Ch.228: A dip together – Part 2 [NSFW]
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“Said I can touch”, Xie Yi mumbled, lowering his head to Shi Yue. The Grandmaster could see the haze in the other’s eyes as he licked his lips. “No restriction.”

“Not there”, Shi Yue chided him.

“No restriction”, Xie Yi mumbled in complaint, pushing his face closer and pressing his lips against Shi Yue’s.

Parting them, the other man welcomed the cheeky tongue that instantly greeted his with a wet sound. Xie Yi pressed closer, sucking on Shi Yue’s lips and letting his tongue slide over the other’s.

Distracted, Shi Yue did not react in time to Xie Yi tugging his towel off to the side.

He shivered at the sudden draft.

Xie Yi pulled back, a trail of saliva between their tongues that he licked away gingerly.

Then his eyes dropped down and the hand that he had kept on Shi Yue’s waist moved onto his thigh.

Suddenly awkward, Shi Yue felt tempted to pull his towel back over. On the sidelines, he registered Xie Yi sitting slightly weird as well.

“You’re large”, Xie Yi mumbled with absolutely no hidden intention but a tone of appreciation, completely missing the effect it could have on a man.

Shi Yue’s lips pulled to the side. His member was already stirring anyway and the words, alongside the naughty fingers that were rubbing the insides of his thigh, was giving him the rest.

Fully awake, it began to turn upwards.

Xie Yi blinked, watching it with interest. Shi Yue gritted his teeth and moved his hand to cover himself.

“Correction”, Xie Yi said quite calmly. “This is rather huge.”

Shi Yue shivered again but Xie Yi was already redirecting his attention. Hot lips smothered any complaints he was going to make, rubbing against his own.

Shi Yue had a feeling that Xie Yi was almost desperately kissing him, making it hard to breathe. Soothingly he tried to lead, turning the dirty kiss a bit gentler until the heavily breathing Xie Yi finally admitted his problems.

The hands that were evilly stroking his thigh had not moved at all, teasing him all the while, but Xie Yi’s words explained that he wasn’t even teasing on purpose.

“I’m hot”, Xie Yi whined. “Way too hot! And uncomfortable! I haven’t had this problem with my thing standing up before so I don’t know what to do and I forgot to ask MingMing!”

“You don’t know?”, Shi Yue asked in surprise, his brain clearing up a bit.

“Don’t know”, the young man whimpered in response. He was inching closer and wrapping his arms around Shi Yue’s neck, burying his face inside the white hair. Imitating Shi Yue, he licked the skin where his shoulder met his neck.

Shi Yue felt like a villain.

His little boyfriend did not even know that much.

“I know it can be resolved with sex”, Xie Yi mumbled, continuing with nipping the skin when he felt Shi Yue lean his head to the side to allow it. “But I don’t know how else.”

Shi Yue exhaled in a pleased sigh, his eyes clouding over a bit again. Xie Yi was rubbing against him and the small bites and kisses were fanning the flames.

The waves of arousal and soft pleasure were very enjoyable after all this time.

He lowered his hand to Xie Yi’s thigh, slipping it under the towel and up to the point where his legs touched. He caressed the place and Xie Yi shuddered, parting his legs a bit.

“It’s quite the tease when you do this”, he whispered into Xie Yi’s ear. His disciple gasped, making an understanding sound.

“I-I…”, he panted, feeling the uncomfortable stirring strengthen and losing his train of thought at the start of his sentence. His brain was circling around the sight of both their members standing up.

Ultimately, this was a sign that you wanted to do it with the other person, wasn’t it? 

Somewhere between the haze in his mind and the incessant complaining of his body, Xie Yi felt relieved about it.

Relieved because Shi Yue did not dislike his body and relieved because he, himself, was still capable of this.

“You can’t let anyone else notice when you’re aroused, okay?”, Shi Yue said in a stern tone, slipping into the gap between Xie Yi’s legs. “It’s private. It’s as private as your thoughts, so I’m the only one who is allowed to notice.

“Un-n…” Xie Yi struggled to follow his master’s lesson when the unknown feeling rushed through his body like electricity. He felt it when Shi Yue kissed him and worse when the other had nibbled on his throat, but this was evoking an even stronger reaction.

If it wasn’t Shi Yue, he would long have run off for the discomfort of how it swept his clear thoughts away and clouded his mind with nothing but pleasure and desire.

“You can help yourself if you get aroused and are sure you’re alone. As long as you create friction, your body will react”, Shi Yue rumbled, kissing down Xie Yi’s neckline again.

Xie Yi stopped his breathing and froze when he felt a hand surround his stiff body part. It was tight and, despite the fact that it was supposed to be cooler than his skin, was searing where it touched him.

Tightly gripping around him, it dragged up from base to tip.


A weird sound escaped him, unusually high for his voice. He clamped his mouth shut at it.

However, Shi Yue hummed a throaty sound and pulled him closer.

“When it’s with me, you don’t need to hold back your voice, but don’t let it out when you’re taking care of it alone”, he ordered, breathing into Xie Yi’s ear.

