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Rebecca was damn near over the moon emotionally the rest of the day. She only ate a light supper, knowing what was coming later in the evening, and she took several hours trying to come up with the perfect outfit to wear. She instinctually discarded all of her normal clothes, as if they weren't worthy, then she had a bout of inspiration.

She smiled as she dug out her old pair of white daisy duke short shorts, ones she hadn't worn in a couple years, then she pulled out the sleeveless plaid shirt that she just couldn't make herself throw away, despite it being years older than the shorts and quite faded. She put it on, braless, and only half buttoned it. That way, when she moved her arms or turned to the side, it would give the best little peekaboo glimpses of her nipples.

Rebecca slipped on a high hipped pair of white lace panties and then put on the white shorts. She checked herself in the mirror and she was very happy that they still fit as snugly as they used to. She wiggled her ass and almost laughed at how sexy it looked. She knew that he didn't really notice those things unless you pointed it out to him, so she would do that, just so he knew she was doing it for him.

There was a knock on her room door and she ran over to the door and opened it up. She caught her breath when he held out a single large yellow rose and a six pack of beer.

“Tha yellow rose ah Texas!” Rebecca said as she accepted the flower. “Ahrnold, yah'all are the best!”

She took a big sniff of it, gave him a huge smile, then took his hand and led him inside. She elbowed the door shut and he saw her place was fairly small, especially compared to his spacious room.

“Ah dressed up jus' fer you.” Rebecca said and motioned for him to sit on the bed. She turned around and bent over for him as she turned on her little television. “These shorts have been sitting in mah closet forevah and ah hope yah like'em.”

Rebecca jumped slightly as she felt his hand touch the cheek of her ass, then his other hand rubbed the other cheek. She pushed back slightly, so he could get a good grip and she moaned a little as he massaged her. She stayed there for about thirty seconds, then she stood up. She propped her hands onto her hips, which pulled open her half-buttoned shirt, and one of her nipples popped out.

“Ah didn' even bothah with a bra, 'cause ah know yah likes seein' mah breasts.” Rebecca said. “With this ol' shirt, every time ah move, yah can see some ah me.”

“Thank you.” Arnold said, looked at her nipple for a moment and then at her face. “You look very pretty.”

Rebecca smiled and bent over to give him a kiss and then both of her breasts popped out of the shirt. “Ah might not have thought about tha logistics of this top too much.” She said and chuckled, then she climbed onto his lap and kissed him.

Arnold's hand was inside her shirt and massaged her breasts as they made out.

Rebecca broke the kiss and smiled. “Ah can' believe yah brought beer inta tha dorm.”

“It's non-alcoholic.” Arnold said.

“I knew yah'd figure out a way around tha dorm rules fer no alcohol!” Rebecca laughed. “Let's have some!”

Arnold popped the top and gave her one, then did the same for his own. They watched television for half an hour and had two beers each.

Rebecca couldn't contain her desire anymore. “Ahrnold, ah really liked tha' yah called me.” She said, almost in a purr, as she gave him a kiss. “Did Kelly understand tha message yah were tryin' ta give 'er?”

Arnold nodded. “There's a chance we can still be friends.”

“Ah shore hope she takes it, 'cause having yah as a friend is tha best!” Rebecca said and gave him another kiss. “Yer smart, yer loyal, and yah would do anythin' fer yer friends.”

Arnold nodded again and rubbed his hand across her thigh.

Rebecca shivered in anticipation. “Ah shore would appreciate yah makin' me feel good, yah handsome devil.”

“Do you want me to peel off your shorts?” Arnold asked.

Rebecca chuckled. “Ah'll do it, so make shore ta watch close-like.”

Arnold nodded and she stood up right in front of him, then she undid the shorts and slowly pulled them down. She really did have to peel them off, they were that tight, and she bent over at the waist to get them down over her thighs.

Rebecca caught her breath when his finger dug into the edge of her lace panties and pulled them aside. She twitched when his tongue touched her, then she had to brace her arms on the television stand as he kissed and licked her, quite thoroughly. She came several times and thought he would go on forever, then she was suddenly pulled down and he was buried deep inside of her.

