Chapter 3  Monster Subjugation (Part 2)[Edited]
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With his eyes wide open, the last thing the goblin showed in them was disbelief and fear, and then he lost the light in his eyes when his body collapsed, he convulsed a few moments on the ground and stopped moving after a few seconds. That was a better look than the one he gave me a few moments ago without a doubt, I thought smiling.


[Level up]

[Level up]

The monster body fell on his back and the blood came pouring out of all the holes in his face. I looked around to see that there was no longer any danger and after confirming it, my body then seemed to lose the strength it had just now, and like a puppet that the ropes were cut, I fell on my bottom.

My body was bathed in sweat and blood, my breath was irregular and the pain in my leg and shoulder increased with the decrease of adrenaline in my bloodstream, this caused my vision to go to the affected places. I could not notice anything on my shoulder from the clothes I was wearing, but I could feel that the place where he hit began to swell. On the other hand, in the area of my calf, the pants were torn showing the wound where the wild board bite me. I don't know if it's a reaction of the body or instinct, but focusing my gaze on the injured place has always made it hurt more and apparently, it’s the same with this body.  I couldn’t help but let out a groan from my mouth.


For a moment, I felt that my conscience was fading, you can't really blame me for that as the only fights I've been in was when I was a child staining each other and the biggest wound was with a kitchen knife while cooking. One of those moments where you thought ‘that would probably stop bleeding if you suck it for a few seconds’, but at that moment you regret as if you were going to lose your finger in any moment.

What kept my mind from getting lost in the dark was Aurora's voice that rang in my head in a high tone.

[Alexander, how long do you plan to remain stuck there?  Quickly take a potion to cure the wounds on your body]

Returning to my senses, I followed Aurora's instructions immediately taking out a potion from the inventory, opening the lid of the small crystal bottle and carrying it directly to my mouth with my right hand that could still move. It was then when noticed that they were stained with blood and a strong stench came flooding to every corner of my nose, causing me nausea and an urge to vomit through the image and smell that where transmitted by my senses.

I had just realized that I had taken several lives with my hands just now, as I mechanically moved my head observing around my surroundings, the inert bodies of several creatures increasing my desire to empty the contents of my stomach. It was lucky that I had not eaten anything until now. Otherwise, the disaster in the place would have another picturesque scene.

It was strange, until a few moments ago my mind was calm and even knowing that I had killed them did not seem to affect me much.

[Leave that for later, drink the potion now!]

Aurora's voice echoed in my head again insisting me to take the potion. I didn’t remember selecting “Grumpy”  in her personality ... I will see it as her concern for me, and I hope I didn’t do something wrong with the selection since I didn’t want Aurora yelling at me constantly. Or rather, I was afraid to think that with her sensual voice, it could cause me to awaken something strange inside me.

Holding my breath and opening my mouth, I poured the potion inside and swallowed. The liquid passed through my throat, having a strong bitter taste that wasn’t pleasant to drink, but I decided to ignore it and kept swallowing.

[Don't drink it all, sprinkle some on you wounds as well Alexander]

It seems that Aurora has calmed down returning to her usual tone, that's a relief. I followed her instructions and spilled a little of the content on my foot that created a burning sensation which afterwards then smeared a little on my shoulder and temple.  These places only felt the moisture of the liquid, but also observed the slight greenish color that painted the area in addition to the pungent smell of herbs it gave off.

"Is it really safe to drink this?"

Although I was just asking myself, Aurora took the trouble to answer me.

[Fufufu ... you can't expect much from a potion of the lowest quality, it will only prevent your wound from becoming infected and speed up the natural healing process a bit. It is good that the bite of the wild boar did not affect any tendon because this level of this potion would not solve that]

"And I was hoping to see an image of my wound healing in front of my eyes as smoke came out of it. I think this fantasy world lacks more fantasy ..."

[As I said, the one you used is a low level potion, if you want to see such situations you will have to obtain higher quality potions. There are even those that can regenerate limbs, or if we go to extremes there are those that as long as a small cell remains and it has not been long for the soul to fade, it can restore the person completely. That should be something fantastic enough for you, right? Although I would not recommend you get injured to test the effect of the potions Alexander]

"Haaa… that surpasses my expectations and sounds more like something divine.  Don't worry Aurora, it's not like I have a pain fetish. How long will take for my wound to heal with this potion?"

