Book 1.5: Side Tales – Koko: The Puppet Asylum (Part 7C)
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Eh! Where Did My Pen... Pen... Go!?!

Book 1.5: Amaranthe Guild – Side Stories

Koko's Tale

The Puppet Asylum (Part 7C)

Demora cleared a wide section off the second shelf up from the floor creating a clutter-free place for her to stand on. Next, she rolled the crafting cart into place and with a small grunt tossed the large bunny plushie on top where it landed face down with a 'whump.'

Okay, time to channel my inner Geppett-a...

Standing before the plush bunny on the uncluttered shelf, Demora raised a sharp scalpel-like blade that she had found within one of the cart's crafting drawers and got to work.

She began by cutting the stitchings at the base of the head removing the plushie's long fluffy ears. She took a short moment to admire the smokey purple art nouveau patterns that were accented in rich amethyst and soft pink hues before setting them aside.

She then removed the arms and only leg placing them beside the ears. “And now... off with your head!” She grinned causing Pinkili and Anancy to gulp; Koey found their reactions to be oddly funny considering the vessels the duo were currently possessing.

In just a few short moments, the large cute plushie bunny had been dissected and turned into a soft furry pillow. Okay, looks ready. Now to see if this will work. If it doesn't, I'll have to use my hands.

With lips pressed into a thin line, Demora squinted her eyes; The energy within her chest continuously spun as it flowed into her upper pair of arachneth legs. Webbings shot forth from the bladed tips threading the Nethrika Needles lying in wait atop her open palms. She tossed the 'sewing' needles up into the air where they hovered for a breath or two before darting into the plushie's 'pillowy' body where they began to stitch close all the openings.

Finished with the blanket stitchings, she cut a horizontal opening on its back (from shoulder to shoulder) and reinforced the edges of the slit with stitchings. Nodding her head at her sewing work, she opened the bunny plushie turned furry bag and removed all the stuffing inside making it snow onto the floor. Good, good. There's plenty of room inside. Now to make it sturdy... and cute.

She pushed the newly made furry bag aside making room atop the cart.

Hopping down onto the floor, she picked up and tossed a large fluffy teddy bear onto the cart. There's no doubt the teddy had seen much better days as it was now missing its ears and all of its limbs save for one leg as well as being a bit beaten up... But she really loved the smokey blue colors with the deep smokey blue tiger stripes that covered most of it from head to toe; It matched perfectly with the light smokey blue sections of its muzzle and tummy which were stripe free.

Hopping back up onto the shelf she got back to work using the bunny parts to make the teddy plushie whole again.

[“Wow Dea! Those bunny ears and limbs really look great on that teddy...”]

[“I agree Pinkili. When Dea was putting it together, I thought the smokey blue colors would clash against the colors and patterns of the bunny parts but I was wrong. It really does work...”]

[“I think so too,”] Koey added as she reached out and patted the new plushie. [“But I don't get why you made it if you already have that fluffy bag. Also, the... umm... bear bunny plushie is missing a blue button eye.”]

[“Oh, I missed that. Thanks, Koey.”] Demora looked to her side, reached down, and retrieved the bunny's head; With a couple of quick flicks of her blade, she removed a pair of dark amethyst button eyes.

With new button eyes in hand, she set about sewing them onto her fluffy creation making sure to remove the bear's sole button eye first.

She then flipped her bunny bear plushie onto its tummy and slit open its tiger-striped back. Her sewing needles then began to reinforce the edges of the fresh opening with stitches as her little friends looked on with puzzled expressions.

Next, she joyfully removed all the white fluffy stuffing within its 'pillowy' torso, tossing it up into the air and making it snow once again.

With bear belly now empty, she reached over and grabbed hold of her furry bag... Then stuffed it into the bunny bear's opening.

After fiddling around with the inner bag she lined up the openings and began to stitch them together as her little friend's eyes lit up like gems.

[“Oh, now I get it. You're making a big Bunny Bear Bag... so cute.”] [“I think it would look even cuter if she added bear fabric patches on some of the bunny limbs...”][“Yes. That and a flap over the opening on its back so you can button the bag close...”]

Listening to the suggestions from her friends, Demora put the finishing touches on her fun cuddly creation by stitching a flap (cut out from the bunny's head) over the opening and used the teddy's blue eye to button it close.

[“I wonder, Anancy...”]

[“Wonder what, Pinkili?”]

[“If Harvey could work his magic into Dea's new bunny bear bag.”]

[“Hey, that's a great idea. It's definitely worth a try. Besides, I'm sure he and Nessi are dying to come out and play...”]

