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/ Series / Si Vis Pacem -‖- Para Bellum [Naruto FanFic]
Si Vis Pacem -‖- Para Bellum [Naruto FanFic]
Si Vis Pacem -‖- Para Bellum [Naruto FanFic]
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Si Vis Pacem -‖- Para Bellum [Naruto FanFic]

Death claims all of us in a timely fashion, but some are granted a second chance.

Armed with ambition, megalomania, and pride alone, an innocent girl reincarnates into the vast world of Naruto with the sole intention of writing history, her history. [Female OC] [AU elements]

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Adventurers Age Progression Arrogant Characters Child Protagonist Childish Protagonist Cute Protagonist Evil Protagonist Female Protagonist Girl's Love Subplot Hiding True Abilities Multiple POV Philosophical Playful Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Psychopaths Reincarnated into Another World Secretive Protagonist Selfish Protagonist Sharp-tongued Characters Sword Wielder Transmigration Transported into Another World Villainess Noble Girls
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    Status: arc iv chapter 16

    Initially, I enjoyed this series due to its novelty; that is no longer the case. I'll briefly share my feelings on the series, then why I feel the way I do on a more detailed level.

    The series starts out alright, with a generic if slightly twisted reincarnated main character, Asami, who, in her previous life, was extremely powerful. Overpowered reincarnated little girls aren't exactly novel these days, but she was decently well written and managed to keep my attention. Her attitude and personality changed rapidly as the story progressed, devolving into a typical holier than thou, reality warping, overpowered fool what wouldn't be out of place in a badly written cultivation novel. 

    Everything goes downhill from there. Her circumstances are difficult to believe, and the author messes with a number of established lore items from Naruto in ways that conflict with what remains unchanged, or simply don't make sense.

    The protagonist fancies herself a philosopher and thinks herself a brilliant tactician. She is neither, and displays this to a painful degree. In spite of the numerous faulty decisions and tactical blunders she makes, her decisions and actions are generally rewarded.

    Though not as serious as some of the other issues, the series it littered with grammatical errors and incomplete sentences. Depending on the context, style of writing and the subject, incomplete sentences can work. This is not one of those instances. I don't place too much fault with the writer though, as checking one's own writing for errors is difficult. I would suggest finding a volunteer in the community to do some simple sentence cleaning.

    On to the nitty gritty (with spoilers). I am going to assume that anyone reading this has at least some knowledge of Naruto as this is a fanfic.

    The Problems with Asami:


    As the central figure of the fanfic, I feel it would be best to address her first. As I mentioned before, she is a rather cookie-cutter character. and honestly there is nothing particularly wrong with that. Even a bland even a character can still make for an interesting story. Asami is insane, that much is pretty obvious early on, but this only gets worse with time. Insane characters tend to be interesting as they defy expectation and pull the narrative of the story onto unexpected paths. As interesting as insane characters can be, they are difficult to write. Unfortunately, Asami isn't an in interesting insane protagonist, she is a Xianxia young master. She was pointlessly arrogant before she became powerful and remains so after she does become skilled. There is no noticeable character growth, negative or positive in any meaningful way. 

    It should be noted that the cause of her death in her previous life was her own arrogance. Given that fact, it feels strange that her behavior doesn't change. It would make more sense for her to at least be somewhat insecure in private.

    So, how does that OP reincarnator part of the backstory work out? Before Asami even leaves the academy she is already as powerful as a jonin, managing to kill 3 shinobi of said rank around the age of 12. Ok, typical, but nothing completely ridiculous. At the age of 13 or so she manages to badly injure Kisame, and shake off Itachi's Amaterasu... huh...

    The two of them are plainly stated in naruto to be Kage level combatants. During their first meeting, Asami manages to avoid their attacks flawlessly and sneaks in a near fatal strike because they underestimated her. Not likely. Both Kisame and Itachi are written like morons and take it easy on her, something that neither would do. In the source material, the due are intelligent and crafty characters, adept at detecting the strength of their opponents; they are not brainless the stepping stones Asami uses them as. Asami's ability to fight them off makes even less sense when you consider that her main strength is her chakra pool. Kisame is distinguished as a character for the same reason.