“HEAV'N HAVE MERCY!” Rebecca yelled, then she moaned as he pulled her up and down on top of him and he felt very hard. She helped and moved her hips for him. It was so sharp and good and it filled her up as it hit some of her good spots inside. Rebecca couldn't do anything except move as she felt another orgasm building up.

She wanted it... needed it... and she rocked her hips faster and faster as he thrust himself inside. The pressure inside built and built and it almost started to hurt.

Then, from one thrust to another, the pressure burst and Rebecca screamed out her pleasure. She was hugged from behind and dragged onto the bed, then she panted as Arnold kept going. She didn't bother telling him that she was too sensitive at the moment, because he knew and used it as he flicked her nub with a fingertip. She came hard again and started to shake from it.

Arnold didn't stop, though. He knew what she liked and he gave it to her, over and over, then in the middle of her next orgasm, he whispered in her ear. “I'm staying all night.”

“OHHHHHHHHH!” Rebecca moaned loudly and came multiple times. Getting her wish just plain did it for her and her mind's and body's pleasure centers lit up like Christmas trees and everything became more intense for her. It was the best sex she had ever had, even better than the last time she had been with Arnold, and that was a miracle in and of itself.

At least, that's what she would tell everyone that asked her about it... and they would ask.


The next day, Sarah sat in her Geometric Progression of Civilization class when Arnold came in. Her mind reacted almost immediately and she knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he had sex that morning, probably just before coming to this first class.

“Good morning.” Sarah said as he sat next to her. “Arnold, I... I'm sorry that...”

Arnold turned and looked at her with an intense stare.

“If I had been smart, I would have jumped all over you back in high school.” Sarah said. “I knew you were smart and that doesn't really turn me on... but... if I'd known...”

“You have a boyfriend.” Arnold said.

“I do.” Sarah said. “We don't have a lot in common. All we do when we get together is make-out and have sex. We don't really have time to do much of anything else.”

“It won't be any different if it was with me.” Arnold said.

“Wh-what?” Sarah blinked her eyes.

“I don't have much free time, outside of the spare classes that I use to do the work I'm assigned during other classes. The most I can do is fuck you every couple days, maybe more, since we have two classes together on the same day.”

Sarah's mouth dropped open in surprise. In her mind, Arnold was still the 'perfect' boyfriend that Heather and Kelly had described in high school. Plus, he was interested in Latin and was so good at it. It never occurred to her that he wouldn't be a good boyfriend now. She had only been thinking of what she had and imagining what she could have, without seeing what was actually there.

Arnold saw her reaction and understood. “My sociology teacher taught us a lot yesterday...” He started to tell Sarah all about what the teacher described and it fit her situation almost perfectly.

The teacher came into the class a few minutes later and started the lesson, which Sarah completely missed, because she was too busy going over everything in her life. The class ended and she went to her next class, still mulling over everything, missed what that class was about, then she went to Latin class. She sat down beside Arnold and all she could think about was that he wasn't a suitable gatherer as he was. It would take time for him to become one and she knew that she didn't want to wait.

“Arnold, thank you for helping me.” Sarah said, not remembering what that meant, then Arnold kissed her. She gasped and covered her mouth. “You just...”

“I'm the kissing bandit.” Arnold said and flipped open the class textbook to the current chapter.

“But... my boyfriend...”

“When was the last time you kissed him and meant it?” Arnold asked and she gasped again. He gave her another intense stare. “Now you know that kissing me is wrong.”

Sarah opened her mouth to say something, then she realized what he said. “You did that on purpose.”

“Enjoy what you have while you have it.” Arnold said and started copying out the next part of the passage for their project. It was going to be a difficult translation this time, because a few of the words had multiple meanings that changed the meanings of the other words, which changed the whole interpretation of the entire passage.

Sarah sat there and wasn't sure what to say in response. Arnold, the stoic and almost robotic Arnold, is telling me to have as much fun as I can while I still can. She thought in surprise. “I... I will.”

“All right, people! Get to work.” The teacher said. “Those projects aren't going to do themselves.”

Sarah nodded and started copying out the same passage Arnold was. As she did, she realized the same thing he did and it was going to be difficult to do with several words with different meanings.

“We're going to be talking this part over a lot.” Sarah said and tapped her copy.

