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The True Endgame
The True Endgame
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4.4 (217 ratings)
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What defines endgame content? Is it raiding epic dungeons to take down the strongest bosses there are, or is it facing off against other players to climb the ladder and become the top PvPer? Is endgame content gathering materials and crafting the strongest and most exotic equipment that there is, or is it all about playing the market and amassing more wealth than everybody else? Some people even argue that fashion and minigames are endgame content!

Ryouta has already done all of that. Having spent most of his life playing MMO after MMO, he now finds himself wanting to live a virtual life that is far more relaxed and casual than what he is known for.

To Ryouta, the true endgame is fishing.

This was my first “big” story on the site where it was originally posted, and it does have some problems, but I’ve decided to bring it over since it’s my longest-running story! I hope you enjoy it.

AdultAdventureComedyFantasyHaremLitRPGRomanceSeinenSlice of Life
Animal Characteristics Artificial Intelligence Character Growth Chuunibyou Clingy Lover Couple Growth Devoted Love Interests Disabilities Doting Love Interests Early Romance Friendship Gamers Kind Love Interests Male Protagonist Online Romance Polygamy R-18 Shy Characters Strong Love Interests Sword And Magic Trap Tsundere Virtual Reality Yandere
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      Status: vol 5 pt 12
      Feb 11, 2019

      Fishing is fun in all its forms. You can fish as a way to relax. You can fish for competition. You can fish for waifus. You can even catch the hatred of every major faction while fishing for waifus. To Ryouta, the true endgame is fishing. 

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      8 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: [vol 1. pt. 52] patch 9.0: preparing for...
      May 9, 2019

      Started reading the story without paying attention to the tags, turns out the fishing I was expecting doesnt seem to be a main part of the story so far. Yes, I was wanting a novel about fishing. The MC does seem to enjoy it but apart from the two or three times he was spearfishing in the beginning, he hasnt fished much and instead its been focusing on building up the harem. Seems to be turning into a massive orgy themed story considering one of the few ways to gain "lives" in this VR game is by having s*x. The build up to the fishing tournament just seems to take too long.  All in all, not what I was looking for. If youre looking for what ive described, it's got great potential.

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      7 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: [vol. 3 pt. 36] patch 6.0: a royal...
      Nov 4, 2019

      The story is quite good. It's a mix of adventure and slice of life with a bit of humour here and there. It's an enjoyable read and the author tries to keep it realistic without too much cliches and aims to develop well-fleshed characters. He sometimes fails though, but the effort is there. 

      But there are some problems in the story. It's written in the summary that it's the author's first story and I must admit that it shows. As much as the author tries to make his character feel like real people, he can't totally rid himself of cliches (you have the shy pervert, the tsundere, the oujou-sama, the yandere, etc.) and the interactions between them, particularly the comedic parts, is straight up copied out from a harem anime. And the worst is he changes their personalities as the story progress in a very unnatural way making it feel like the author just didn't have a firm idea of his characters ahead of time.

      My main problem is the main character who is your typical beta-male harem protagonist without the dense part. The girls fall for him too easily without much of a reason and it progresses too quickly to full blown love without the development and story telling that it would require. Finally the pace is a bit inconstant and struggles to keep the reader's interest at times.

      Don't get me wrong though, I quite like this story and it's definitely worth a try! Just wish it was even better since the author definitely has the talent for it!

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      4 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: [vol 1. pt. 1] patch 1.0: user setup...
      Feb 15, 2019

      Hands down 5/5. Keep it up!

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      4 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: [vol. 3 pt. 30] patch 5.0: a beach,...
      Feb 11, 2019

      First off, I am ahead thanks to Patreon. If you like any of Ace's story, I highly recommend taking a look at his Patreon.

      If you are worried that this story would not have an enthralling story line because it is about a guy wanting to fish inside of a game, then throw those worries right out the window and grab yourself a snack and a drink because you will be reading for a while once you start. There are a lot of characters to love, to dislike, and to watch grow as the story progresses, and the plot of the story makes me want to sell my liver just to get another chapter or two. The story makes me feel like I am back living out my old MMOrpg days with a group of friends, just relaxing and chatting sometimes, while also making me feel like I am caught up in some huge fantasy world that keeps on throwing more and more challenges my way.

      TLDR: Read the story, you won't be disapointed.

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      4 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: [vol 1. pt. 1] patch 1.0: user setup...
      Feb 12, 2019

      First story of Aces that I read. I am a patron and I can tell you it's worth reading. As far as fishing goes, it's the best kind and very intriguing. I give it a rating of 2 legs up ;)

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: [vol. 5 pt. 16]
      Jun 9, 2019

      Hy. Im Lynnsgard

      I read others Ace story, but im really hooked to this one.

      Its Harem and very realistic one. Its combine reality and fantasy (on VR) very well. If you read Sevens, Mushoku tensei, and Pure love x insult you will love this. Mature romance and great plot, I love it.

      But You will dis pointed by 3 genre. Adventure without Action isn't good combination, but well ace lack on action scene. Litrpg without StatusBar is not normal?. And everyone whos love slow romance tag really hate dense protagonist right? But Im glad Fenrir not as dense as Shonen Protagonist. I recommend this story because other than that its almost perfect.  Oh No, I forget. 'Rock' make this story perfect!!. 

      Thankz for this story

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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