Chapter 32- Fia’s Goodbye
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[Keeno POV]

I woke up the next morning just as the suns started to rise above the horizon and cast their light on freshly fallen snow.  I rubbed the sleep from my eyes as I looked out my window.


“…Still sleepy.”


{Then go back to sleep.}


“…Too boring…food.”


I, unhappily, got up from my bed, threw on whatever I had laying around, and left my room.  I slowly made my way to the kitchen and, after several minutes had a fresh cup of coffee steaming in my hands.


“Hot coffee…bliss.”


{And in three, two, one.}


“Keeno…coffee…please.” (Fia)


“Made.” (Keeno)


“Mm.” (Fia)


Fia sat down in front of me, hunched over another cup of coffee.


{The two of you are so similar, I’m kind of jealous.}


“Ama…all mine…no need for jealousy.” (Keeno)




Fia and I both nursed our coffee as we usually did in the morning as we stared out the window.  I finally truly woke up a few minutes after finishing my coffee.


“…This may be a problem in the future.  If I can’t actually wake up completely, then I fear for mine and Pram’s safety while traveling.” (Keeno)


“You’ll be fine.  You are only ever really like this when you have the comfort of your own home.  You aren’t like this when I’ve supervised you during camp out quests from the Guild.” (Fia)


{She’s right, Keeno.  As much as it pains me to say it, when you camp out, you return to how you would sleep when you two were escaping Falheim.}


“Hmm.  Guess things like that never truly go away.” (Keeno)


We were about to continue the conversation when a sleepy Pram entered the kitchen.  She was still walking around in her pajamas and she was nibbling on her tail.  She slumped down in a chair while staring out into space, not really seeing anything.


“Cold again…find Keeno for warmth…fluffy tail.” (Pram)


I chuckled at Pram and Fia did the same, though she also sounded a bit forlorn.


“I really am going to miss this.  It’s been so long since I’ve actually felt at home somewhere.” (Fia)


“Says the one who keeps saying this is a part of life and that you’re used to it.” (Keeno)


“Just because all of that is true doesn’t mean I won’t miss it.” (Fia)


{By the way, Fia, where are you heading first?}


“I think I’m going to head to Vanir.  It may not be the closest to Solheim, but it will be the easiest to get some allies for Keeno.  Especially since there is one family there that owes me.” (Fia)


{Ah.  Those wolves, eh?  Good idea.  And when are you leaving?}


“Most likely today.  I got all my preparations finished way faster than I thought I would, so it’s best I get going.” (Fia)


I almost dropped my cup.  Even if I was prepared for it, it still came as a shock to me that Fia was leaving so soon.


“That reminds me, I have something for you, Keeno.  I’ll go get it real quick.” (Fia)


Fia got up and left the kitchen.


“Keeno?  What’s wrong?  And how did I end up in here?” (Pram)


“You walked in here, Pram.  You’ve been sitting there for several minutes.  Also, Fia is leaving today.” (Keeno)


“…I see…Should I give the two of you some time to yourselves?” (Pram)


“You being here is fine.” (Keeno)


Pram nodded her head and I sunk into my thoughts.  I was never good at things like this, even in my previous life.  Before I could sink into some unhappy thoughts, Fia returned carrying a small box in her hand.  She placed it on the table and slid it over to me.  I stopped it and opened the lid.  Inside was a silver ring similar to the one she always wore.


“Is this?” (Keeno)


“Yep.  It’s a storage ring.  Did you think I’d let you go it alone without one?” (Fia)


“A little.  I kind of expected to go about getting one the normal way, though I’m not complaining.” (Keeno)


I took the ring out of the box and slid it on my right-hand index finger.  I then channeled some mana into it and it resized itself to fit perfectly.  I put a little more mana into it and a list popped up in my head.  I wasn’t expecting there to be anything inside, but when I saw there was, my eyes went wide.


“F-Fia, isn’t this a bit much?” (Keeno)


“Not at all.  Honestly, I hope you never have to use them, but they will be there just in case you need them.” (Fia)


“What is it?” (Pram)


“Phoenix feathers.  Three of them.” (Keeno)


Pram’s eyes also went wide.


“A-aren’t those something only rulers of big kingdoms have?  Don’t they have the power to revive the dead?” (Pram)


“Yes and no.  They can’t revive the dead, they have enough healing power to put someone in a state just before death and that only lasts a short time so someone can help the injured person to someone with better healing.  As for the rulers having them, I’ve only given them to like, three, and that was so long ago that the feathers have lost their healing properties and are now only pretty decoration.” (Fia)


I couldn’t hold it back anymore and tears welled up in my eyes.  I jumped up from my seat and pulled Fia into a tight hug.  I heard her chuckle a bit and she hugged me back.


“Don’t worry Keeno, like I’ve said before, this isn’t the last time we’ll ever see each other.  This is just a temporary parting.” (Fia)


“I know…I know, I’m just not good with partings like this…Fia, stay safe.  If you somehow end up dead, I’m going to bring you back to life and smack you on the head.” (Keeno)


“Hey!  Don’t kill me off so easily!  I’ll have you know that, as a phoenix, I’ll just revive!” (Fia)


“Hehehe.” (Keeno)


Fia and I kept hugging for a little longer before we let go.


“Alright, since Fia is leaving today, I’m going to make a feast of a breakfast.  Pram, get ready to help me, Fia, go get Huginn and Muninn, and don’t forget your promise to Huginn.” (Keeno)


“Yes, ma’am!” (Pram)


“Ma’am, yes, ma’am!” (Fia)


{What about me?}


“Ama, be the hottest moral support ever!” (Keeno)


{Easy!  I’ll be so hot, you’ll end up naked with only an apron!}


“I’ll do that for you later!” (Keeno)




Like that, I started to make a big breakfast feast for Fia’s parting party.


Chaos Realm:

Tamamo: Luna.

Luna: Yes, I’ll do that for you later.

Tamamo: Good.  In return, I’ll wear one of those button up, long sleeve shirts.

Luna: Yes!

Order: …

Luna and Tamamo: Don’t judge us.

Payto and Order: Why would we?

Order: …

Luna: …

Tamamo: …

Everyone: Hahahahahahaha!