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/ Series / Cog Cultivator (Xianxia)
Cog Cultivator (Xianxia)
Cog Cultivator (Xianxia)
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"It is said he walked through fire and rain"

Ramor-Tai monastery is the haven of the Wasteland - the place where heroic Cultivators can hone their skills through meditation and martial tournaments. For decades this place has stood as a bastion of humanity against the storms of war that threaten to engulf what remains of the world, though the Disciples of each Sect have agreed to a strict pact of non-interference with worldly affairs.

So when a man made of steel comes to knock at their doors one morning, he is met with shock and suspicion.

Jade-skinned beauties? Godlike powers? The ability to command the heavens themselves? These common dreams were not the desires of the machine-man. All he cared about was learning, understanding, and harnessing his Qi. All he wanted was an answer to the question: "Do I have a soul?"

His name was XJ-V. This is the tale of his legend.


Schedule: A chapter every week, unless something happens

ActionAdventureFantasyMartial ArtsMatureSci-fi
Adventurers Animal Rearing Apocalypse Body Tempering Character Growth Cosmic Wars Cultivation Curious Protagonist Dao Companion Empires Farming Fast Learner Godly Powers Magic Martial Spirits Non-human Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist Post-apocalyptic Slow Growth at Start Xianxia
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Table of Contents
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