A bit dizzy, Xie Yi still picked up the tone he wasn’t hiding.

“Do you like hearing it?”, he breathed heavily. If Shi Yue did then he wouldn’t hold it back, but otherwise, he’d prefer staying quiet and not letting out such embarrassing sounds.

“Hmm”, Shi Yue hummed. A wet tongue suddenly moved over his ear. “Very nice.” 

Xie Yi groaned at the sensation and felt his hip move involuntarily. It wasn’t hard to understand.

Friction felt good, and Shi Yue had his hand around him. If he moved, then there was friction, so he found it hard to sit still.

However, he did not want to be the only one feeling good.

He reached down for Shi Yue’s aroused part, wrapping his fingers around it. Shi Yue froze, making Xie Yi wonder if he was doing something wrong.

“You too”, he explained between two breaths, nuzzling his nose into Shi Yue’s hair for comfort.

The loss of control was unsettling him a bit. If anything, he wanted to see Shi Yue lose himself, as well - if only to feel he wasn’t the only one being a bit out of it.

Shi Yue gave a growl. “Don’t… grip so hard…”

“Oh, sorry”, Xie Yi quickly apologized, loosening his hand. He had no idea how much strength was comfortable.

Shi Yue gave a breathless sigh and moved both his hands to Xie Yi’s waist before lifting him up a bit to pull him so close that there was no gap left.

Xie Yi shivered when their most sensitive parts touched and leaned on Shi Yue. He frowned a bit.

A hand wrapped around the both of them, pressing them together.


Xie Yi gasped for breath at the same time as Shi Yue hissed.

“It’s hot… But it feels good…” He was writhing and groaning again, fully enjoying himself. Going to the hot springs together had been a great idea.

“You really are a natural at seducing others”, Shi Yue complained in his low voice. “Don’t resist what will happen now, even if you might feel a bit weird.”

Xie Yi had no time to ask what Shi Yue meant when the hand began to slide up and down.

For a while he was doing nothing groaning and panting for breath, when all of a sudden, he felt the feeling change slowly.

If he glanced down, he could see a whitish fluid leak from his and Shi Yue’s tip, slipping down to where Shi Yue’s hand was around them and easing the friction.

Instinctually, he almost resisted. 

The pleasure was overwhelming - he moved to press himself closer and rubbed himself against his master, welcoming every movement of that hand.

But it was too overwhelming.

At some point he noted he was unable to keep down the delighted moans whether he wanted to or not and his eyes were blurry.

He pushed down a wave of something with gritted teeth, unable to breathe.

It was making him nervous.

Shi Yue kissed his tensed jaw. Xie Yi could hear his laboured breathing and the soft groans that the man sometimes released. Whenever the hand tightened, Shi Yue would hum in a low tone.

Contrary to Xie Yi, Shi Yue was keeping his voice down considerably, rarely letting out a moan.

At that moment, though, he moved to Xie Yi’s ear.

“Ah Yi”, he moaned uninhibitedly, allowing all of his lust and pleasure to seep through along with an unlimited, soothing gentleness.

Xie Yi shuddered at the sound, relaxing involuntarily. The wave he had kept down moved through his body at the next stroke.


Xie Yi half swallowed the moan that spilled out along with the abnormally strong pleasure. His body twitched and he felt something release.

Slumping over, he panted for the breath he had lost.

Shi Yue’s hand moved away from him but the movements that were transmitted suggested that he was continuing to stroke his own member.

After a while, his body tensed as well.

Xie Yi stared blankly at the stone ground and buried his face up to his nose in Shi Yue’s shoulder.

“I think that was a good exchange.” Look, he touched as he wanted and learned something good. Shi Yue could also enjoy himself.

Shi Yue gave a long sigh. “I’ll have a hard time holding back from now on.”

“Holding back what?”

No answer.

Shi Yue lamented his decision as a whole.

Xie Yi’s moans were sweet and tempting. His body was responsive and, surprisingly, very seductive for a guy. He did not act shy or coquettishly and was quite direct with his interest.

Shi Yue had a feeling that as long as he coaxed Xie Yi a bit and calmed him down whenever he got nervous, it would be easy to bait him into doing pretty much anything.

Even worse, Xie Yi would probably do most of it happily.

The temptation was overwhelming.

There were a number of ways he would like to play around. Especially if the other party was also a sturdy cultivator.

Before, he could hold himself back as he did not know his own and Xie Yi’s reaction.

Well, that excuse was gone now.

But he absolutely couldn’t! Were it someone else, he would not need to hold back, but this was his disciple who only had a basic understanding!

“I don’t think I want to do this alone”, Xie Yi spoke messily from his shoulder. “Can’t I come to you whenever I want to do this?”

Mustn’t. Fall. Into. Depravity.

“Have some self-control.”

If you don’t have any, I’ll have trouble keeping mine.

Well, uploading this wasn't as bad as my first NSFW scenes. I'm curious to see whether you all are going to be silent NSFW readers like in my other story :'D Not all scenes are going to be as graphic or long as this one, at least. Most will be shorter.