Negotiation 2
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(POV Alexander)
“… Will we really just leave like this? It's strange that you accept a loss in this way, Alex-chan. "
What are you talking about, Revy? I can only see that this time I won more than I asked for... "
"You... w-what do you intend to do?"
“B-Boy, it's better to just be glad that we got out of that situation. We better just go from here... and the faster the better ”
After returning to the boat, I begin to observe the splendid achievement that the designers and workers made in order to create such a weapon… yes, this could not simply be called a huge ship! In fact, I think calling it a weapon still falls a bit too short to describe such an engineering achievement!
Without a doubt, this aircraft carrier could be considered a weapon of mass destruction! No, it was something much better since it's not like it can only be used once!!
Having completely delighted watching this one, a big smile appears on my face. So the next thing I do is take the restraint off my arm. The truth is that thanks to the potions that I had recently consumed, it was much better than before. Now I could move it more freely, and surely as long as I didn't demand too much of it for now, then there should be no problem.
The problem was that Leona was a bit overprotective and had asked me to continue with the arm immobile until it healed completely. Even now after seeing my actions, she frowns a bit!
… I better do this fast.
Without paying much attention to the soldiers that watching us, I put both hands on the hull of the aircraft carrier... I had never tried something like that with something this size, but I don't think there should be a problem. In fact, my actions were perhaps more to give a bit of drama to what I was going to do next...
Expanding my domain to the maximum, I try to completely surround the entire aircraft carrier... umu, it's certainly quite large... no wonder people can even consider these mobile fortresses!
"What are you doing, Alexander-Onisan~?"
“Boy… did you hear? It seems those soldiers don't like what you're doing! They probably don't want you to scratch their beloved ship!! "
“Oh~ A great magic trick, little ones. You will surely be surprised!
Also, don't worry Vin. I also wouldn't bear that something like this was affected a bit... more if... "
"D-Damn it... you-you won't be thinking about-"
Yes, the reason why I did not consider everything that happened before a loss, was obviously because this was not over yet! In fact, I think this time I had won big!! 
Without leaving to finish what Revy wanted to say, which probably together with Leona were the only ones who had an idea of what would happen next, after having completely covered the aircraft carrier with my domain, I immediately activated my interdimensional storage!
"Whoo~ !! Great!!"
"Shit, shit, shit!!!"
…Perhaps due to the size, this time the effect of my interdimensional storage was a bit more striking. The entire aircraft carrier seemed to be surrounded by an electrical layer, and immediately it began to become translucent little by little...
The only thing I was worried about was that since I couldn't take the weapons off someone holding and using this, then that would apply to the aircraft carrier as well. But even though there were people in or on it, it seems that the ability did not consider it as if they were taking possession of this one.
It was actually a bit surprising to see a structure of this size suddenly disappear... even I who was the one that did it, can't help blinking several times to confirm that the carrier was really gone now.
Well... apart from the surprise of the others who looked at everything with their mouths open. Once they recovered a bit, some, like Revy, began to get nervous as beads of sweat formed on their foreheads.
I think that was inevitable. After all, I didn't really know how those people would react to losing something like an aircraft carrier... no, they surely wouldn't take this very well...
"Fuck, boy! W-What did you do? "
"Youuu…. !!! Where is the aircraft carrier?!!! "
With the aircraft carrier disappearing, logically now all of its crew had fallen into the sea, and now they were struggling to swim and stay afloat... this was a bit similar to when fishing boats pull out fishing nets and their prey shake the water with intensity.
Then after recovering from the surprise of being now swimming in the cold water of the sea, the first to recover were Eda and the man in a suit from before who raise their voices towards us, more precisely towards me who was in the boat of Dutch. That man who until now had spoken in a calm and polite way now lost all trace of this...
Probably being responsible for that aircraft carrier, the fact of having to deliver accounts to his superiors, that made his anger and concern stand out over other emotions. But unlike him, most of the soldiers still seemed to be doubting what just happened or were confused.
No, there were also some who were now watching me with fear... probably those soldiers were the ones who knew that I was responsible for the disappearance of the aircraft carrier.
