Elliot Note 2 (Character)
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*People who had connection with the Supernatural side*

- Kazuki Artel (Kazami)

Kazuki was Elliot step sister. she has long, white hair, red eyes and a fragile-looking diminutive body. She usually had on a rather sleepy expression in contrast to her sharp attitude and keen intellect. Even though she was the older one, she was the shortest one in the family.

She lived together with Elliot after their parents decided to do their third honeymoon. usually had a manipulative personality but showing her soft side to her close friend and family. Currently working in the intelligence department run by multiple country with her friend Amane.

- Yuuji Artel (Kazami)

He has a short black hair. The youngest in the family. Looked really similar to Kazuki when they were young. Has inferiority complex when he was young toward his brother and sister. had admiration toward a certain Japanese woman after seeing her in action. Currently somewhere in Japan with her.

- Rean  Schwarzer

Kind, sociable, easygoing and modest to a fault man. Came from another world from the gate that administrated by the UK. He ha a short black hair and handsome face an. Rean was a practitioner of The Eight Leaves One Blade swordsmanship, a school which combines the best elements of multiple Eastern sword styles in his world created by Yun Ka-Fai. He was in London for several months for his class project where he met Elliot. Currently he said to plan to go back to his world.

- Croix Eden

A beautiful woman with long blonde hair reaching up to her leg. Came from another world from the gate that administrated by the Vatican. She was called a saint in her world and even here had a close relation to the church. Croix had such a sexy body that made man wonder where to look at when talking to her. Lost most of her power and currently in Japan recuperating.

- Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg

An old man that control magic called Kaleidoscope. He had complicated and weird personalities, He showed anger for evil but when someone doing a good things he laugh at them. He took Elliot under his wings and trained him for a few years. Had Elliot took mission several times which should be done by him several times. His abilities seemed increase recently and he could also monitor the other world which started appearing of late. Currently in clock tower.

- Kuroka

a beautiful woman with a voluptuous figure, long black hair with split bangs, and hazel-gold eyes with cat-like pupils. Spying on Elliot when he was summoning a servant. She was a playful, easy going and simple minded woman who enjoys teasing people.

- Abbigail William

A young girl with a long blond hair summoned from the servant contract in the foreigner class.  Well known from the 17th Century "Salem Witch Trials". Has the appearance and personality of an innocent young girl.  A medium for Outer God descent, she had the ability to connect to Outer God  Sut-Typhon. Abbigail could summon tentacle and other moth-like creatures.  Her personality sometimes change when she used her power.

- Xenovia

Xenovia is a young woman with chin-length blue hair with a dyed green fringe on the right side and brown eyes. Elliot saved her from Kokabiel with the request from Croix.

- Hajime Kogyoushu & Urushibara Rui

The staff and Manager of Craft Egg Talent Agency. Employ Elliot to protect Pastel Palettes.

- Aren.

Not much known but he declared himself to be the Otaku God.

*People who had no connection with the Supernatural side.*

- Shizuka Hiratsuka

Shizuka was a fairly tall and busty young woman with long, black hair that reaches her shins, sticks out at her neck and falls over her shoulders and purple eyes. She was a teacher at Hanasakigawa

- Marina Tsukishima

She is a staff at the Live House CiRCLE. She asked Elliot help to find a girl band for the event of the livehouse.  She had black hair with her fringe neatly sorted to her right. with a bob cut all the way to her shoulder.


The first band recruited to the event. A girl band always searching for that sparkling, heart-pounding beat.

- Kasumi Toyama (Voc)

Cheerful and high-spirited, Kasumi is a playful, active, and generally positive girl that always finds something to be excited or passionate about. Kasumi has purple eyes and brown hair worn loose with segments pulled up into star-shaped buns.

- Tae Hanazono (Gu)

A relaxed individual who lives at her own pace and kinda airheaded, she sometimes did said something surprising suddenly. She has gentle green eyes and straight, waist-length, black hair.

- Rimi Ushigome (Ba)

a shy and reserved girl. She had a short black hair and red eyes. She looked like typical shy younger sister character. She had kind of obsession toward Choco Cornet which was sold in Yamabuki Bakery.

- Saaya Yamabuki (Dr)

A kind, empathetic and hardworking person who cares deeply about her friends and family. Her family ran the Yamabuki Bakery. She had blue eyes and long, curly brown hair worn in a high ponytail, usually tied up in a ribbon. She always helped her family in the bakery. You can smell the smell of freshly baked bread from her in the morning.

- Arisa Ichigaya

Arisa has long, slightly curled blonde hair worn in pigtails held with ribbon or bands. A refined shy, rich girl who talked in a very polite manner at least when you first met her. She tend to show her real side to the one who close with her. Has a talent for tsukkomi and definely a Tsundere.


The second band recruited to the event. A girl band made up of 5 childhood friends.

-Ran Mitake (Vo)

Ran had short black hair with her short bangs partially tucked beneath her forelocks, one of which was dyed red. She had partially sharp dark red eyes. A strong willed girl who treasured her childhood friend. She usually kept a cool personality in front of other which often teased by her friend.

- Moca Aoba (Gu)

Moca had short, croppy ivory blonde hair which was slightly longer at the front than at the back. She had a sleepy demeanor and speaks with a slow, monotone voice, but is surprisingly sly at times. She often teased her friend and used third point of view in her conversation.

- Himari Uehara (Ba)

Himari was cheerful and good-natured and the leader of the band. Himari had medium-length, pink hair worn in low pigtails. She was quite clumsy and sometime can't read the mood. Weak toward sentimental and romantic things.

