Chapter 40 Part 1 – Armored Advance
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Sorry about the short chap! One more week and we will be back to normal... now time to do more writing for my college applications. 

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Sabaton Light in the Black

"My men can eat their belts, but my tanks have gotta have gas" - General George S. Patton

1245 April 5th, 2020 CE

0622 Sun 5th, 196 AE

Outside of the forest

Dirt flew up as bullets hit the ground around and on the magipanzers. 30 mm bullets punctured holes into the Stallions that were in the line of fire.


The battalion was surprised by the sudden rain of death. Magipanzers stopped in their tracks. 

Various bombs and missiles score direct hits on the tops of some of the magipanzers. 

<<<”Colonel Aewraek. This is Lieutenant Colonel Rohorn. We have just been attacked by human planes.”>>>

A different voice on the magiradio disrupted Colonel Aewraek’s reply.

<<<“It’s coming back!”>>>

As the A-10 Warthog started coming around again, the magipanzer formations scattered in an attempt to avoid its deadly line of fire. More magipanzers were destroyed by the hail of guided munitions. 


<<<“Colonel Trakkas. This is Colonel Aewraek. My 2nd Battalion is being attacked by human planes outside of the jungle.”

“How intense?”

“They are reporting multiple tanks destroyed and the attack isn’t letting up. They seem to be using ground-attack aircraft.”

“Should we halt our retreat?”

“I suggest we try to find a way to get out of the jungle. Being stuck here doesn’t seem like a good idea.”

“The only way for our magipanzers to get out of this jungle is by these roads. Other than leaving our perfectly intact magipanzers here, I don’t see an alternative to avoiding human air attacks if we try to get out of the jungle.”

“I will get my 2nd Battalion to retreat back into the deeper parts of the jungle. We will figure something out after that.”>>>

1255 April 5th, 2020 CE

0627 Sun 5th, 196 AE

Magusian Secondary Defense Line

Major General Bernart marveled at one of the American “M1A2 Abrams.” Right now, more vehicles from the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Divison were pouring in

“Such a big gun! Such smooth armor! Lieutenant Colonel Parker, how is your country able to produce so much of these marvels?”

Bernart was so focused on the tank that he didn’t notice Lieutenant Colonel Parker’s sigh. 

“I’m not an engineer so I’m not exactly sure. Our technology surpasses yours by more than 100 years so that’s something I guess.”

“100 years! Can you please tell me more about these marvelous magitanks!”

“As I said I’m not an engineer. And they are not called magitanks. They are 100% mechanical tanks like the ones that the Machians have.”

Lieutenant Colonel Rogers laughed as he approached them. He had been watching the conversation unfold. Even though he didn’t exactly understand what was being said, he got the gist of it. 

“Don’t know much about tanks do you?”

“Nah, just don’t like answering all of his questions. He asks too much.”

“I will gladly tell him if you translate.”

“Are we setting off soon?”

“Not yet. The infantry isn't here.”

Parker turned to Bernart

“It’s your lucky day, Major General Bernart. My friend here, Lieutenant Colonel Rogers who is a commander of a tank battalion is quite knowledgeable about the M1A2 Abrams. I will translate what he says.”


Rogers coughed.

“Okay, so this is an M1A2C Abrams tank. The most modern variation of the Abrams tank. The first Abrams tank, the M1 Abrams was introduced about 40 years ago in my world by our country. It’s known as one of the best proven tanks. I won’t go too much into detail but here are some basics. It has a special type of armor that in some areas is equivalent to 1,000 mm of steel against kinetic energy. Its gun is a 120 mm cannon that can penetrate more than 500 mm of steel. Its top speed on the road is about 42 mph if I remember correctly.”

“1000 mm of steel! Is your government willing to sell us information on how to make it ourselves?”

This was something that Parker could answer.

“No, it’s even top-secret in my old world. I’m also pretty sure you lack the capability to produce it.”

Bernart didn’t give up.

“How about selling us one of these?”

“Uhhh, your government will have to ask our government about that.”

Bernart looked a bit sad whilst still sliding his hand on the Abram’s armor

A young Magusian soldier came running up to them. He saluted and presented a folded piece of paper to Bernart.

“Major General Bernart. Message from HQ.”

He opened it up and read the contents.

“Seems like we are to advance with you.”

Parker nodded and turned towards Rogers.

“Any word on when the offensive will begin?”

“An estimated 20 to 30 minutes from now I guess. The infantry isn’t that far. We will be advancing while the Air Force conducts its strikes.”

0100 April 5th, 2020 CE

0630 Sun 5th, 196 AE

M1A2 Abrams started moving onto the road and into the jungle. Most of the trees there had been burnt to the ground. LTC Rogers spoke into his radio to his armor company commanders

<<<“Stay sharp. You have permission to fire upon any suspected elf forces. The Air Force just told us that the elves are still in the jungle. None of their forces have come out on the other side. The elves also have snipers with them so don’t get out unless it’s necessary for survival.”

“Lieutenant Colonel, what do we do with the elf tanks blocking the road?”>>>

A bunch of destroyed Elven magipanzers was clumped up on the road leading out of the jungle.

<<<“Just push through them. Don’t destroy them though. Some recovery vehicles are coming to pick them up for research.”>>>