Arc IX Chapter 4
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Arc IX Chapter 4


The assailants didn't stop. They struck the downed boy without mercy, without relent. The dark alley covered their nefarious activities. They were completely alone. Nobody heard his cries. Nobody cared.


Their leader drove a metal bar right into his ribs. He struck again, and again, and struck again.


The pain intensified. The boy crawled in the mud, but he endured. He bit his lips and endured the attacks, the humiliation.


The leader smirked. His conceited grin disgusted her. His hands gripped the metal bar and pulled the boy's hair. The man was an ordinary ruffian, nothing more. “Do you finally understand, Yuji? Stop fucking with us! Our time is precious. Our patience limited. Where is the money, Yuji? We are waiting?“


Asami gripped her umbrella and observed. Her eyes studied the situation from afar.


“Nii-san.“ His sister rushed to Yuji's side. Tears filled her face.


Katsuki gulped. Uneasiness befell her heart. Her feline instincts tingled. “Shouldn't we intervene?


Asami put her index fingers on her lips. Silence. “Listen and watch. Our moment hasn't come yet. For now, we are merely spectators.“


Katsuki looked confused. Mistress didn't make any sense.


Asami stroked Katsuki's chin. “You will understand in time. A heroine is never late.“


Yuji struggled to remain conscious. His injuries were severe. The pain numbed his sense. His body suffered from the side effects of blunt force.  


Mayumi knelt and assisted him. Worries clouded her face. Her brother was in peril. “Nii-san! Don't overexert yourself! Don't move! You must rest!“


“I can't. I must fight.“  forced himself up grinding his teeth he suppressed the pain. His legs carried his injured body. Staggering to his feet.


The leader smirked in derision. “Impressive, you are still standing, boy. How unexpected.“


Yuji begged. Desperation drove him. “Give me more time! Two weeks at most! Two weeks, and I can pay! I swear! I am going to repay the debts, Tetsuya. I just need time.“


Tetsuya sighed. “Yuji, Yujim Yuji, what shall we do with you? You give such a hard time. You will repay your father's debts. Only give me time. You said so last month, the month before, and the month before.“


Tetsuya lit a cigarette to calm his mind. His lungs inhaled the invigorating tobacco. All the rain made Amegakure a cold and hostile place. “Tell us, Yuji, what shall we do with you?“



Tetsuya shook his head. “Think about us, Yuki. Our patience is limited. We have waited long enough. The boss wants the money right here, right now.


Yuji sweated. This was bad. “But ... But ... I can't pay. I don't have the money.“


Tetsuya scoffed and took a pull on his cigarette. “As if we care. That's not our problem, Yuji. Your father borrowed quite a sum from us. Now that the old drunkard is dead, it falls on you to repay us. His debts are your debts.“



Tetsuya exhaled. His lips produced a cloud of smoke. “So better pay. We don't care how, we just want the money. Otherwise, you will face the consequences. Because we always get what we want. One way, or another.“


Tetsuya shifted his gaze. His eyes targeted Mayumi. “Your sister ... A bit young, but already quite the beauty. Don't you think she will fetch a good price?“


Yuji clenched his fists. His knuckles turned white. His very blood boiled. Never before, he had such burning hatred, but he was powerless. He was nothing. He lacked the strength to oppose them. He lacked the strength to protect Mayumi.


“You ... bastards. Don't you dare to touch her! I will kill you ...“  


Tetsuya grinned. He enjoyed the sight of human suffering. The hatred in Yuji's eyes delighted him.


“Defiant as ever. Don't blame us, Yuji. We are just doing our job. Nothing personal. Believe me, or not, I even feel sympathy for your case.“  


Yuji didn't believe him a second.


Tetsuya grinned. “So we will be nice. I will give you your two weeks. Don't waste the time. You won't get another chance ...“


The sound of clapping interrupted the scene. “Quite a spectacle, my friends. Congratulations, your performance ... intrigued me.“


Tetsuya snapped to attention. His head moved, immediately identifying the intruder. A girl appeared, a girl with an umbrella and clad in expensive silk.


Tetsuya eyes narrowed his eyes. The girl didn't fit this place. The girl didn't belong here. “Who are you?“