[Vol. 5 pt. 3] Patch 1.0: Forming Alliances
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“Exactly,” Fenrir says.

“So, we are both to serve as your secretaries? Are two really necessary?” Corwin asks.

“I must agree with Corwin, my hero. Having two secretaries does seem unnecessary,” Nell says, mainly just disappointed in the fact that her fantasies now have to be split between her and Corwin. Though, when she imagines Fenrir ordering Corwin to do anything that she was previously imagining herself being order to do, she gets excited and hopes that she will get to watch.

“No to whatever you’re thinking. I know that look in your eyes, Nell,” Fenrir says, causing his girlfriend to sigh and pout. “Anyways, the reason why I want both of you is so that the work is easier on all three of us and so that things can get done twice as fast. Nell, you’re basically already handling things with the serpent – Ilo, and I’ll have you be… I guess the main secretary. Well, you’ll be doing the most secretarial things. Corwin, you’re going to be more of a diplomat and handle meetings between us and the other towns. Do you both agree to that?”

“In other words, my hero, you wish for me to always stay by your side unless you send me off to having meetings with Ilo?”


Nell doesn’t waste a single second to hop forward, grab onto his arm, and to hug it against her chest as she cuddles up against his side.

“Maybe not that close to my side all the time,” Fenrir corrects himself.

“Is there a problem with this?” Nell asks, batting her eyelashes at him.

“No, but—”


“You would have me serve as an intermediary between you and King Cat?” Corwin asks.

“Yeah,” Fenrir answers.

“Are you sure that secretary is the proper job title?”

“Nope, but is it good enough?”

“I suppose that it will have to do! However, there is one thing that I am curious about.”

“And what would that be?”

“Payment. What are we being paid for our services?”

“He has a point,” Nell says.

“Uhh,” Fenrir freezes. He hadn’t thought this far ahead and he really wasn’t expecting them to expect payment. After all, he’s never had to pay anybody else for any reason before when it came to things like this unless he was bribing them. “What… what do you want?”

“Appreciation would be nice,” Corwin answers with a smile. “And that is all that I will be requiring for payment.”

“As for me,” Nell says, “you must listen to one of my fantasies in detail for every task I perform, and you must consider whether you would like to act it out or not for more than ten seconds!”

Fenrir pulls his arm out from Nell’s grasp so that he can wrap it around her while his other hand sticks out to Corwin for a shake. “Deal,” Fenrir says. They may want payment, but their payments are easily manageable and nothing that he wouldn’t do in the first place. Well, perhaps he wouldn’t have thought of actually listening to Nell’s fantasies in full on his own.

He will have to mentally prepare himself for those. And physically prepare himself for those seeing as how half of them do get a reaction out of him, and he usually has to cut her off before she gets him too excited and distracted.

As long as the fantasies don’t make him feel bad for either himself nor her, and they usually end up making him feel bad for the her in her fantasies, he can hear them out.

And with that, the problem of him needing a secretary has been resolved.

“Alright. I’m going to have you both tag along to the meeting we’re having later,” Fenrir says.

“The one with all three towns?” Nell asks.


“Have you met the leaders from the others yet?”


“From what I have gathered,” Corwin interjects, “they are just as unique as King Cat. The leader of the island-based town is a mighty, large woman supposedly capable of bending even the strongest metals with her bare hands, and the leader in the town to the north has a fondness for rainbows.”

“Rainbows?” Fenrir asks.

“Yes. According to what I have heard, every single item he personally owns has been dyed to match the colors of a rainbow. Clothes, weaponry, armor, blankets, mugs, his home – all colored rainbow.”

“Huh. So a buff woman and a guy obsessed with rainbows?”

“Supposedly, yes.”

“Supposedly, huh.”

“A muscular woman?” Nell asks. “Hm. I wonder if Serra would like to add a woman such as that to our relationship! The thought of Serra dominating a woman so much larger than her is an amusing one, and I would love to see such a powerful woman dominate you,” she tells Fenrir.

“N-no thanks,” Fenrir answers, not even questioning the fact that Nell immediately jumped to Serra being the one to add new women to their relationship. There is no question about it any more than they are all essentially a part of Serra’s harem.

“Oh, and I am curious. Where will the meeting be taking place? I must admit that I was not paying much attention when I first heard it brought up, but I will make sure to pay thorough attention to everything from now on!”

“It’s at the island town. It’s the middle ground between the three big towns, and we don’t really count down here yet, so it’s the most convenient for the other leaders. We’ll be taking The Shoebill up there.”

“Do not forget that we will need to depart as soon as Tabitha is ready,” Corwin says.

“Right. Can you go check on her to see how long she’ll be?”

Corwin nods and heads off to find Tabitha.

“What is your order for me, my hero? Or should I call you ‘boss’ now? Master?” Nell asks.

Fenrir really liked how that last one sounded, but he says, “Let’s just stick with ‘my hero.’ I think I’d miss hearing you call me anything other than that.”

“But it seemed as if another part of you liked when I called you ‘master.’ Are you sure, master?” Nell asks in a hushed, sultry voice.

“M-maybe next time we’re alone.”

“We are alone now, are we not, master?”


“Alright! I’m ready!” Tabitha shouts, walking up to The Shoebill.

Both Fenrir and Nell look at each other and sigh out of disappointment.