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Ero Dungeon Online
Ero Dungeon Online
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4.5 (276 ratings)
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There are those who enjoy a more vanilla style of lewding, and then there are those who prefer the mint chocolate chip with a side of calamari style of lewding. Damian is one such man. Ever since he was a teenager and was visiting sites much too mature for his age, he has been in love with taboo pairings such as a beauty and a beast. However, there is a problem.

Damian not only has many bizarre tastes, but he prioritizes consensual versions of his interests above all else. Alas, very little of such content is available.

Fortunately, thanks to one of the latest VRMMORPGs to hit the market and cash shop items, he can finally become all the monsters that he could ever dream of becoming to thoroughly (and consensually) enjoy his friends and other visitors inside of his virtual dungeon! And, of course, there will be monster girls. What better to use on monster girls than actual monsters?


Cover art done ehrrr (
This is a rewrite of my previous lewd story, Ero Dungeon Evolution. However, while it may have the same cast of characters, the setting, plot, and overarching themes are different. This one focuses much more on slice of life, lewds, romance, and dungeon management.

AdultComedyEcchiFantasyHaremRomanceSeinenSlice of LifeSmut
Adventurers BDSM Beast Companions Beasts Caring Protagonist Charismatic Protagonist Charming Protagonist Clingy Lover Confident Protagonist Couple Growth Doting Love Interests Dungeon Master Dungeons Early Romance Exhibitionism Famous Protagonist Game Elements Gamers MMORPG Paizuri Perverted Protagonist Tentacles Voyeurism Wealthy Characters
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Table of Contents 153
  1. [Vol. 4 pt. 42]18 hours ago
  2. [Vol. 4 pt. 41]Nov 22, 2022
  3. [Vol. 4 pt. 40]Nov 19, 2022
  4. [Vol. 4 pt. 39]Nov 16, 2022
  5. [Vol. 4 pt. 38]Nov 11, 2022
  6. [Vol. 4 pt. 37]Nov 10, 2022
  7. [Vol. 4 pt. 36]Nov 8, 2022
  8. [Vol. 4 pt. 35]Nov 6, 2022
  9. [Vol. 4 pt. 34]Oct 5, 2022
  10. [Vol. 4 pt. 33]Aug 28, 2022
  11. [Vol. 4 pt. 32]Aug 20, 2022
  12. [Vol. 4 pt. 31]Aug 12, 2022
  13. [Vol. 4 pt. 30]Aug 6, 2022
  14. [Vol. 4 pt. 29]Jul 30, 2022
  15. [Vol. 4 pt. 28]Jul 23, 2022
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      Status: [vol. 1 pt. 24]

      Ero Dungeon Evolution is back, in a much lighter version than before.

      Whilst that sort of thing can feel like the author censoring themselves, in this case, it feels like the author took their previous story, balled it up, tossed it out and went on to write what they really wanted, and it shows, both in the good and the bad ways.

      The first 8 chapters work fine as a standalone, but the story does feel slightly rushed and skipping over stuff. Damian goes into his rants properly later on, but there's a moment where abuse is mentioned and quickly glossed over. It feels like a plot thread got tangled up somehow. This issue persists in later chapters, though I can't really point at specific issues. Basically, the plot can feel drafty at times... there's a hole somewhere, but you don't know where.

      However, due to the rewrite, most of the elements that got in the way of the good stuff (lewds and cutes) are now out of the way. And that makes for a better, more refined story.

      And honestly, if you stop comparing the two and just start reading, you'll probably find out soon enough whether it now better fits your tastes. Apply some minor suspension of disbelief and the only thing stopping your fun is the weekly update schedule.

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      12 Likes · Like
      Status: [vol. 1 pt. 45]

      Very good story with heavy smut/lewd content that doesn't distract from the story except when it goes full smut cause smut. Never really gets 'political' and when it does its mostly social stuff like don't be a dumbass/asshole. Will definitely keep up and wish the story goes on. 

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      6 Likes · Like
      Status: v3p11

      This story has strengths and weaknesses, but overall I think it's worth noting that the author, Ace_Arriande, is simply very good.  On a technical level, there is the occasional typo, and some elements of this story might not be for everyone, but Ace knows how to write good prose and their characters feel vibrant and alive, in a way you don't find very often, even in published works like you'd find in a bookstore.

      First, I'll talk about what might turn someone off of this story.  There isn't much of a focus on the plot or the s*x scenes, with that focus instead being heaped on characters and their interactions.  This means that, despite being a story fundamentally about s*x, the actual s*x scenes aren't as exciting and titilating as some other stories would have.  Characters have s*xually intimate moments, but because no character is hollow, it never feels like you could insert yourself into this fantasy- this is very good for the story, but I think it represents a failure as porn.  The other thing is that the author is not shy about their s*x-positive and leftist political views, and it shows in their characters and the near-future world they present us.  I, personally, never felt like it was unrealistic or jarring for the characters to have conversations about kinks or consent, or for the occasional jab at conservatives, as the main character himself cares about these things, but despite the fact that these musings on s*x built up the main character in important ways, I never really felt entertained by the diversions that dealt with the logistics and ethics of various s*x things, and someone who disagrees with the views presented would probably find this story a bit unpleasant because of this part.

      Warnings out of the way, I love this story!  The main character is an exceptional person- he has a small harem of fun and beautiful women, he's highly skilled in s*x and seduction, he has a strong moral compass, and his efforts in creating the titular dungeon set him apart from the rest of the players in this world.  I've seen plenty of stories where we have been told this about the protagonist, but this is the first one to make me believe it.  All of his skills, victories, and more importantly his relationships all feel earned, and he (as well as the author) is extremely conscious of the fact that the other characters in this story are their own people with their own baggage, preferences, and priorities.  The women in his life are not just archetypes or props to f**k (like many harem stories) and the way that he supports and appreciates each of them serves double-duty by letting us readers grow fond of them too, while also justifying why the women like him as much as they do- he is considerate of them and makes them feel appreciated constantly.

      I said in the weaknesses that there isn't much of a focus on the plot, and I think that's worth noting.  You never go too long without a new development or plot threat to keep you engaged, but at times I do feel like the story has stalled out a bit while the main character goes and has cute and fun adventures with the girls in his life.  However, if you're not coming to this story for porn or plot, it's fantastic.  The author is great at making interesting and vivid characters and then bouncing them off of each other in fun ways, and this story does that constantly.  Even the arguments with antagonists or meetings with the side-characters who just don't 'click' with the main character are fun to see, and despite the fact that I wouldn't rate this story too highly as porn, it also handles s*xual interactions between characters very well.

      Overall, this story is a gem and I think more people should read it.  It's not as erotic as I wish it was, but it's unquestionably an enjoyable story to read.

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      5 Likes · Like
      Status: [vol. 2 pt. 5]

      Very, very good. One of Ace's best works so far. Thank the lord almighty for placing me down in this decade to discover the devil himself.

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      5 Likes · Like
      Status: [vol. 1 pt. 22]

      Awesome story, very liberating

      Read More

      3 Likes · Like
      Status: [vol. 1 pt. 23]

      Great story, fun s*x scenes

      Read More

      3 Likes · Like
      Status: [vol. 3 pt. 10]

      It's really fun! Very hot. Lots of consent!  Fun concept for a novel. You should be reading it, not this review.

      Read More

      0 Likes · Like
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