“These are the things that I agree to deliver… I give them to you again. With this, I now believe that we have finished our exchange... you cannot say that I did not fulfill my part of the agreement... but you should take them quickly, they will surely sink to the bottom of the sea soon. "
Taking a quick look at what I had obtained and now it was in my interdimensional storage, I realize that also the briefcases that I gave them previously, were also included there now... for a moment I thought about just leaving without saying anything, but... in the end, already I really did not care much about delivering that and so I decide to return it to them.
…Maybe that can soften things up a bit. Of course, if they manage to take them before they are lost to the bottom of the sea... 
The aircraft carrier? Well, I'll take that as compensation for the things earlier.
I know that returning it would surely save me several problems and I actually thought about it for several seconds, but… now that this is in my possession, it took a lot of willpower to hand it over to them again! It seems that I am weak to be able to detach myself from some things...
"W-Where is the damn aircraft carrier?! What did you do with it, you fucking brat?!! "
“Oh~ Are you talking about the covering of the things I ordered? Well, since it's a bit annoying having to unpack item by item, then I decided to take everything.
...don't worry, I won't ask for the briefcases where I give you things. You should be happy, those were quite good and I think they were waterproof as well… also, since you received several and I only received one, then you can tell your superiors that you made a great deal. "
"Y-You... how can you compare an aircraft carrier to a damn briefcase?!!! Fucking bastard, take it back now!!! "
"…I do not want"
“B-Boy… no, Alexander! Y-You can't leave me here!!
... W-We've been business partners for a while, right? "
"... well, swim up to here"
"C-Can't you help me? It is quite difficult to swim with this damn habit! "
" should just let that bitch there"
"O-Okay, I'll swim over there!!"
Since I had already gotten what I wanted from that guy, I stopped paying attention to his complaints. Even though the water was freezing, his face was completely red as if he were taking a bath in hot springs… also, soon someone has to help him stay afloat as it looked like he was about to go into shock.
On the other hand, Eda was in no better condition. Although her problem was not due to intense emotions... the nun's habit seemed to be getting in the way for her to swim, and surely if someone didn't help her she would soon end up drowning.
…Like I said before, I didn't have any resentment with her and so I don't see any reason to deny her help. In fact, I had earned quite a bit, so there was really no reason to be mad at her.
Well, those were my thoughts and not everyone shared these… Revy seemed to be enjoying watching her slowly drown!! Also, when Eda sees that she had started seriously asking Dutch to move the boat forward, she stops complaining and starts undressing so she can swim better towards the boat...
"Ha... Ha... what's up? Do you like what you see, brat?"
"Quite... I didn't expect a nun to hide that kind of underwear under a habit..."
When she reaches the edge of the boat, I help Eda up before Revy decided to move the boat forward by herself. Of course, it was inevitable that my eyes would start to roam her curvy body! I was always curious as to what she would look like under the habit and so I couldn't miss the opportunity to observe this one!!
…It was really a bit surprising the black lingerie she was wearing. It was definitely not something you would expect a nun to wear!
“Hmp~ Damn it… it's really cold…
Boy… would you really not reconsider this? "
“…Our deal has ended, Eda. It is late for any claim now"
“…You can't leave all of them here in the sea like this! You are sentencing them to death!! "
With her words, Eda points to the soldiers who were in the water. Although the island from before is visible from this place, probably very few would be able to swim there… so her words were not a lie.
Normally, I would give the same treatment to people who are subordinates or henchmen of some enemy or, in this case, someone who annoyed me. Well, I think that's what anyone would do, and even those soldiers apply this ideology. So I don't think anyone could blame me for doing something like that...
"...well, I'll give you some things so that they can at least get to the island on their own"
Still, the death of these soldiers could complicate matters even more than the aircraft carrier issue. While that loss of this one would be quite painful for the armed forces of their country, this was still only a thing... the resentment or hatred for human losses is certainly heavier.
...well, surely there are also people who think that it is better to lose a squad of men than an aircraft carrier. But to be responsible for the death of these soldiers and also of the disappearance of that great ship, was to give them a reason to do something for those who were materialists and moralists in their government at the same time. There was no reason to make things worse now.
So, after thinking things through for a while, I pull out from my storage all the items that claimed to be salvage supplies like lifeboats and life jackets. With that, everyone should be able to swim to that island now.
"Ha~ You all should start swimming over there… you will surely be able to contact your superiors once all arrive there."
