Chapter 6.3
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“How cute, you think your weak magic can really contain the power of Zeus? You think it can contain my power?”


Opening her arm wide Amber released lightning from all around her body, it hit the barriers and bounced back quickly increasing in brightness until they could barely see her body inside.


“What now, do I kill her?” Kara asked. She didn’t want to kill the girl if she was being controlled but didn’t see a better option.


“No, without the full blessings her body shouldn’t be able to channel much more of Zeus power” Zatara sighed and pointed his cane at himself “Laeh ym sdnuow”


A blue light washed over his body and he slowly straightened his back, his wounds closing but taking a lot out of him.


Cracks started forming around the cage and it finally burst releasing another massive thunder towards the sky and revealing exhausted Amber resting on her knees.


Kara was worried about her friend but she trusted the Tamaranean to overcome her enemy, so she walked with Zatara towards the panting Amber, her eyes downcast.


“Accept you de…”


“Let’s not raise any more flags will you” Kara interrupted.


“Very well” Zatara almost laughed as he recovered his breath “Sniahc kcol reh sbmil”


Magical chains burst out from the ground and encircled Amber’s arms and legs before he grabbing her by the shoulder and forcing her up.


“Now let’s just find out how to return Marvel’s powers”


Amber finally lifted her face and Kara’s eyes widened at the sharp look in her eyes, on reflex she started jumping away as the teenager opened her mouth and spewed a wave of hundreds of small green maggots.


Dozens of the creatures got into Kara’s body and gripped her armor with tiny little claws but she burned them away with heat vision as fast as she could, their tiny bodies bursting like popcorn.


When she finally stopped Kara saw Zatara covered in the maggots and stumbling around, before she could help one of the creatures climbed inside his ear and he fell to his knees for a second then smiled, dissolved his chains and helped Amber up.


“Well shit”


“Crude but aptly put” they said at the same time while starring at her “A pity you managed to escape”


Using her X-Ray vision Kara stared at their bodies and saw a tiny maggot resting inside the heads of both of them; the one inside Giovanni even had some kind of device around its neck.


Great, now there were two magical enemies to fight against


“ Wols nwod, emoceb kaew” Zatara whispered before Kara gathered herself and she felt her body becoming heavy.


Lifting her arm Amber pointed her way and started gathering a bolt, Kara tried to fly aside but her movements were sluggish, the bolt hit her in the arm and locked her muscles.


She fell to the floor twitching and out of breath but managed to look at them and release her heat vision, the shot went over their heads and Amber hit her with another bold before she could adjust.


“Ahhh the delicious sound of pain” Zatara said as he started walking towards her.


“What was it you said?” mocked Amber “It’s over my dear, you’re strong but you can’t hope to defeat the both of us”


“You should know… ugh, how that turned out for you” the worm inside their heads laughed with that ridiculous laugh once again and Kara recovered enough to start flying away at a slow speed but her muscles still felt like jelly “Who are you anyway”


“You may call me Mr. Mind my dear” Amber said with a smile “leader of the monster society of evil”


“Are you for real?”


“Ah, I know it’s a little cliché but I find those pathetic humans need all the help they can get making sense of things” The worm inside Amber talked using her voice “You know, I usually prefer to play the chess player moving things from the shadows but, with dear Amber, Giovanni and now a Kryptonian under my power I may need to rethink my approach”


When another bolt of electricity was thrown her way Kara dodged and started flying away, using the rubble to block Zatara’s line of sight and avoid his spells.

She tried to burst into the building to hide but Zatara’s spell had temporarily stolen her strength.


Using blasts of heat vision and throwing rubble Kara managed to keep the worm from flanking while she hid behind the pieces of destroyed rooftop and tried to think about a solution.


“Evlossid eht elbbur ni tnorf foe m!”


Zatara’s magic blasted from his body on a cone and every piece of rubble Kara could hide behind was turned to dust, feeling exposed Kara gave a burst of speed and flew towards the destroyed hole Mr. Atom had made, behind her she could hear Amber laughing and gathering another charge.


She was just starting to fly into the hole when she saw Billy jump from behind a boulder, his limbs trembling and his eyes squeezed tightly in fear he shouted “Shazam!”


“NO!” Kara screamed and tried to throw herself on the way but she was too slow


Them Amber’s bolt struck him in the chest and there was a huge flash of light as a stream of lightning flowed into his body sending the boy flying over the edge of the roof.


“No!” Kara cried out.


Ignoring the worm’s amused laugh she flew toward the edge with no care for any evasion expecting another bolt, it never came.


“Ah, damnation” Said Amber and Zatara at the same time.


“Tropelet ot reh!”


Suddenly Kara felt Zatara’s body hit her from behind, grabbing her waist the Magician threw up another wave of worms over her body and she heard their little claws digging into her armor as they hurried towards her head, some of them spilling over her body to fall on the ground.


“SHAZAM!” another bolt of lightning hit her body, this one washing over her without damage and destroying all of the worms while pushing Zatara away.