Kukoey could only listen in as the dollhead duo giggled and chatted with Demora since she hadn't met any of the others waiting for her back at their dollhouse.

Anancy and Pinkili said their goodbyes, reassuring Kukoey that they'll be sure to let the others know all about her. They then ghosted out of their dollhead vessels and entered Demora's body.

Demora spent the next 10 minutes or so scrounging around the shelves in search of a new pair of dollheads that would be fitting for Nessi and Harvey.

Kukoey used this time to sift through the large mound of what was Kresh's plushie body with the butt of the staff from her butterfly catcher.

She heard a “jingle” as her staff struck something metallic causing it to skid-free of the mess and into view. Looking down she spotted a large ring of keys as well as the corner of what seemed to be a small box. She bent down and collected both items, carrying them to the cart.

Setting the items down next to the bunny bear, she turned her attention to the hand-sized box and opened it. Her mask-head covered face lit up in happy recognition as she pulled out what was a pack of magical inkblot playing cards. Holding the cards in her ghost-white hands, she began to browse through the deck losing herself in thoughts of playing with Dea and the others...

Meanwhile, a smiling Demora found what she had been looking for as she pulled a couple of dollies out from a low shelf. With a slash of her scalpal the scavenged dollhead vessels were ready; One of the vessels belonging to a blue-haired mermaid dollie and the other to a white hare plushie with black polka dot ears.

With eyes closed, she invited Harvey and Nessi out to play...

The pair of dollheads opened their eyes and rose up into the air. They swayed to and fro, eyes shining as they took in their surroundings. Spotting Demora and Kukoey (who had just finished putting the inkblot cards away into her pocket), they flew towards them with Duchenne smiles.

[“Hello Dea! Thank you ever so much for calling us out to play. I never thought I'd be able to come out into the world again. And you must be our new friend Kukoey. Anancy and Pinkili were just telling us all about you...”]

[“Happy I am to be here Dea. Thank you for inviting me too. And big sister Koey, if Koey I may call you, meeting you is good. You are cute as said. I look forward to us playing together.”]

[“Mm-hmm, I'd be happy if you called me Koey... both of you. After all, we're all going to be friends and playmates for a very long time thanks to Dea. So I'm pleased to meet you too. Also, I really love the tone of your voice Nessi. It's so musical.”]

[“And I yours Koey. Reminds me of a piano...”]

[“Nessi, you learned how to talk? I can understand you now...”]

[“Really? Nessi happy you can. Will make time together more fun since it can be hard when not knowing what others are saying. And I can help you better this way... like with that bell.”] Nessi said as she floated down to stare at the silvery-blue bell hanging on the web chain belt wrapped around her slim waist.

[“Help me with my bell... how so?”] Demora asked, head tilted and eyes scrunched.

[“I can teach how to control waves of sounds so you can mold them into different shapes like cones and such. That way you only hurt what you want to hurt.”]

[“That sounds wonderful Nessi, please do...”]

[“Don't forget about me, Dea. I'm here too...”] Harvey grumbled as he looked down and away, bunny ears drooping.

[“Ah, it's good to see you too Harvey. I wasn't meaning to ignore you... I was just surprised that Nessi could talk now.”]

His ears perked up as he turned her way. [“But she could always talk. Hmm, maybe the reason you can understand her now is that your powers have grown, strengthening your connection to us? Such a thing happening seems plausible what with all the stories the others have been chatting about...

Which reminds me, I want to thank you for bringing another boy into our group. Now I'm not alone. Although, Kresh isn't the brightest of bulbs in the dollhouse. But at least now I'm not always the last to say 'Not It!' when playing games.”]

[“I'm happy to hear that Harvey. I want you all to get along since we'll all be depending on each other from here on out.

Speaking of which, Anancy and Pinkili said you might be able to help me with my new cuddly 'frakenbearny' plushie bag that's sitting atop this cart. Although they never did say how you'd be able to...”] Demora mindspoke as she hopped up onto the shelf and gestured at her fluffy creation atop the cart.

Harvey circled around the bunny bear bag, eyes scrunching from time to time as he gently chewed on his lower lip. A few minutes passed before he finally turned to face Demora. [“I think there's a very good chance I can help. After all, your bunny bear is nicely patched and mended. And the threading seems energetic and strong. You really did a fantastic job with the stitchings so it should work... but no promises okay?”]

[“Understood. So what's the plan?”]

[“Well, as your summons, I can infuse two of the polka dots on my ears with energy turning them into rabbit holes and give them to you. You can then sew them into the palms of her... or is it his? Either way, you can sew them into the paws.

As for where the rabbit holes will lead to...

