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(A/N Bonus chapter)

(Ryoto's pov)

As soon as I ruined my relationship with my parents-in-law, I felt 12 presences enter the room seemingly unnoticed. One of them was smaller than the rest, and I could feel resentment coming from that presence.

I wonder why. It's not like I killed his/her parents or anything.

But right now, I should focus on the angry milf in front of me. I threw away my carefree attitude and turned more serious.

"As I said, Yoruichi and I decided to raise our child away from the Shihoin clan and its responsibilities, as well as I, won't be marrying into the clan. You could say that I have an attachment to my last name and don't plan on changing it, and your 12 bodyguards/assassins won't change my mind."

"Twelve? I noticed only eleven?" Yoruichi was confused because she couldn't feel the last person. Maybe that small presence is a child in training, and that's why it's hard to notice it's Reiatsu. It's just too small to notice if you don't focus.

"I see that you aren't a Captain just for show." She moved her eyes to Yoruichi. "On the other hand, it seems that you need more training to do." Her eyes returned to me. "But do you really think that you could walk out from here unharmed after announcing something like that?"

She is obviously threatening me, but I'm not one to be intimidated easily. Not only that, but she is releasing more bloodlust at me.

It's powerful but nothing I can't handle, so I answered in kind and released mine as well.

The father started sweating a bit as he saw his wife's eyes becoming more and more murderous. At the same time, I was becoming more and more serious.

The air around us started vibrating because as we had our standoff, we started releasing Reiatsu as well.

Yoruichi's mother is a lot stronger than I expected. That's why I should let her taste her own medicine.

'Hey, Zangetsu, let's unleash some of your battle bloodlust.'

"Finally, something to do!"

As soon as Zangetsu added his own bloodlust to mine, I immediately overpowered my opponent. She probably saw an image of a Hollow mask behind my back, but it was just an illusion, as Zangetsu wouldn't allow Reiatsu to materialize in a situation like this. If I was fighting Kenpachi, however...

At the same time, I was surrounded by twelve people with their swords at different parts of my body. Three of them were around my neck, two at the back, two at the front, four around my legs, probably to slash them as soon as possible to hinder my ability to run away and fight, and the last one was directly in front of my throat.

Fast reaction, but I could probably move before they could surround me if I wanted, but I let them. Why? Because I knew they won't be able to harm me even if they wanted to and I needed an assistant for my demonstration. Also, I activated prediction calculation just in case.

Not showing wariness that I was centimeters or even millimeters from being killed, I picked up the cup of tea from the table in front of me to drink since I didn't touch it since the beginning of the meeting. I took a quick glance at Yoruichi, who didn't move at all, but I could see she was ready to jump in case something happened.

I decided to joke around with her to show that I had the situation in control.

"Your boyfriend is held at sword point, and you don't even worry. I didn't think I had such a heartless girlfriend~."

Hearing me, Yoruichi relaxed a bit but still was ready for the worst.

"As if you would be in any danger."

I turned my attention back to Yoruichi's mother, who became wary of me. Also, my carefree attitude earned me a warning from the smallest assassin in the room, who had a sword at my throat, and she pushed it to touch my skin and glared at me.

The small presence was a small girl, and she really was just a child. She looks no older than 8. It's possible that she just looks young, but according to everything I see and observe, she is young, and I don't like that. That's one of the reasons I don't want my child to be part of Noble House or at least the Shihoin clan because I know that he/she would be trained as an assassin. It's not like I won't allow my children to train, but I would want them to have somewhat of a normal childhood.

"Now, since everyone is visible in the room, let's talk about the problem at hand. I don't want my child to be part of this clan, and you want the opposite so let's meet in the middle." I proposed.

"Which is?"

"I know that as Yoruichi is pregnant, she won't be able to fulfill her duties, so I volunteer to take her place for the time being."

"And you think you qualify? You may be strong, but this line of work is to become one with the shadow and complete the mission as cleanly as possible without any witnesses. Do you really think you have what it takes to be a member of the Stealth Force?" She asked in a very serious tone.

"Not many people know this, but I'm a trained assassin, but actions speak louder than words, so allow me to demonstrate."

I took the spoon and started observing it, but it was just for show as I waited for something to happen. As the ninjas around me were becoming more annoyed... okay, only the small one was, but she was very responsive to everything I did. She also looks familiar for some reason, but I can't put my finger on it.

Back to the spoon, I was moving it around until the sun hit it, and it reflected light right into Yoruichi's eye.

Yoruichi kicked the table we were sitting at because of the temporary blindness in her eye. It distracted assassins around me for a minuscule moment, a moment that I used to Shunpo and appeared behind Yoruichi's father.

A few of the bodyguards noticed my attempt and tried to stab and slash me, but the only thing they hit was my Captain haori, that was left behind.

Yama-jii will kill me.

But back to Yoruichi's dad. I made a motion of cutting his throat with my finger.

"And just like that, dead."

I returned to my seat after fixing the table and asked my lovely assassins to return to their position of threatening me with their weapons. They were a bit dumbfounded, but they did what I asked them anyway, which was funny to me.

"Also, let's be clear. It was just one of the ways I could do it. I didn't even need to dodge and to demonstrate... you, the short one who would stab me at the first chance she would get. I'm giving you a chance."

Without any hesitation, she pushed her sword at my throat, and it stopped before it cut in. And it's not like she wasn't trying. She was pushing with all her might, but she couldn't cut through my skin because I was releasing Reiatsu at the place sword made contact, and as everyone knows, if you have bigger Reiatsu, you are practically untouchable. Since she was just a child, her amount of Reiatsu wasn't great compared to mine, so it was fairly easy.

I could also use Hierro, but at the moment, I refrained from using it since all the eyes were on me, and they would notice something strange.

"As you can see. I wouldn't be harmed even if everyone attacked me at the same time." I pushed away the sword with two fingers that the young girl still was trying to pierce me. "The point is that I'm more than qualified. I had, after all, a great teacher."



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