    Asami seems to have some kind of idiot field around her that turns those in her presence into drooling cavemen. It also doubles as the some of the most ridiculous plot armor I've ever seen. 

    Now then, on to the philosophy and tactician discussion.


    Philosophy and Tactics of a Plot Armored MC


    Throughout the series, Asami looks down on those around her, dismissing them as idiots. She has a narrow viewpoint and enjoys monologuing about how right she is. Kinda like me I guess, since I'm writing this whole thing. While not uncommon in novels, it is annoying. The more serious issue is that her idiot field and plot armor often conspire to make her correct when she shouldn't be, which can be infuriating. The issue with tactics is similar. Those around her sometimes have decent ideas in spite of the idiot field. 90% of the time she dismisses them and posits her own, usually inferior, plan. Everyone rejects her plan. The other plan, which was almost always better than her own plan, will fail spectacularly. She then proceeds to say I told you so. 

    Often, when she doesn't get her way she will force it, sometimes even killing people to move things along. She doesn't listen to orders, acts on her own, bad mouths her superiors and is never punished for it in any meaningful way.

    For example, in Arc III, her anbu team lost a lot of people due her leader's plan not panning out. They were tasked with killing a lord with shinobi protectors. Her leader suggested an infiltration team scope things out and then proceed with the operation. A decent plan though lacking in details. Asami suggests a frontal assault against the larger opposing force since her side would have the element of surprise.

    Front. Surprise. Front. Surpise........

    Nope, not seeing it. Someone should have at least mentioned setting traps. Genin rank shinobi know how to do that.

    Unsurprisingly, they go with the leader's plan, which fails, since that works better for our reality warping psychopath. She then proceeds to slaughter their pursuers, which no-one believes. Once again this makes no sense due to her achievements at this point in the story. Given her general disobedience, it would have made more sense for her to go in and slaughter everyone and prevent loss of life in her squad. Not only would that fit with her established character, it force the other characters to acknowledge her abilities.

    Situations like this are common.


    Now on to the strange situation of our mc

    Background and Lore


    The fanfic starts off explaining the relative lack of privilege and power held by the mother and daughter of the largest weapons manufacturers in Konoha...

    Yup you read that right. The author decided to make shinobi upper class citizens, which doesn't make any sense in the context of Naruto, where they are basically seen as tools. Much to Naruto's chagrin and subsequent plot. The series Naruto shows in no uncertain terms that normal people are treated just as well as shinobi. In fact many shinobi have normal jobs as well. I.E. Ino works at a flower shop. As the largest steel and weapons manufacturer in Konohagakure, not only would her family have a frankly enormous amount of political power, they would likely have ties to the powerful shinobi clans, village leadership and governance, as well as various nobles, likely including the Lord of Fire. Yet somehow, they are treated as peasants and have no guards. The largest weapons manufacturer of a ninja village has no guards? Ridiculous. As the author states, a village is a war machine, and the core of the war machine is weaponry. In Naruto, it is made plain as day that most fights revolve around ninjutsu and weaponry. Take out the weapons and you have a severely handicapped fighting force. Especially since much of the weaponry used by shinobi is disposable. From a tactical perspective, it would be smarter to destroy the source of a village's weapons rather than assassinate its leaders or powerful fighters. It would be less risky and would almost certainly have a far more serious impact. Yet somehow there are no guards protecting Asami or her family. Leaders can be replaced, something shown prominently in Naruto, but infrastructure and production centers take long periods to fix. In the original series, the issue of weapons creation was glossed over, likely to avoid messing with the production side of the ninja villages.

    Its annoying but under normal circumstances I might be able to ignore it. Sadly, this lack of defenses combined with the senseless of the MC leads to the death of the MC's mother.


    If you do intend to read the story, keep in mind that the writer uses faulty logic and twists both the lore and characters of Naruto in significant ways to keep Asami the center of the universe.

    My apologies for the long and rambling, rather aggressive review.

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    Status: arc vi chapter iii

    Si vis pacem para bellum (translation: If you want peace, prepare for war) is, obviously, a fancfiction of the Naruto series if you read the tags. It is destined at people who know the original story.

