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Split up into two releases since it was one week's worth of content put into two smaller chapters.

Posted later than I planned on this week, but that was because I was obsessively tracking hurricane Dorian as it approached due to: one, being a hobbyist storm tracker; and two, potentially being hit by it since I'm in a SE state.

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“Do you guys even know how to play without pretend fighting?” Ryouta asks the ferrets hopping around dooking and playing.

As soon as he sets his hand down to the ground, one of the ferrets, Damian, jumps onto it and bites it. While Damian’s mouth lightly latches onto some of the skin from Ryouta’s hand, his little feet playfully kick at Ryouta’s wrist and arm.

In retaliation, Ryouta picks Damian up, swings him around a little, and then plops him down on his back where he can tickle his belly.

This results in his fingers being bitten and smacked by tiny feet.

Meanwhile, the ferret that Serra named, Shark, is resting on Serra’s chest as she lies down on the ground.

She might not have much to work with when it comes to her chest, but what she does have to work with makes for perfect pillows for smaller creatures.

Ryouta is tired, too, so he lies down on the floor next to her.

This results in some of the ferrets hopping onto his stomach before jumping over to hers, disturbing Shark and causing a new play-war to begin.

So, with Serra’s chest freed, Fenrir lightly smacks it.

Serra turns her head to look at him for an explanation.

“It’s a high-five,” he answers.

Since they’re both lying down and facing each other, reading his lips is as easy as it would be if they were standing and facing one another.

She smirks and grabs his hand, keeping it down against her chest.

“Also, I’ve been thinking about something,” Fenrir says.

Serra tilts her head.

“As much as I love all the sexual stuff we do, I’ve been thinking we should go on some more dates. Just romantic dates where we try to do something other than be perverts. Don’t you think that’d be fun?”

Serra nods.

“Like an amusement park. Have you ever been on a roller coaster?”

She shakes her head.

“Then we’ve definitely got to go ride a roller coaster.”

She shakes her head again.

“Why not?”

She pulls out her phone and types:

Because I’ve read that you scream when you ride roller coasters and it would be really embarrassing if I did that >///> What if I can’t stop myself from making noises? And there would be a bunch of other people there. No way. Maybe. I don’t know. I really want to because it sounds like it’d be ton of fun but not with other people around. Can’t I ride a VR roller coaster?

“I forgot how fast you can type with your phone. Also, it just isn’t the same in VR. None of them get the feeling right. Or they’re too crazy and unrealistic. Plus, when you go to an amusement park, you can get cotton candy, fresh lemonade, those delicious frozen ice cream dots – all that. Besides, there’s more to amusement parks than roller coasters.”

But I really want to ride a roller coaster.

“I’d love for you to ride one, but none of us are going to pressure you into doing it.”

What if I wear a gag while on it?

“I’m pretty sure you’d draw more attention to you that way than if you screamed.”

This is turning into a difficult situation >///>

“I forgot how much you like to use those cute faces. You’re like a totally different person in text.”

I’m like a totally different person to keep the relationship fresh. If I act different then it’s like getting to date two different girls in one, right?

“I’m not sure it works that way. You have the same personality with each ‘girl.’ You’re just more expressive in text.”

Because it’s easier to express myself in text! I get to use all the emojis I want and it’s way easier to talk this way!

“Actually, maybe it is like dating two different girls in one. I could never imagine you actually typing out exclamation points, but here you are using exclamation points.”

What’s that supposed to mean? o-o

“It means that you never really talk in a loud way. Exclamation points generally mean that you’re being loud or excited or something like that. You’re too quiet for exclamation points.”

Oh! Makes sense. Also, rub my boobs.

Ryouta narrows his eyes at her but satisfies her request anyways.

Also, maybe I can go on an easy roller coaster first. They come in like… different ways, right? Some are simple and easy and not as exciting?

“Yeah. We could even start you off on the kiddy ones.”

Not that easy! I could handle a medium one… maybe.

“I’ll look up all the amusement parks not too far from us and then we can look through the rides there.”

Already doing it.

“You’re way too fast with your phone.”

2 fast 4 u

“You’re such a dork in text. A pervert and a dork.”

A pervork. Dorvert.

“Neither of those work.”


“Here. I’ll rub your boobs some more to make you feel better.”

; )

“That’s such an old man emoji.”

; ))))))

“Now it’s a really fat old man emoji. All those chins.”


Something grabs Fenrir’s attention coming from outside the room.


Fenrir looks back at her phone and explains, “I just heard Cass Cass walk by. She was panting really hard. Now the shower is on.”

Fight hard, Cass Cass. I believe in you.

“I’ll let her know later.”

And so, while ferrets run all over the room and occasionally on top of the two lying on the floor, Ryouta and and Serra look through all amusement parks within five hours of them.

They have to find the perfect roller coasters to start Serra on.

Between the upcoming festival with the dragons, the grand battle, flying to meet Nell’s dad while finally meeting Azalabulia in real life, and now making plans for an amusement park date, Ryouta’s schedule is becoming more and more packed.

Life has never been busier for him.

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