"Damn bitch! What are you doing? Hold that brat now!!! "
“I told you it was better not to disturb the boy… besides,  what do you expect me to do while I am in underwear? Seduce him?!!"
…Umu, surely that could be more effective than if she had weapons with her now. Well, exposing one's weaknesses is not good, so let's keep quiet.
"Probably if you did, you might achieve more than if you pointed a gun at him..."
“R-Revy-tan, why do you talk about people's weaknesses like that?! You wouldn't want me to tell your enemies that your left nipple is more sensitive than your right, right? "
"D-Damn bastard, w-what nonsense are you saying ?! I-I don't have any nipple more sensitive than another!! "
Oh, that came out of my mouth without thinking… I probably shouldn't have said that. Due to our previous and recent interactions, I know very well that my words are totally true! Every time I focused on her left breast, the reaction I got from her was bigger!! Also... unfortunately for Revy, as much as she wants to hide it now, her face that begins to blush quickly gives her away...
“…If you don't want other people to discover those“ weaknesses ”of yours, then you should hide them much better! 
How long do you intend to continue stroking that bitch's ass? !! "
"" ... ""
Sh-Shit! I did not notice it! Before I knew it and as Revy says, I was stroking the ass from Eda that was only covered by those black panties!! That explains why I had a nice feeling in my hand for a while now, and why Renka-chan was holding my other hand while giving me an accusing look...
Well… since this happened while I was thinking of all the previous things, it could also be considered to be something similar to stroking your chin while analyzing some things, right? In fact, I think this helped me a lot to focus more!
"Actually... could you stop that already, boy?"
"I-I'm sorry... since you were shivering, I thought you would be cold and so I wanted you to heat up a bit..."
“… Heat-up? Because of the way your fingers move, I don't know in what way you want me to "Heat-up"... I think it's better if you just give me some clothes "
“Hmp ~ After what happened before, you should be grateful that I didn't pull on the boat now! If you want clothes, then swim for those that are in the sea"
"Bitch... Hmp~ Good, then I'll let the boy 'heat' me all he wants!"
...since I didn't want to upset Revy more than she already was, I decided to listen to her this time and not take some clothes out of my interdimensional space. This was not because it was a shame not to be able to see Eda's half-naked body! Well... just a little.
Also, while one of my hands continued to caress one of her buttocks and ran my fingers along the edge of her panties, followed by her words, she takes my other hand and directs it to one of her breasts... umu, although she lost a bit with Revy regarding her butt, she seems to excel in this regard on the other hand… although, Renka-chan still surpasses her in this.
That aside, I think it was enough that she had Revy upset with her. So I want her to think about adding another girl with the idea of throwing her off the boat! Renka-chan did not like at all that she removed my hand that she was holding to place it on her chest!
"Hya~ B-Boy… d-don't be so rough… m-make it kinder, Hyaan~"
Of course, I was a man of my word, and therefore the moment my hand feels the contact with her skin, I began to rub her chest so that she gets on heat... my fingers have begun to knead and try to contain the largest area that was possible!
The bra started to be a hassle, but taking it off now would contradict why I was doing this!! So I could only be a little more forceful to enjoy… to “Help” Eda to not develop a possible case of hypothermia!!
“Nuyaa~ A-Alexander… th-that place is… d-damn it, you really can't hold anything back, right? Hyaaa~!! "
I couldn't just focus on her chest, and so from my hand that had already been playing with her underwear, several of my fingers slide inside it and reaching her garden... or so I thought but the feeling I received was completely smooth!
…Umu, it seems that she is a girl who likes to wax that part of her.
"Fuck, just give that bitch some clothes!!"
"Ha... Ha... I-I think that's the best for all..."
I think now that Eda's body has flushed a bit, there shouldn't be any problem with hypothermia. So, following the words of both girls, I hand over some clothes to her.
"Damn it! Stop ignoring us and hand over the aircraft carrier, bastards!! "
"B-Boy, what do we do now?"
"I don't mean to help a man heat up, so if you don't want to either Vin, then let's just go back to the island."
Leaving the screams of that man in a suit behind, the boat begins to move in the direction of the island we were on a short time ago. One of my goals for coming to this world had now been accomplished and, indeed, I would say that I did in a splendid way! Already the aircraft carrier was pretty good, but apparently, there were some nice surprises in it too!!