    All I will say about the story is that it is about a girl who is reincarnated into the Naruto world and she living through  the events that take place. There will be good moments and tragic moments (which I never saw it coming).

    The personality of the MC is, how should I describe it, kinda chaotic evil in my opinion: ruthless against her enemies (she will kill them if she can) and her "friends" (she will torment them) ; somewhat loyal; petty (she will remember who did what) ; she has mood swings; prideful; arrogant;  etc. Quite an interesting character.

    The main selling point of this novel is the worldbuilding. If Naruto is a story destined to a younger audience that shows good is good, evil is evil, this novel is destined to the more mature audience that will show the more gruesome details. The author researched the Naruto world detail by detail and for each plot hole or weirdness there was in Naruto, the author implemented a reason that explained the situation or used the MC to show them and leave a hypothesis. For example, the author wrote two chapters just to somewhat organise the army of the villeage.

    Personaly, I did not expect much from a fanfiction of Naruto, but was left surprised again and again and now I am always waiting for the next chapter.

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    Status: update: edit progress xx final

    So. I've read everything. And Elysia is right in everything, I'll not say again what she did, so read her review, I'll add my points to hers, where Elysia went on the story itself, I'll speak about author choices and what it means for the story.

    This is a fanfiction and this feel like a fanfiction. Which isn't a bad thing in and of itself, however the lack of credible consequences put a massive strain on the suspension of disbelief, which will quickly take you out of the story. Simply put, I cannot believe that this could happen in the Naruto universe of Kishimoto...

    First issue : The rulesWhen you write a story, you set up rules that you will have to follow for the rest of the story, if and when said rules are transgressed you'll have to explain why. Here the author chose to follow Kishimoto's rules, so if she follow the rules exposed by the manga it would be fine and dandy. Welp... she does not. I'll not give any example, Elysia exposed part of that and many others also pointed this issue.

    Second issue : the charactersAsami is an insane character, not only is she insane but she also do not respect the hierarchy, the orders received, the rules established be they societal or universal (as in : that defines the working of the world she is in), is utterly daft and subservant when she shows a front of pseudo-dominance, and so on and so forth, which is FINE. There is no issue with a hypocritical character, under the simple condition that she is PUNISHED for her deeds. Example : she is an ANBU that wear clothes and uses techniques that reveal her identity without any shadow of a doubt, which is normally a free ticket of "back to Jonin rank" as demonstrated by Kakashi in the canon or explained in this very fiction... simply put : she get free pass for any and all disobediance for the simple reason that she is "the Black Princess". Sure she is powerful, Danzo is also powerful and fell from grace when evidence of evil doing came up, Hiruzen had to stop being Hokage when he f***ed up during the third war, Sakumo fell from grace after a SINGLE failure and I could go on and on, the author let her MC get free passes that nobody else did get in canon while following canon rules. This is with her MC, now onto the others... simply put they were entierely rewritten to make then appear inferior to the MC which loops back to my first statement : this is a fanfiction and it feels like one.

    Third Issue : The authorYes... she is the main issue of this fanfic. Asami does have an insane (pun intended) potential, she could be the BEST character that was ever written in this universe under the condition that she is really a prodigy, that she wasn't reincarnated as that serves nor achieve anything in the story, she could just be a child prodigy and we would have the same ending, and she is an Uchiha born out of wedlock which could have interesting relation with Danzo and his plans. However, the author obviously lack the insight and talent to do this character any justice as she is forced to bend and break any and all rules to make it work her way.

    After thought : This story had all my attention until the Danzo betrayal. Two reasons :- Danzo was already shown to be working against the town interest when it happened and everyone feared Asami like she was death incarnate making the event just plain impossible- The author did not understand how Kotoamatsukami work, leading to something that showed exactly how it did not. If you decide to follow the rules set by the OG, then do so from start to finish as otherwise it destroy your story. Which is quite a shame as I share the ideology of the author, which is "The peace cannot be obtained through only talk, more often than not a show of force is needed to keep it" or like the title said "Si vis pacem, para bellum." and the author do not do it any justice with this story.

