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It was the best Art and Relaxation class they had that term. Even Arnold had a great time as he dissected both mice with music playing in the background. When asked by the teacher, he said he was relaxed because he was with people that cared about him and he was doing what he enjoyed.

Miss Josephine thought that was a perfect answer.

After that class was a break. Arnold took the specimens to his dorm room and Janet and Pam returned his dissection tools to Professor Crenslav's office. The three of them went to Chemistry next, where they learned what the next lab was about. They spent the next off class carrying on, went to lunch and ate together, then went to the chemistry lab. They performed it perfectly and filled out the reports afterwards, submitted them, then had to go their separate ways.

Arnold gave them a bit longer kisses than he normally would and went back to his dorm. No one was around, since they were in class, and he stopped at Doris' desk. They had about an hour before classes changed again, so they went into the back room and spent some personal time together.

“You've... become a... very fine man.” Doris panted as Arnold made love to her. “I'm so glad... you've learned your... lessons so well.”

“Thank you.” Arnold said and kissed her. “Inside or out?”

“Inside... please.” Doris almost begged, then she felt the wonderful feeling of being filled up. She knew it was just a chemical reaction in her brain that told her being potentially impregnated felt really good, even though she was fixed and couldn't get pregnant. It was just something her body needed to feel occasionally and Arnold was nice enough to provide her with whatever feelings she wanted.

It was during little moments like this that Doris could admit to herself that she loved the young man. She knew it was silly and a flight of fancy, because there was no way that he could love her back, not in the same way, and she tried to keep her silence. She didn't want to see an indifferent look on his face when she said those three magic words, because it would make her feel horrible to put him in such a compromising position. Of course, Arnold chose that time to shove himself deep inside of her.

“I love you!” Doris moaned as he rubbed her deepest part, then she gasped when she realized she had said it. “Arnold, I... I...”

Arnold gave her an angelic smile and leaned down to give her a brief kiss as he rested, still sheathed inside of her. “Would you cry if I said I love you?”

“No.” Doris said and looked deep into his eyes. “We can have sex, so loving you doesn't strain my heart.”

“Pam and Janet didn't cry, either.” Arnold said.

“You said it first.” Doris said and he nodded. “I'm so very proud of you.” She said and kissed him. “They must have done something very special for you to admit it.”

“They did.” Arnold said and pulled out almost all the way, then slid back in.

Doris moaned as he did and she closed her eyes.

“So did you.” Arnold said and she opened her eyes in surprise. “You taught me everything I needed to know about sex.”

Arnold slid in and out of her slowly, which was something she wasn't particularly fond of, then he rubbed a certain spot and she felt her orgasm start to build. He teased and played with the spot and she writhed under him, then he suddenly shifted into high gear and pounded himself in and out of her as fast as he could. Doris cried out in pleasure as he gave her exactly what she wanted and she came, and came again.

“I love you, too.” Arnold said.

“OhhhhHHHHH!” Doris moaned as she came very, very hard.


When classes were over for the day, Dalla and Ida went back to the dorm room. Arnold was there on the computer and Ida blushed. She couldn't help it and sat down on her bed as she tried to get her emotions under control. Dalla stood by her side and didn't say anything as she let her work it out for herself. When her blush faded, she looked at Dalla.

“How can you face him after what he did to us last night?” Ida asked in a whisper.

“He doesn't see things that way.” Dalla whispered back with a smile. “You need to understand that. His mind hasn't categorized us in the same way you're trying to categorize him.”

“I... I don't understand.” Ida whispered.

“The simplest way to think about it? We're friends. He's kind and treats his friends with care. He'll take care of us for as long as we want him to. As soon as you say no, he'll stop.” Dalla whispered and leaned in close. “But, please don't make the same mistake that I almost made. I started to say no and that would have lost me having him as a friend. I caught the mistake before he accepted my decision and I retracted it, to my utter joy and happiness.”

Ida's eyes widened at her maid.

