level System Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Otaku Reincarnated as a Monster Reincarnated into Another World Restaurant Skill Creation Spirits Transported into a Game World Vampires
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c4

    the MC had a horrible life and was surrounded by some of the worst scum in the universe, yet didn't want to end their tyrannical and sadistic reign. I understand that the MC is female, but the lack of desire to remove those who commit evil just makes me sick. I don't perceive it as cute. It's astounding that something which is so slow paced, full of simplistic characters, and empty of justice gets 4.9 stars. I smell foul play behind the ratings. We'll see how that 4.9 star rating ages.... but who knows; today's society doesn't even know how to differentiate between what is a man and what is a woman.

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    Status: volume 6 : prologue

    TL:DR - Detailed story with WALL OF TEXT and a bit of tell don't show syndrome.
    But, the title is a BLATANT LIE (in the ways that matter according to me) and this is my rant/venting on that.
    still a good story I recommend, just feel that my expectations were betrayed, hence 4/5


    With the author confirming that the story will be taking some kind of major turn at the end of volume 9, this review is at least partially invalidated for the moment.
    But I will keep it here as I still stand by everything I have written

    -- end important --

    !!! HEAVY SPOILERS and wall of text ahead !!!


    "When I Got Reincarnated As A Spider With My Goddess"

    this title implies 3 things for me
    1. both the goddess and the MC get reincarnated together.
    2. MC becomes a spider and stays that way. (maybe getting a human body later in the story or becoming a human spider hybrid).
    3. that it is a story focused on interactions between MC and others, especially her goddess, while she is a spider.

    what ends up happening is this:
    YES the MC and goddess get reincarnated but are SEPARATED by an unknown force. (every one else gets reincarnated with their god/goddess properly, yes 20 reincarnates total.)
    this reincarnation happens at the end of volume 1.
    YES the MC gets her new spider body... and then gets the ability to shapeshift into anything she has seen in this new world... she sees a human in volume 2.

    The author has confirmed MC and Goddess will not be reunited until volume 12!!!
    Yes worldbuilding is happening but its starting to feel more like a stalling tactic at this point because the MC already has theoretically INFINITE power after volume 3 and literally is the strongest at the end of volume 4 including being stronger than the gods. 

    The story is going nowhere fast, because the author killed all possibility of the MC ever dying/losing by giving her LITERAL IMORTALITY.

    in volume 5 she finally decides to try to find her goddess, in volume 6 she is getting distracted by a random village conspiracy... NO, just no STOP with the USESLES SIDETRACKING!

    and going by the current pace the MC goddess reunion will happen in literally A YEAR
    (specificaly in Feb 2023.)
    IF the current release rate continues. (and that's a BIG IF)
    And even then it will just be regular human to human interaction, no part of MC is a "spider" anymore.

    Whelp might as well ignore the story until volume 12 is released then and skip straight to it. don't think I would miss much if I did once I had read volume 1-4.


    My one recommendation to the author: LET BACKGROUND DETAILS STAY IN THE BACKGROUND.
    Don't overexplain that which doesn't even need explaining and/or shouldn't be explained.

    Edit: Formatting.

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    11 Likes · Like
    Status: volume 4

    Amazing novel and one of the best isekai I read with a small and amazing cast. I like almost everything the MC do and makes fun of herself in a very different way.

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    10 Likes · Like
    Status: volume 3 c5

    I'm surprised to see someone to give this novel 5 star or even 4 and says this is the best isekai out there. It's a work in progress full of plot armor, people bullying the MC or doing evil for no good reason. It's full of inconsistencies (like a godess who claimed the MC as her daughter when she is in fact her descendant or an unjust god of justice because..). The spider part is volume 2 only after she became humain again because.. She became Op  too suddenly but her mind is still insecure. This could be fine if it was well done but it's not. I don't know how to explain it but everything seem too abrupt, unnatural. The author seems to become better with time but the beginning is just that bad. I force myself to read until volume 3 but sorry I can't anymore. I'm sorry to have to write a review with such bad english but the good reviews for this novel are just too false.

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: volume 5

    Amazing story loved it.

    But please upload fast.

    Waiting one week is long even if the chapter sar lengthy.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: volume 01 to 06

    Interesting Concept, Bullied MC, how She take to the new world waiting for more hope this turns into a big franchised

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: volume 6

    The best isekai novel I have ever read in my life. There can't be anyone else.

    If people think its just about being reincarnated as a spider then they haven't seen the full of it.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: volume 3

    I kinda started reading this book because MC was a monster and specifically a spider, tbh her spider arc felt rushed, I was bit dispointed about her level 10 upgrade that turned her from a spider race back to the human race. I was kinda expecting her to stay in spider race with the ability to transform into a human kinda like the book  so I'm a spider so what. Now the title doesn't really make sense if she's not spider race anymore but a human 

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: latest - reading as it...

    10/10, would read again (well, it's ongoing, but whateverso, will read again until the next chapter releases)

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: volume 9: prologue

    Awesome story. I love it. My only problem is the update speed. Waiting a week for a chapter is too slow for me. Author should please improve on the update speed.

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