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(3rd pov)

It was an unusual morning in the barracks of Squad 7. Many members of this Division needed to get used to the new Captain and lieutenant, which doesn't usually happen. More often than not, only one of them is replaced.

The last 4 days were very quiet, but not for a good reason. Both the Captain and lieutenant were missing, and no one knew what to do. The paperwork was starting to pile up, and even the 3rd seat couldn't approve many of them without Captain's approval.

The 3rd seat took leadership in the Squad and informed Captain Commander via Hell's butterfly about what they should do. Thankfully the answer arrived fast, but strangely enough, they were forbidden from helping with Captain's work. Also, they were informed that he would return soon.

That takes us to the next day, where members of the wonderful 7th Division could hear strange noises from the Captain's office. It sounded as if someone was slamming his head on a board, but since it was coming from Captain's room, it was not possible. He is, after all, working hard there.

"Hey, what do you think of the Captain?" One of the members of the Division said to his colleague, who, just like him, was cleaning the barracks.

"The Captain? Hmm... He seems normal, which is strange. Like, I wouldn't mind going drinking with him. I think it's because he doesn't seem like a superior. I heard that he is very young. Maybe that's why I feel that way."

"I think I know what you mean, but he still seems to be hard to approach. Do you know our new lieutenant, Rin Yuuki? It's the same last name as Captain. She is Captain's wife, but that's not the part that's intimidating. He was seen being intimate with not only Rin-san but also the lieutenant of Squad 4 and Captain of Squad 2."

Hearing his colleague, the other Shinigami was surprised by the rumours surrounding his new Captain.

"Was the lieutenant informed about it?"

"Apparently, no one could bring themselves to bring it up. Lieutenant looked very happy with Captain."

"...Captain Yuuki is a scum."

"He really is."

And so Ryoto's reputation in his own Squad reached rock bottom, and it didn't even take 2 weeks for Ryoto to achieve that.

(Ryoto's pov)

<A day before>

I'm fucked. I never said anything about my absence to anyone. In my defense, I didn't expect myself to be absent for a whole 4 days. The only saving grace is that I had one free day, but that still leaves 3 days of not being at work which in Yama-jii's book means getting your ass roasted.

How should I approach it? I said jokingly before that I'll give him grandchildren, but I can't tell him that's the reason I didn't do my job.

What's even worse is that I was summoned by Yama-jii today. I'm in trouble. I can feel it.

As I walked inside, Yama-jii wasn't alone. Inside was Unohana, Shunsui-senpai and Jushiro-senpai.

I could see that Yama-jii's mood wasn't the greatest, so I refrained from making any comments that would make him even angrier.

Slightly opening one of his eyes, he asked. "What do you have for your defense?"

He didn't need to specify what I needed my defense for because it was apparent to anyone knowing the situation, but I couldn't tell them that I was lost in pleasure unless I wanted to become like a marshmallow during a campfire.

I then looked at Shunsui-senpai, who was the only one in this room that would understand my situation because he was also a ladies' man. 

Unsuccessful ladies' man, but that's not a point.

I asked for permission to talk with Shunsui-senpai for a short while before I answered any questions, and surprisingly Yama-jii agreed.

I walked up to my senpai, who hopefully will save me.

I spoke in a voice so low no one would be able to overhear. I explained to him, not in detail, what happened, and he patted me on the shoulder and reassured me.

I'll invite him for a drink later as a thank you. He became a hero in my eyes.

I looked around now more confidently for some reason, and as I looked at Unohana, I got a bad feeling. Like she knew something, and I was too afraid to ask about it.

Unohana just looked at me and smiled as usual, but something was off until it hit me.

She knew. After all, it was her house, and she knew Isane lived there. Of course, she would check up on her. Why didn't I think about it before?

I started sweating. Not only is Yamamoto pissed, but Unohana may be as well.

Two monsters stare me down, and I can only wait for judgment to come, but Shunsui-senpai comes to my rescue.

"Now, now, Yama-jii. Don't be so angry. Ryoto-kun is still young and, just like all of us, makes mistakes. It's not like he missed anything important. And let's be honest. There are few Captains that don't do their duty like the current Kenpachi. So be easy on him this time as this is his first-time."

Everything Shunsui-senpai said was in a lazy tone, but I couldn't be more thankful to him at the moment but...

Yamamoto slammed his cane into the floor as he tends to do and spoke. "I don't want to hear it from a slacker like you! Unless you want to share his punishment, you shall remain quiet!"

Hearing that, Shunsui-senpai turned to me. "Sorry, Ryoto-kun, I tried~." He said with a goofy smile on his face.

It's fascinating how fast can respect for a person disappear. It's almost impressive.

Since I'm already fucked anyway, why don't I try digging my grave as deep as possible?

Seeing the change around me, Yamamoto raised an eyebrow.

"I just want to tell all people here that I don't regret what I did, I only regret not informing anyone, but otherwise, I would do it again."

I puffed out my chest, proud of my achievements. Not the smartest thing to do at the moment, but it didn't make anyone angry, so I can count it as a win... I guess?

Unohana broke the silence in the room.

"How about letting Ryoto-kun finishes all the piled-up work until now as his punishment? Being young is to make mistakes, and Kyoraku-San is right. The current Captain of Squad 11 is not taking his Captain duties seriously, but we don't reprimand him unless it's very serious. I'm aware that you want your student to be better but let's just write it off as a one-time mistake that won't be repeated." She turned to me. "Right, Ryoto-kun?"


I was banging my head against my desk as I was working in my office. Usually, I would just make others do that, but it was my punishment.

I hate paperwork if it's not obvious. At this point, I'm just trying to make myself faint by slamming my head against my board. I know that it's not probable, but miracles happen at times.

I also don't know if I'm lucky or not because Unohana wasn't angry but reprimanded me about knowing the place and time. Also, she warned me about hurting Isane and hoping for grandchildren soon, but I bet I would get smacked around if I called her grandma. I just don't understand women.

I'll just try to finish the paperwork, but as I was going through the documents, my eyes landed on recruitment papers. I recognized a familiar name there.


(E/D: Hello darkness my old friend... I have come to see you again.)



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