“He has let me stay in this room every night instead of ushering me out like he did before.” Dalla said. “I get to stay around you constantly and I would do anything to keep it this way.”

Ida didn't really have a response for that, so she only nodded.

“Now go over there and kiss him hello.” Dalla teased in a whisper.

Ida's face flushed red as she blushed and shook her head.

“I'll do it for the both of us.” Dalla said and she nodded.

Ida watched as Dalla walked over to Arnold and leaned down to whisper in his ear. He turned his head and gave her a brief kiss, then Dalla whispered something else and kissed him again.

“I'll have supper ready in an hour.” Dalla said and stood.

“Okay.” Arnold said and went back to working on the computer.

Dalla walked over to Ida. “See? It was that easy.”

“What... what did you whisper to him?”

Dalla smiled and put a finger over her lips in a 'hush' gesture, then she went to the kitchenette and started cooking supper for the three of them.

Ida found out later that night what Dalla had whispered.

Ida changed for bed, once again a bit disconcerted about Arnold not ogling her body, and climbed into bed. A short time later, Arnold finished whatever he was doing on the computer and changed as well... or, he didn't quite change... he just stripped off. He was naked and walked around the dorm room, his member swinging around, and Ida couldn't help but stare at him.

It didn't look like Arnold had any particular destination, then to Ida's surprise, he turned and walked over to her bed. He reached down and stroked himself to get hard, right in front of her face. Ida opened her mouth to ask him what he thought he was doing, then suddenly had it in her mouth. His firmness was familiar as she remembered the night before, then his gentle hands caressed her hair as he moved in and out. Ida sucked and played with it, now that she couldn't pretend that she was asleep, and her hands joined in and she went at it.

“Inside... or out?” Arnold asked.

“HMM!” Ida moaned loudly and kept going. Arnold didn't pull out and finished in her mouth. Ida took it all and didn't spill a single drop. In fact, she kept going. She had done similar things before and she knew that if she went a little overboard now, he would last much longer when he got to the intercourse part. Once again, she forgot that she didn't want to have sex with someone that wasn't enamoured of her and pushed the blanket off.

Her nightie and panties were discarded as she sat up and then she really got to work on his penis. What she lacked in technique, she made up for with sheer enthusiasm. She thought, quite wrongly, that if she impressed him with sex, he would fall for her. Arnold didn't think that way, though. It took very different things for him to start accepting someone like that.

Arnold ignored her breasts again as he pushed her down onto her back. He touched her between the legs and felt that she was already pretty wet, applied a condom, then shoved himself right in.

“HnnnnNNNN!” Ida moaned as she came, just from him forcing his way in and not prepping her first. What followed that initial insertion, kind of blew Ida's mind. Dalla had severely underestimated Arnold's love-making skills. The things he did to Ida and the things he made her feel, were unlike any other time she had sex, including with him the night before.

By the time Arnold was done, Ida had felt so good for so long, she had forgotten that she could speak English. Several streams of Swedish words came from her mouth and she kissed him and hugged him, then she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

“Okay, I didn't expect her to react like that.” Dalla whispered.

Arnold got out of bed and disposed of the condom. “She might be nicer from now on.”

Dalla chuckled. “If she remembers to speak English, maybe.”

Arnold went to the bathroom and washed up, then came back out, still naked.

“Please help me feel good, too.” Dalla said as she dropped her nightie to the floor. She wasn't wearing panties, so when she bent over Arnold's bed, it completely exposed her.

Arnold gave her several kisses there to prepare her, then slid inside to make her moan. He made love to her for quite some time, then he tucked her into bed.

“Thank... you.” Dalla whispered.

Arnold bent down to give her a kiss, then he went to the bathroom and washed again. He dried off, dressed, grabbed his bag and the van keys, and left the dorm. He drove all the way back home, because he had one more person that was directly involved that needed to be taken care of.