That'll be to a small dimensional pocket space; Since that's my current limit. Also, in order to activate them you'll have to supply the energy.”]

[“Wouldn't that mean that my bunny bear bag would become a cute fluffy item box? That sounds wonderful Harvey.

But just so I know, how small of a space are you talking about? Is it grocery bag small or closet room small?”]

[“About half a closet room small... I think.”]

[“Sweet! Let's do it...”]

Harvey happily nodded as the tip of his furry right ear shifted about forming a three-fingered hand. The ear-hand then reached over to the left bunny ear and removed one of the dark polka dots found near its base.

Infusing it with energy, he passed the first dot turned rabbit hole over to Demora who accepted it with an eager smile. As she began to stitch it into the palm of the plushie's right paw Harvey switched ears and gathered another polka dot but this time off his right ear.

Demora gave Harvey a gentle head pat as she received the second rabbit hole. Nessi and Kukoey stared from the side...

[“Why are his cheeks turning red Nessi?”]

[“He's blushing Koey. It happens when...”]

[“No I'm not, Nessi! I'm just a little... h-heated from making rabbit holes is all.”]

[“So you get hot when using your abilities?”]

[“Funny. I remember not that happening before...”]

The three continued to chat as Demora ignored their playful banter. She watched intently as her needles exited out of the plushie's paw and tied closed the last stitch completing the task.

The needles then flew to her arm where they pierced into the sleeves of her dress next to the other resting needles. Now for the binding...

Threads shot forth from Demora's upper arachneth legs, one connecting to the bunny bear bag and the other to dollhead Harvey.

[“Okay Harvey. Threadlines are connected and fingers crossed. Time to see if this will work.”]

[“Here goes Dea... Sending my energy your way. Be sure to mix it with your own before infusing it into the bunny bear.”]

A bluish-white energy orb with floppy rabbit ears hopped out of Harvey's forehead and followed the 'threadline' connecting to Demora where it entered her body and mixed with her own energy; The bunny-eared orb sprouted spidery legs then scuttled out of her body and hopped down the other 'threadline' disappearing into the bunny bear...

Suddenly the sound of sweet child-like laughter filled the room with its playful melody as the doors and drawers on the wall of mismatched wardrobes began to rattle and shake; The clamor grew and grew in intensity until finally a small silvery whitewashed door accented in blues and lavender patterns burst open releasing scents of homespun fabrics and paints into the air.

They all looked on in confusion towards the now open door but could spot no sign of the cause of the bedlam coming forth from within the small wardrobe's dark interior.

[“Just what in the neth is going...”] Three pillars of light beamed down from the ceiling capturing Demora, Harvey, and the fluffy Bunny Bear Bag like bugs in whimsically colored jars.

[“Dea!”] Kukoey and Nessi shouted as they rushed towards Demora leaving a trapped Harvey behind.

Demora held up her hands, gesturing for them to stop. [“I-it's okay... I think. I'm fine. In fact, this feels better than fine. My skin is all tingling and there's a warm comforting current flowing all around me. How about you Harv...”]

Just as she was about to ask him, the pillar surrounding him disappeared back into the ceiling, freeing him as he rushed to join the others.

[“I'm okay Dea. That light didn't hurt me at all. It just seemed to flow into me like warm scented oil and swish about for a little while before streaming out.”]

[“Good. I'm glad you're fine Harvey. This... huh? Who is that little girl? Her outfit is so pretty... and cute.”] They all turned to see what she saw...

Standing in front of the opened wardrobe was a small ethereal girl dressed in a sweet loli coat which reached her knees in the front and calves in the back; The coat was silvery white from the chest up and blends of blues below with lavender accents.

Hanging from her ribbon belt was a trio of cute plushie dolls.

Ringlets of hair spilled out from the sides of her fluffy bunny-eared hood as she lifted her fair-skinned hand. She made few quick gestures with her slender fingers summoning forth a long golden-silver paintbrush. Taking hold of the magical brush she waved it about as if painting on canvas causing the room to become washed in rich oily colors.

Demora felt a fluttering in the pit of her stomach as she turned her head to look at her friends. Her eyes widened; They were all painted in place, unmoving.

Having just completed her new bunny bear bag an uninvited guest arrives on the scene and seems to have quite the artist's touch... Coming up next Demora finds herself in a painted corner with no way out and a sweet-looking loli headed in her direction in The Puppet Asylum (Part 7D).

Side Note: My niece has sent me 4 colored illustrations of Demora's sketch so I decided to share two of the darker hued ones down below in this chapter: Demora 1 and Demora 2. As for the other 2 (which includes the white dress) I'll be sure to share them in the next chapter... enjoy. 

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