Arnold nodded, then they both got to work doing just that.


Later that night, Annie was siting on the couch and was cuddled up under a blanket. She wore her oldest and most comfortable jogging pants and a top that had seen better days. She watched television mindlessly as she hoped beyond hope that she would see her son in the afternoon the next day. She was always a little worried that he would call and say that he was too busy, even though she knew it was going to happen eventually.

A knock on her door surprised her. It was late on Thursday night and nearing nine o'clock. For the life of her, she couldn't think of anyone that would show up so late to someone's house. Not even her neighbours would come knocking this late. She threw off the blanket and strode to the door, her ponytail wagging behind her. She looked out the peep hole in the front door and gasped.

“ARNOLD!” Annie yelled and yanked the door open. “What the hell are you doing here so late?”

“Surprise.” Arnold said and held out a handful of daisies.

“Aww!” Annie took the bundle of her favorite flowers and took a big sniff. “Thank you!” She said and gave him a quick kiss. “Now tell me the truth or I'll swat you with these.”

Arnold smiled. “My lab partners finished the specimen last week, so I don't have to go to the lab class tomorrow.”

Annie caught her breath. “It's the only class you have on Fridays!”

Arnold nodded. “I came right home for you.”

Annie's heart went pitter-patter at the admission and she took him into a hug. She felt his jacket a bit more than usual, then remembered what she was wearing and let him go.

“Oh! Close your eyes! I'm wearing my old things!” Annie said, a little panicked.

“You look very pretty.” Arnold said and she laughed.

“That's really nice of you to say; but, look at this!” Annie plucked at the top that was worn through in a few spots and could almost be seen through. “The jogging pants aren't much better.”

Arnold put his bag down and took off his jacket. “I love you, Mom.” He said and gave her another quick kiss, then hugged her tightly. “You could wear a bed sheet and I would tell you it was a nice dress, because you were wearing it.”

“Th-thank you, Arnold.” Annie said and gave him another quick kiss. “What's gotten you into making so many compliments? Oh, and the flowers?”

“It was something I found online about making women happier while I was looking up sonic death rays.” Arnold said.

Annie burst out laughing. “Only you would find both of those things at the same time!” She said happily. “Come on.” She took his hand and led him to the couch in the living room. She dropped the flowers into the nearby vase.

Arnold picked up the blanket, knowing she wanted to get back under it, and they sat down together and cuddled. He told her about some of his classes that week and about his encounter with Kelly during sociology. Edited of course. He didn't tell her that Rebecca had sucked him off, because it wasn't really relevant to the story.

“Oh, Arnold.” Annie said and cuddled in close. “I had hoped the two of you would work things out.”

“We did; but, we aren't together.” Arnold said. “I'm sorry, Mom.”

“It's all right.” Annie said and didn't sigh. “She didn't like that you had sex with someone else?”

“No. She also wanted me to be exclusive and I said no.”

Annie sighed this time. “I hope that Janet didn't tell you to...”

“No, I did it on my own.” Arnold said. “I haven't told them what happened yet.”

“Them?” Annie asked.

“Pam is Janet's roommate and they spend a lot of time together.”

Annie nodded. “I hope they are understanding and don't pressure you to not be friends with Kelly.”

“They wouldn't even think of that.” Arnold said. “They are my best friends.”

Annie was surprised for a moment, then she had to smile. “Best friends? Both of them?” She asked and he nodded. “Are they helping you as much as they can?”

“More than that.” Arnold said and told her about them arranging specimens for him to dissect and relax with during Art class.

“Okay, wow.” Annie said, surprised. “They really are good friends if they went that far to arrange that for you.”

Arnold nodded.

“Well, I'm glad you're not all alone at the campus and someone besides Doris has your back.” Annie said with a smile. “Will you thank them for me? I appreciate them looking out for you.”

Arnold nodded again and the two of them spent the rest of the evening watching television and talking about his roommate and her maid. It was soon time to go to bed and they went up the stairs. Neither of them mentioned changing in another room as they went to Annie's room and changed for bed, then climbed in together and went right to sleep.

As far as Annie was concerned, this was the start of a wonderful and very long weekend. She had her son home for three whole days and she was going to make the best of it.