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    Status: arc viii chapter xii

    Si vis pacem para bellum is all in all one of the best fanfics I've read. It is not a rollercoaster of plot twists over the main Naruto plot, nope, instead it cleverly introduces its characters, their intentions and assesses the plot holes of the og giving the story a "unique" world building while not completely derailing from ninja world premise of the og.

    In terms of character development I was pleasantly surprised that a lot of it was consequence based and that Asami's (our cute MC) mental state is very relevant to the plot.


    The thirst for fluff is strong in this one, I need more dear author :3

    In conclusion I like the story and I think you would enjoy it even if you aren't too much of a fan of Naruto, I didn't write a review earlier since I was struggling to come up with something without spoiling too much :P

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    Status: arc viii chapter xv

    I only came to comment that it is a great story, with unexpected plot twists, after the rewriting few grammatical errors, a very interesting character as well as simply adorable, also, despite having a very strong character it is not absurd and, therefore, Being a somewhat serious story, it does not get boring (at least in my opinion), then I also have to say that it presents a more realistic perspective of the world of Naruto, and not all are forgivable as in Anime or Manga, oh, and in As for another review that says that Asami is insufferable at least for me it is not, as a reader I only find her adorable personality, in addition to the fact that she has a genetic reason to be quite insufferable for others, not to mention everything that happened and


    He is very traumatized but hides it with his cheerful and arrogant exterior.

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    Status: arc viii chapter viii

    Hello Readers Who Prefer Short Revievs,

    1) Stoory is a Fanfic, wich inherently have a minus, - you need to be familar with the main story. If you are familiar with it (you know at least main characters) you are OK.

    2) MC have no idea who Naruto is and where the hell she is. Wich is wonderful in my opinion.

    3) MC is chaotic. But if in other novels it is a sign of a bad writing, here it is a belivable and highly entertaining character.

    My opininon is, - solid 4.
    (I will rate it as 5 becouse there are alot of nonsens stories rated higher.)

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    Status: arc vii chapter 9

    Writing is ok, but there are regularly sentences with missing words.

    First half was good and enjoyable, but the longer the story went the worse things got. At this point most readers seem to only enjoy the MC doing cute things, that aren't cute at all (judging from the comments).

    Story is basically psychopathic MC becoming more and more unstable.

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    Status: arc ix chapter 11

    Usually I really dislike female mains in Naruto fanfics because the authors have some deep rooted need to make them either a support role like medics, or simply weaker than the main cast. Finally we have a powerful female lead that can affect the story line through strength alone and not wíth the power of friendship or the likes... Good story, I recommend to give it a try

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    Status: arc iii asami-chan’s war...

    I came here with very low expectations after I finished reading another Naruto fanfic of similar rating on this site and being thoroughly disappointed. I don't generally like fanfics and I'm not even much a Naruto fan. Imagine my surprise when I realized how good this story actually is and how well written it is, to the point of making me write a review before I even finished reading it. It's definitely not the best I've ever read, but it's up there with the higher tier ones.

    The reincarnated MC isn't from Earth, or at least not our version of Earth, and is completely unfamiliar with the Naruto world. So far I've been enjoying the characters, the story, the drama, and even the edginess of it because let's be honest here: it wouldn't be a Naruto fanfic without some edge thrown into it.

    I'd say my favourite aspect so far is that the author managed to portray a psychotic character that isn't crazy just because. You can see how they're slowly driven to the brink and then get pushed some more.

    Gonna keep reading, hopefully it doesn't change for the worse later on.

    Edit: It doesn't

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    Status: arc viii chapter xv

    I just have one thing to say:

    Yes. Just yes.

    The story makes sense. Instead of your typical "reincarnated into x story and cheating with future knowledge", Asami is just a person from a random, presumably magic-based world. This then brings me to my next thought: her powers.

    Her main power is her stupid power reserve which makes sense. Chakra, being a kind of energy is a bit similar to mana, and thus, as in her past life she had a mana core to store mana, her chakra capacity is high. I'm not 100% sure, but I like to think that she is also able to use whatever training method she had in her past life to increase her chakra, and if so, neat. If not, meh, how chakra is increased in Naruto was never really explained.

    Overall, just read it.

    In fact, why haven't you already read it? Go. Now.

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