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/ Series / A Transmigrator’s Story in the Hyuga’s Main Branch
A Transmigrator’s Story in the Hyuga’s Main Branch
A Transmigrator’s Story in the Hyuga’s Main Branch
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4.4 (16 ratings)
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In this story, a regular guy from our world wakes up as a young Main Branch heir of the powerful Hyuga clan in the Naruto world.

He's primarily interested in getting more power and doesn't care about right or wrong. He uses his knowledge from Earth and the Naruto show to get ahead, using his creativity & intellect to the utmost.

As he tries to become more powerful, we get to see sides of the Hyuga clan and ninja world that weren't shown in the original Naruto story.

He looks into the secrets of his ancestors and the Hyuga's eyes, and how ninja politics work, finding out things we never knew before & were left unexplored by the original author.

However, gradually, along the way, he also meets new lovers, friends, subordinates, and enemies and challenges the way things are done in the ninja world - and also tries to unify it in the process and bring real peace around.
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* Amoral and power-oriented MC. Four female leads, two of them are full OC, but logical for the story & interesting. Read tags carefully.

* Chapters may contain some parts where my own written words and existing structure are edited by AI to improve it slightly in quality.

* The story will definitely deviate from the original plot and events mainly due to the Butterfly Effect. Timeline around WW3, Kakashi's, Guy's, Asuma's, etc, generation.

* More fleshed-out, complete, logical, and realistic (dark) version of the Naruto world. So, slightly AU fundamentally at my discretion. High-quality English and writing.

Antihero Protagonist Apathetic Protagonist Cold Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Male Protagonist Ruthless Protagonist Selfish Protagonist Transmigration
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Table of Contents
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    Status: 19. the time for a decision...

    A talented author but a disappointing novel so far. The plot when its there is good unfortunately its few and far between massive info dumps that read like a boring history textbook. I'm going to shelf this and wait so I can skim and binge when enough chapters come out.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: c13

    Good story, and it might do even better if the Tags actually told you about the story, and were not all about the protagonist. When you do Tags, have no more than 3 about your protagonist, just my opinion. 8/9 Tags are about the MC... Really?!

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