- Tomoe Udagawa (Dr)

She had slanted turquoise eyes and long, sleek maroon hair. Even though in high school, she looked like young adult which sometimes teased by other. She was quite popular with girl in her school because of her cool looking adult appearance. A relaxed person but sometimes become hot-blooded.

- Tsugumi Hazawa (Key)

Tsugumi had soft brown eyes and chin-length chestnut brown hair in a bob. Her family ran a cafe in the city. She considered herself the most normal in her band. Because of her hard working tendencies, Moca sometimes use her name to describe something Tsugurific.


The third band recruited to the event. A popular gothic J-Rock band that was recognized at a near-professional level and was catching the eyes of the music industry and scouters.

- Yukina Minato (Vo)

Yukina had sharp, gold eyes and long silver hair worn loose with some type of hair decoration. She had kind of cold toward other. She had a cutthroat attitude towards reaching her goals, expects nothing less than perfect, and takes practice very seriously. Her goal was to take her band to Future World Fest, a place for the best band to perform. She seem to be a little hostile toward Elliot.

- Sayo Hikawa (Gu)

Sayo has slanted green eyes and long, light, teal hair about navel length.  The same as Yukina, she was somewhat cold in nature, even towards those she was close to. Sometimes she was too serious, both she and Yukina took their goal to reach future world fest to prove themselves. She had inferiority complex toward her twin sister Hina.

- Lisa Imai (Ba)

Lisa had fair skin with curvy green eyes and long, wavy, soft dark ginger hair. A friendly and lively girl who appears mature and calm. One of the reason Roselia could stick together despite some member contrasting personalities and disagreement in opinion. She often chides the others if she feels necessary, bringing balance to the group.

- Udagawa Ako (Dr)

Ako was a short, petite girl with big, sharp crimson eyes. She had long light purple hair worn in curled pigtails. Ako had a chuunibyou tendencies despite her lack of vocabulary for it. She enjoyed playing the role while keeping a realistic mentality.

- Rinko Shirokane (Key)

Rinko had pale skin, and big, slanted violet eyes. She has long black hair styled loosely after a hime cut. Socially awkward, Rinko was a shy and asocial girl who was initially too frightened to speak in front of others. Her voice usually decrease in term of volume when speaking. She was best friend with Ako cause of their like of online gaming.

Hello, Happy World

The fourth band recruited to the event. A band formed on the concept of "Making the world smile."

- Kokoro Tsurumaki (Vo)

Kokoro had large, rounded yellow eyes and long, straight, waist-length platinum blonde hair. An idealistic and charismatic young girl coming from a ridiculously rich family, Kokoro dreams of making the entire world smile from music. She sometime present ridiculous idea which shocked some (two) of the normal member of the group.

- Kaoru Seta (Gu)

Kaoru was a tall girl with angular facial features, slanted crimson eyes, and long purple hair worn in a ponytail. She had an extravagant personalities  and like to use impressive-sounding words to the point of sounding foreign and hard to understand. Fleeting was her catchphrase and she liked to say it whenever possible. but when asked the meaning, she would change the topic.

- Hagumi Kitazawa (Ba)

Hagumi had copper eyes and short, bright orange hair. Lively and passionate for sports, Hagumi was known for her sunny disposition and energetic nature. She with Kokoro and Kaoru was dubbed three Idiot by Misaki because of their absurd idea and airheaded personality

- Kanon Matsubara (Dr)

Kanon had big violet eyes and long, pale blue hair worn loose with a section held in a side-tail with a teal ribbon. One of the two member who had common sense and manage the band to run smoothly. Whenever she gets nervous or overwhelmed she tends to say "fuee".

- Misaki Okusawa (Michelle) (Dj)

Misaki had pale grey eyes and shoulder-length black hair that seems thin. The last member and one of the member who had some common sense. She considered herself to be the most normal in the group, that's if you think that wearing a bear costume while Djing a normal thing. Even though always complaining, she mostly fulfill the members absurd request to certain degree.


The fifth member to be recruited to the event. An idol band formed by a talent agency.

- Aya Maruyama (Vo)

Aya has fair skin, large pink eyes, and shoulder-length, pastel pink hair with wavy ends. On the outside Aya is very cheerful, high-spirited, and bubbly who had a deep like for Idol. However deep down, she is a sensitive girl who suffers from a complex stemming from her desire to be noticed. She liked to come up with different "idol poses" which she's usually proud of, despite the fact that people tease her for them.

- Hina Hikawa (Gu)

Twin sister of Sayo from Roselia, Hina has sharp green eyes and light, wavy teal hair. However, her bangs are brushed towards the right, and her hair is shoulder-length shorter than her sister. She was a natural genius and had an impeccable memory. She had a habit of describing things with unusual ideophones such as boppin'

- Chisato Shirasagi (Ba)

Chisato was a girl of slightly below average height. She had long, platinum blonde hair nearly surpassing her chest. Chisato was normally very mature, polite and friendly, However, she also has a surprisingly blunt side to her personality. She had been in the entertainment industry since she was a kid as an Actress.

- Maya Yamato (Dr)

Maya had shoulder-length, pale brown hair and wore half-rim glasses over her dark green eyes. She was kind of tomboyish who sometimes appeared to be awkward around other people which was teased by Hina. She also sometimes scolded by Chisato for her weird laugh. She seem to have Claustrophilia (like to be in tight space)

- Eve Wakamiya (Key)

Eve had fair skin and big, feminine turquoise eyes. Her medium length silver hair was worn in thick braided pigtails. A bright and earnest girl who tackles everything standing in her path full throttle. She was from Finland and really loved Japanese culture especially about samurai related things. She especially loved the word Bushido proven by usually saying it when having conversation.

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