Chapter 33- Preparations before the Start of the Journey
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[Keeno POV]

When I was done making breakfast, we had gone through almost half of our pantry.  I had made so many dishes, though most of it was meat, ranging from this world’s version of bacon, to sausages, to eggs, to omelets, to biscuits, and more.


“Hahaha.  I really outdid myself.” (Keeno)


“You really did.  How am I going to be able to move after eating all of this?” (Fia)


“Don’t know, don’t care.  Now, we eat.” (Keeno)


Pram and I started to pile our plates with meat.


“HEY!  I want some of that too!” (Fia)


We all enjoyed the food, accompanied by fun conversation.  However, as all fun things do, the party came to an end all too soon.  After cleaning everything up, Fia and I stood outside the front door.


“Keeno, these past years have been amazingly fun and something I will never forget.  I want you to take care, keep Huginn and Muninn out of trouble, protect Pram, and all those other things.” (Fia)


“And you remember that this is always your home.  I know we’ve talked about what to do with this place after we both leave, but still.  If you ever need a break from traveling, come back here.  I’ll do the same, when I’m able to freely use the Gates.” (Keeno)


“Alright.” (Fia)


Fia smiled and pulled me into a tight hug.  I hugged her back.  We stayed like that for several minutes before reluctantly parting.  Fia brought her hand to my head and ruffled my hair.


“See you around, little sis.” (Fia)


“Same to you, big sis.” (Keeno)


With a bright smile, Fia turned around and walked away.  I stared at her back as she went until I could no longer see her.  I then turned around and walked back inside.  Huginn and Muninn flew over and landed on my shoulders before rubbing their heads on my neck.


“Hehe.  Thanks for trying to cheer me up, you two.” (Keeno)


I went to the lounge and slumped into a chair.  Pram soon came into the room from behind me and sat across from me.


“You good?” (Pram)


“I will be, yeah.” (Keeno)


“Alright.” (Pram)


We sat in silence for a minute when Ama spoke up.


{So, Pram, how are you with survival skills, traveling, and combat?}


“I’ve learned at least how to camp out, though it’s been a long time since I’ve done so.  I know most medicinal and poisonous plants, and I’m a complete amateur at combat.” (Pram)


“Hmm. Then how about we get you a mace?  No real skill needed to use it, just swing it and use the heavy end to hit an enemy.”  (Keeno)


“I realize fighting is going to happen, but are you sure you want me to fight as well?  I’m a healer after all.” (Pram)


“There will be times when I won’t be able to help you.  Things change quickly in a fight, so I want you to at least be able to defend yourself.  Alright, I have a plan now.” (Keeno)


{Do enlighten us, Keeno.}


“We spend some time here getting Pram used to both camping out and fighting, then when we all agree she is able to fend for herself to a good extent, we head out.” (Keeno)


“Sounds like a plan.  Just please bear with me in the beginning.” (Pram)


“Take as much time as you need.  We’re not in any real hurry, though personally I’d like to leave before the year is over.” (Keeno)


“I won’t waste that much time.” (Pram)


{Then it’s settled.  First things first, find Pram a weapon for all her bludgeoning needs.}


“Yep.  Then we get her signed up with the adventurer part of the Guild and take a few quests that will keep us out for a few days.  Pram, let’s go tell your family and get started.” (Keeno)


“Yes.” (Pram)


We got up and left.  After making our way to Pram’s home, we entered the clinic.  We found Pram’s mom sitting at a desk in the back of one of the rooms putting several leaves into a mortar.


“I’m back mom, and I’ve brought Okami.” (Pram)


“Welcome back.  And it’s good to see you again, Okami.” (Mill)


“Mom, we need to talk.” (Pram)


“Oh?  Is it about how you want to travel the world with Okami?” (Mill)


“How did you know?” (Pram)


“I’m have eyes, Pram.  I’ve always known you’d want to follow Okami, even if she left Solheim.  I won’t stop you and I actually encourage it.  Though, and this is words for you as well, Okami, I want you to stay safe.  Some places aren’t as nice as Solheim.  Don’t follow bad men or women to shady places.  And, and this is most important, next time you come back here, bring someone I can dote on, be it a boy or girlfriend.” (Mill)


I burst into laughter and Pram’s face turned tomato red.


“MOM!” (Pram)


“Hahahaha.  You two have fun and go, let me deal with your father and brother.” (Mill)


“I’ll take care of her, Miss Mill.  We’ll still be here for a while to get Pram used to camping out and traveling in general.” (Keeno)


“I’ll hold you to that, Okami.  Same to you, little birds, keep those two safe.” (Mill)


Huginn and Muninn ruffled their feathers in agreement.


“Good.  Oh, do come and say goodbye when the two of you finally leave.  I’ll have some things to give to Pram.” (Mill)


We both nodded and left for the Guild.  Outside the clinic, Pram spoke up.


“That went better than I expected it too.” (Pram)


“Yeah.  I expected Ashe to burst into the room and start trying to convince you to stay before being dragged away by the ear by his wife.” (Keeno)


“She would have gone with the tail.” (Pram)


“Oh yeah, that’s how you get him to stop doing things…Did we bully him too much?” (Keeno)


“Nah.  He played along more than you realize.” (Pram)


“Hmm.  Funny, all I really remember was us pulling pranks on him when we weren’t too busy playing with each other or when he was trying to flirt with me in a childish way.” (Keeno)


“You realize we’re both terrible at hiding things like pranks, right?  He noticed them every single time but let himself get caught.” (Pram)


“…He has earned my respect.” (Keeno)


We continued to chat about random things as we made our way to the Guild.


Chaos Realm:

Amaterasu: …I have an annoying premonition.

Atmos: Same.  Though mine is more along the lines of I’ve been in the situation before.

Well, all I will say is Phobos isn’t going to make the best first impression on Keeno.

Amaterasu: Ok, I’m going to go seal him real quick.  Then he won’t be able to do anything.

Please don’t.  Your world still needs him unsealed for the moment.

Amaterasu: Then let me know the instant he isn’t required.

Atmos: So, the birth of a new isolation room is about to happen.  How fun.

And this time, it’ll most likely work as intended.