A second later Zatara’s spell broke and Kara shot over the edge of the building like a speeding bullet, when she managed to turn around she finally saw Captain Marvel floating there.


 From over the other side of the building Kori arrived, she had a black eye and a split lip, her hair was a mess but she was smiling in satisfaction having clearly won her fight.


“Ah, this is truly a pity” The worm said from both of its hosts “Perhaps I shouldn’t play so much next time”


“There won’t be a next time Mr. Mind” Billy said, his voice deep and reassuring as Captain Marvel.


“Ah but that’s where you are mistaken Captain, even if you manage to capture me, which I highly doubt, I have seen your prisons, I’ll escape before the year is over”


Kara winced, this was DC so the worm was probably right, even the Joker escaped every year and he didn’t even have powers.


“Anyway, I think I’ll escape now, despite my… miscalculation by having a little too much fun I’ll still like to keep both my prizes”


Around them the entire building started shaking before the upper floor broke into huge boulders and floated up around Amber and Zatara.


Marvel tried to charge in using his body to break through the rubble but he was hit by another telekinetic strike and his trajectory was changed.


All three of them started dodging the boulders, Kori blasting starbolts to try and break them into tiny pieces.


With a giant breath Kara screamed releasing a wave of sound which blasted a path clear towards the duo and made them stumble while grabbing at their ears.


“AAaaahhhh” Amber and Zatara screamed as they fell to their knees.


Taking the chance, all three of them flew through the opening; the captain grabbed Amber and held her in a tight hold while Kara and Kori went for Zatara.


Kara was about to punch Zatara’s throat to stop him from casting when his next spell completed.


“Tcejer eht mrow” A green worm was sent flying from inside his ear and Zatara sagged in relief.


Seeing the creature flying away Kara blasted it with heat vision and both girls helped keep Zatara up, with a sight he smiled at them.


“I must thank you, your shout disrupted the creature’s control and gave me the opening I needed” he shouted, his ears still bleeding from the blow “hateful little thing but a powerful telepath, he was on pair with John”


“Can you get rid of the one inside Amber before it recovers?”


“What?” the man shouted and Kara just pointed at the girl in Captain Marvel’s arms.


“Ah, right” then Zatara coughed up some blood and his limbs lost strength, his body almost slipping from the girl’s grip  “The, coff coff, the creature used too much of… of my magic, ugh even I can’t use so many spells or make a Kryptonian so weak without paying a price”


“Release her Mr. Mind, Release the girl” the Captain ordered “I won’t allow you to keep controlling her don’t force my hand”


“hueee hee hoo hee, and what will you do Marvel, kill me?” Amber said with the same dispassionate voice as before “that will not be possible”


“You don’t think you can still escape do you” the Captain but became worried when Amber just passed out in his arms.


With a sudden realization Kara remembered the Worm that had just flown out of Giovanni’s ear didn’t have a device at its neck.



“Still escape?” Kara barely heard a smug robotic voice from inside the building “But I already have”


Wiping her head around Kara saw through the walls of the building to find a worm standing over Ibac’s body, a small electronic device held in a collar around its neck and the device Amber had been charging with lightning when Zatara had cast search spell resting beside him.


“Contrary to you stubborn heroes I know when to make an exit” the worm mocked even as Kara burst through the floors in a straight line towards the thing. “Pathetic, even the Kryptonian didn’t notice when I traded places with one of my brood after trying to snare her the second time.”


“NO!” Kara screamed in rage as Mr. Mind activated a device on Ibac’s body.




A huge portal opened behind them and Mr. Mind lifted Ibac’s body with his telekinesis ridding the unconscious villain inside the portal.


Kara refused to allow it, How dare he kill so many people, hurt so many and think he could just escape!


Bursting through the last floor Kara saw she was too late to stop then, in a burst of rage she released another ray of heat from her single eye aimed directly towards the little worm.


Mr. Mind’s telekinetic barrier distorted the heat from the ray, dispersing it into a large area and it washed over their bodies burning both the worm and Ibac as if it had been a wave of flames the villain screeched in terrible pain as it’s skin swelled and blistered and the little voice box on his chest exploded taking off a chunk of his small body.


Then the portal disappeared, cutting off Mr. Mind’s telekinetic control and dropping everything he had been holding up with a devastating impact.


Breathing hard Kara lashed out in rage, punching the ground and creating another crater, she hoped the heat had killed the monster but didn’t really think it would happen.


Finally calming down she floated up, her hair in disarray around her, sometime in the fight she had lost her eye-patch and her armor was almost entirely melted, hit open air and froze.


All around her, looking a little tired and filled with minor wounds, was the entire Justice league, her cousin floating in the center, a gash on his forehead and some of his costume destroyed.


“Ah, hi.” Kara’s mind froze and she tried to wave a hand over her messy hair, her eyes taking on Earth’s mightiest hero, “long time no see little cousin.” 


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