Detective Olivia Tanner laid in her bed and went over in her head how Arnold could have done it. She knew, absolutely knew without a shred of doubt, that he was involved in the latest crimes. She wasn't sure how... maybe he and Officer Hallman were working together...

There was a knock on her front door and Olivia hopped out of bed, grabbed her service revolver, and crept through her house to the front door. She crouched down, so she wouldn't be seen from any of the windows, then she peered out through the small peephole in the door.

“Oh, it's you.” Olivia said and stood up as she opened the door.

“Good evening to you, too.” Mark said and stepped in, gave her a kiss, and shut the door. “You look great and tired.”

Olivia chuckled and shook her head. “You know you could have waited until morning to visit, right?”

“I'm on back shift for another month, so no.” Mark said and grabbed her ass, then started to strip off. “I need sleep and I can't think of anywhere else I want to fall unconscious.”

“I think I created a monster.”

“It's definitely your fault that I can't get enough of you.” Mark said and put his clothes on the chair by the bed. “I mean, damn. Look at you.”

Olivia looked down at herself. “What? It's just a slip.”

“No, it's just a slip.” Mark corrected. “I can see the little bumps on your nipples from here.”

Olivia laughed. “All right, I'll give you that it's skimpy.”

“I bet your panties are skimpy, too.” Mark said and moved the blanket down to get in the bed.

“What? This thing?” Olivia asked and pulled the bottom of the slip up.

Mark saw the tiny piece of cloth and it was wedged between her lips. Part of her was actually sticking out and he grew hard just from that. “Fuck, you are so hot.”

Olivia couldn't help her blush at the compliment, vulgar though it was. She climbed into bed and kissed him, then climbed on top of him.


Brad's father sat at his desk, half drunk, and stared at the newspaper. They had been running an expose on the judge that had killed himself and all of the vice and corruption that was running rampant through their city. Of course, this paper had his name plastered on it and gave surprisingly accurate details of the backroom deal he had arranged for his son and his friends to plead down to a misdemeanor crime and only have to perform community service.

It wasn't illegal to make contributions to the city for improvements and if someone did him a favor in return, there wasn't anything wrong with that, or so he had convinced himself. Printed in black and white, it looked much worse... especially when referenced to the waste it had been, considering the boys had been allegedly killed by the rogue cop.

Brad's father took another gulp of twelve year old scotch. It burned his throat, because he was drinking it straight. He was too distraught to go and get ice from the refrigerator. He put his drink down and sighed, then he took in a breath when he saw movement in the doorway.

“Oh, it's you.” Brad's father said as the rogue cop stepped into the room. “I'm sorry to say that you wasted a trip.” He said with a chuckle and picked up a small hand gun. “I'll be doing your work for you.”

“Okay.” A deep voice said.

“Although, there is one thing I want to know.” Brad's father asked. “Are you killing all criminals that get away or just certain ones?”

“Certain ones.” The deep voice said.

“Well, you keep reading the paper and maybe you'll change your mind.” Brad's father said and picked up a report, then put it on the edge of the desk.

The rogue cop looked at it and his eyes flashed anger.

“Yes, old Charles from Charles and Associates has screwed more people out of their proper insurance money than most high class criminals in existence.” Brad's father said and pointed the gun at his own face. “I hope this doesn't hurt as much as I think it will.”

The rogue cop watched as he pulled the trigger. The bang was loud in the small home office and the back of the man's head disappeared in a spray of blood and gore. The office was in the middle of the house and the house was on a huge lot, which deadened the sound some. The sound would still carry; but, it was the middle of the night and no one would react immediately.

The rogue cop checked the man's wallet, found the safe combination, and unlocked it. Inside were several stacks of hundred dollar bills. He took one and flipped through it, then smiled. They were non-sequential, which meant they weren't recorded and couldn't be tracked. There was also an expensive gold watch, a gold wedding band that matched the one on the man's hand, and the deeds to the house, several properties, and three cars.

He took the money and closed the safe, then left the office. He hadn't wasted a trip, because he now had someone else to look into.