[Since there are only shallow lacerations and a bit of bruising, using another potion in the wounds before you go to sleep, should be able to get you moving without any discomfort by tomorrow. Now, what you should do is collect everything and leave this place, since blood will attract more monsters soon]

Following Aurora's advice, I got up with some effort and while limping, reached the bodies of the goblins and the wild boar. As expected, I could put them in the inventory, but what surprised me was to discover a small chest next to the first goblin that I killed. Still worried that another monster might appear, I just shove it to the inventory to review it later.

About 300 meters from the battleground, I continued to walk away and then remembered hearing some system sounds. Intrigued by the result of the mission, I questioned Aurora.

"Aurora what happened to the mission?"

[You have successfully completed it; you can see the results in the system]

As I indicated with her words while closing my eyes and concentrating my mind, I could see the system menu and selected the mission option.  In the mission option, there were 2 completed missions so far, which I chose the last one that was the subjugation of goblin.

[Mission / Principal] "Goblin subjugation"

They are creatures considered plagues in most of the worlds, exterminating those who are in your way is a custom to prevent them from increasing their numbers too much, since in considerable quantity they can decimate small towns.

Objective: Kill a goblin monster for the first time

Reward: 100x Crystals

1,000x Gold

System function unlocked: Map

System function unlocked: Store

Failure Condition: Death

Time limite: 2hrs.]

[Mission complete: Rating: S

Additional Reward: 100x Crystals

1,000x Gold

1x [Lizard Leather Gauntlets -J]

1x [ Gaia’s Map-Inimp area]

1x [Summoning Scroll Level 1-E]

System function unlocked: Holographic interface]

It is good that I completed the mission, it also seems that I did it perfectly and one more function of the system was unlocked. Summoning scroll? It is the reward object with the highest rank that I have obtained. Well, everything is a welcome, but I'll check it when it's safer, for now let's get away from here.

[Buy something at the system store to support in moving faster]

When I wanted to concentrate on my mind to see the system menu, something new appeared in front of me. Without the need to concentrate and close my eyes, I could see a translucent holographic window that was the same image that was presented inside my head.  Trying it a bit, I realized that I could move it both with my thoughts and interact with it with my hands.

This must be the holographic interface function that was just unlocked.  Not wanting to waste time, I went directly to the store tab. A variety of other options were deployed: Items, Magic items, Weapons, Armor, abilities.

It was a great help to have the search option, entering crutch in it, another list was displayed. I quickly chose one with the name of [Wooden Crutch] priced at 5G and in the next instant, it appeared in my hands.  I checked it a little but it was just a normal crutch, so I just placed it under my armpit and continue walking with a faster pace than before.

[Here should be fine by now Alexander, clean yourself. Although the most dangerous place was undoubtedly where the goblins died because of their strong smell of blood, you are still a walking attraction point]

After about 10 more minutes Aurora spoke again. Aurora, I wish you had mentioned it to me much earlier...

[It made no sense to clean yourself in a place that is covered with the smell of blood Alexander, that's why I didn’t tell you until now]

"Good, I understand"

Without further discussion with Aurora, I take the canteen and a crystal out from my inventory, place the crystal in a slot that was in the center of the container, which doing so shone what looked like electrical circuits on the surface of it. Then it began to absorb air with great momentum and after several minutes stopped.

I placed it on my head and directed the nozzle down, the water began to pour wetting my hair and clothing. Stopping at intervals, I cleaned the blood stains on my body and clothes, but for the latter it was not very effective. I don't think that with just water it can be cleaned.

[Buy something to block odors in the store]

Oh, why didn't I think about that? Again, I entered the system and went to the search option without wasting time. Another list with a variety of cleaning items appeared, I selected [Odor-canceling powder-100G] and as the name indicated, was a small bag with a white powder inside. I took a little and spread it on my body especially where there were blood stains on my clothes and on the wound on my foot. It should not have problems since in the description shown by evaluation, it would not cause anything even in lacerations.

"Haaa ..."

I let out a sigh when felt that things were back in my control. I think for the moment, I should seek refuge and rest from my wounds. The problem is where?

