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(Went to watch the doctor strange movie and it was okay)


Chen Luo came at such an inconvenient moment, and his expression was understandably unhappy when he spotted Ye Fei.

Why is he everywhere!?

Chen Luo saw Ye Fei as his natural adversary.

Almost everything he has encountered while being in Yanjing has something to do with him!

The two are just natural adversaries who happen to be born on a tight path.

Chen Luo locked his gaze on Ye Fei. He exploded with anger and intense hostility. But, he held one hand behind him, fists clenched, and joints flaring.

He suppressed his emotions, repeatedly reminding himself that he can’t act recklessly in front of Bai Ruoxi.

However, Ye Fei on the other hand had a leisurely look, his expression was calm, and he said to Chen Luo, "It turned out to be President Chen. It's a coincidence that we’re meeting again!.”

The moment Ye Fei appeared, the school beauties all around subconsciously focused their eyes on his sturdy psychique and they couldn't move their eyes away.

Sure, Chen Luo is handsome and has a steady demeanor.

But compared with Ye Fei, he was simply dogshit!

What's more, Ye Fei’s temperament is even more praisable; although not wearing Armani and Givenchy brand names like Chen Luo, Ye Fei displayed greater temperament, which is by no means similar to that of a nouveau riche.

The beauties in the area were astonished, and their attention was drawn to Ye Fei's strong body.

Chen Luo looked at Ye Fei coldly with dark eyes, "Young Master Ye seems to be living the life.”

He noticed that Bai Ruoxi had walked out of Ye Fei’s car, and this made Chen Luo jealous. Why does he have everything!?

All of the top beauties were linked to Ye Fei in some way!

Su Qingzhu, Mu Zijin, and, most recently, Bai Ruoxi.

Chen Luo's heart was aflame with envy as he reflected on this.

"I’m not as cool as Mr. Chen. Mr. Chen has been doing a lot of business recently. Your "Golden Jade Bee Powder" conference that was recently broadcasted live looked like it brought a good amount of sales.” Ye Fei said with a smile.

Ye Fei's words made Chen Luo's face turn wretched and it became harder for him to maintain a calm demeanor.

Ye Fei's words were simply poking at Chen Luo's heart.

When he remembered the disaster caused by the Golden Bee Powder and the horror of the Zhong Feifei scandal, his cheeks flushed bright red and he felt exceedingly uncomfortable.

Chen Luo deduced from Ye Fei's humorous expression that the mastermind behind the Zhong Feifei incident was the man standing in front of him.

He had previously hypothesized, and seeing Ye Fei discuss the live broadcast controversy reinforced his suspicions.

This live broadcast scandal caused Chen Luo a heavy loss.

He not only had to spend a lot of manpower and material resources, but also spent a lot of money to write up a contract hiring Zhong Feifei at three times higher than what she was really worth.

But, in the end, the scandal was exposed, and all of his money was gone.

Furthermore, his plan was utterly ruined and wrecked. Meiling International is still in a recession, and the Hongyan Makeup Company has fully taken over the market for the golden jade bee powder!

His inevitability cost him hundreds of millions of yuan!

After all, the golden jade bee powder completely occupied the advantage at the beginning. If it occupied the market of cosmetics and skin care products, it would definitely make Chen Luo drown in money.

"You!" Chen Luo's face was pale, evident anger in his glance.

If it wasn't for Bai Ruoxi who was in front of him, he might have done something to Ye Fei!

Despite Ye Fei's collected expression, Chen Luo could clearly see Ye Fei's scorn and derision, which made him feel even more embarrassed.

Ye Fei was overjoyed when he saw Chen Luo's miserable complexion and saw him desperately restraining his fury.

Chen Luo's numerous facial emotions were entertaining to see, but more importantly, he had to control his wrath because he didn't want to ruin his reputation and since Bai Rouxi was the Bai family's head.

Looking at Chen Luo's anger, and his gaze that showed he wanted to swallow Ye Fei alive, but his helplessness made Ye Fei break into a smile.

Then, Ye Fei spoke in a calm tone, "I really want to thank Mr. Chen for letting me watch a good show for free."

"Ye Fei!" Chen Luo gritted his teeth and called Ye Fei's name directly.

Ye Fei didn't say much, but his expression and demeanor directly pierced Chen Luo’s heart.

At this moment, Bai Ruoxi who was at the sidelines spoke softly, "I also watched the live broadcast of President Chen. It was indeed "exciting". "

Bai Ruoxi indeed watched the live broadcast, mainly because Zhong Feifei occupied the top rankings of major communication software and forums for two days.

It was hard not to pay attention.

As soon as Bai Ruoxi concluded her words, Chen Luo took a critical strike!

Her statements were more powerful than Ye Fei's mockery of Chen Luo.

Chen Luo's countenance darkened as he got enraged.

He turned into a laughingstock because of Ye Fei!

The entire Yanjing business circle looked at it as a joke, as even Bai Ruoxi knew it.

Chen Luo noticed that Bai Ruoxi's eyes were looking at him, but there was no appreciation in those clear autumn eyes, but a faint disgust.

After knowing what Chen Luo had done, Bai Ruoxi kept her guard against Chen Luo.

Bai Ruoxi is a strong business woman, and is well versed in the rules of competing with several businesses.

She also heard about the commercial battle between Chen Luo and Hongyan Makeup.

Chen Luo did not hesitate to poach the spokesperson of a competing company, and also performed collusion with the Lei family to pressure the Su family, which directly violated the business rules.

After thinking of this, Bai Ruoxi felt even more unfavorable towards him.

"I really want to thank Mr. Chen. If you hadn't poached Zhong Feifei, I'm afraid that the Su Group would still be trapped in this vessel vortex. I heard that Mr. Chen spent three times the expense of the live broadcast to erase Zhong Feifei’s scandal. I admire this kind of self-sacrifice and fulfilling the value of others.” Ye Fei chuckled, and even gave him a thumbs up.

Of course, Ye Fei deliberately angered Chen Luo.

Although this kind of agitation may seem simple, it works very well.

Chen Luo is a man who must be attributable to his character, with a very large ego.

When has he been ridiculed this much? Chen Luo couldn't restrain the anger that was heading towards his brain.

The last straw has been cut!

Chen Luo’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot, and he was merely seconds away from exploding in anger especially because Bai Ruoxi who is a peerless beauty is watching.

The reason why men fight is because of women.

Chen Luo stared at Ye Fei fiercely. He couldn't restrain the impulse of anger at all, and he finally did something to Ye Fei!

In an instant, Chen Luo made a bold move!