[That can be solved with the new function of the system: map and the Gaia map you got as a reward Alexander]

Great, I should make a small silent prayer a few seconds to the Heavens for the help. Before looking for the map in the holographic window, it appeared in my face. Or rather, it was more like I noticed there was a window like a map in the upper right of my vision that strangely if I concentrate on it, becomes sharp and very clear, but if not, it is almost imperceptible.

"I wonder how much area it covers."

[At this moment the area has a diameter of 100m, but this can change since as the system is integrated into your soul your abilities are equally attached to it. And one skill of yours has been linked to the map]

"Really? Which one?  It happened to other skills too?"

I asked Aurora surprised by the information she told me. As for what I thought about it, I believe it was a good thing since it sounded like I was making the system mine.

[It is one that you activated without thinking about it in the previous battle, [Soul Of The Emperor] and answering your other question, the answer is yes, [Evaluation] has been integrated with the holographic interface. But leave that for later and concentrate on finding a place for you to rest and recover. Then you can unravel everything quietly]

"But which direction should I go in? The map doesn't show anything useful now, or should I just travel the place randomly until find I something?"

[Use [Gaia’s -Inimp area] that you obtained in the reward. With it, the entire area you are in will be mapped]

"Right, I still have that map"

[Gaia’s-Inimp area]

Map with the general knowledge that you should know about the Inimp area in Gaia, you can see in it the positions of everything that is in the open areas. It does not have information of closed areas such as forests, mountains, mazes, etc. When the map is used, it disappears physically and is integrated into the system.

Bonus: One closed area its mapped when used]

Taking out the map and using evaluation on it, it seems that it is an object for the system as when it was in my hands, I began to worry because it was very small, just thinking of forcing my eyes to distinguish what the map contained caused me a headache. It is good that it integrated into the system.

Then I thought about using it and it disappeared into particles causing the map in my vision to start moving away, appearing on an increasingly small scale until it stopped. What remained were several extensions of land as continents, with rivers in them and seas separating it. In the 3 continents that had the image, forests, jungles, deserts and all kinds of ecosystems were distinguished. It really was another world.

[You're misunderstanding something, but let's leave it aside for now, focus on the blue icon like person. That's your current position]

I found the icon of a small circle on a triangle with an inverted tip, it was in an area with drawings of several trees, I suppose they represent this forest, as it had a label with the name of [Eltin Forest].

With my finger press on the name, it was enlarged until it blurred and presented another new map. This image showed my location within the Eltin forest, could see several areas marked as goblin settlements, kobolds and lizard nests, as well as other monster names.

The area was extensive and the settlements were also a large amount distributed throughout the map. As I assumed earlier, I didn't seem to be very deep in the forest, you could say I was on the edge. The closest thing to me was a goblin settlement that I was moving away from since I started walking.

I've been lucky, I don't know what would have happened if I had approached instead, probably nothing nice.

Having mapped the entire area, the bonus of using the map, I decided to look for a cave or something that would serve as a refuge for now. It didn't take long to find one that was a safe distance from the Goblin settlement and with the determined direction, I walked there.

Half an hour after using the map, I arrive without any mishap at the entrance of the cave.  I look at the surroundings for anything wrong, but everything looked good. Determining that it was safe to rest, the only thing missing was to check inside. I hope it's not a monster's lair, I don't have much energy to fight for his property right now.

I went in, preparing myself for what was coming, after scanning with my eyes around and saw nothing threatening and I didn't feel that there were dangers in the surrounding area. Noticing this feeling, I realized that I activated the [Soul Of The Emperor] ability again, it seems that when I feel pressured or anxious it activates on its own ...

" Fuuuu ... "

I leaned on the wall of the cave and exhaled all the air from my lungs as I slid down, leaving the crutch aside, losing the tension in my body, fatigue took ahold of me. I took the canteen and a resistance pill from the inventory, place it in my mouth and swallowed it with the water.

Let's rest a little, my mind is exhausted and after I wake up let's review everything that remains pending. Can you keep watch while I sleep Aurora?

[Yes, if something happens, I will warn you. You can rest easy Alexander]

"It's a relief"

I closed my eyes and relaxed my body; it didn't take long for the sleepiness to take hold of me and before I realized I fell asleep.


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