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I was sent back in time to fulfill my wish of living peacefully. I returned to the day it all started; the day the humans first entered the tower of hope. I was the chosen one; the only human with the knowledge of the upcoming events. And yet, I chose a different path. I am tired have no intention of joining the frontline. I earned my retirement and shall live peacefully in the cities as a healer. But first, I need to get through this tutorial and shall squeeze out all the benefits I can from the zeroth floor.

[Also, first time writing in first person]

“I will be posting this story on”

ActionAdultAdventureFantasyMatureMysterySci-fiSlice of Life
Accelerated Growth Aggressive Characters Alchemy Antihero Protagonist Apocalypse Corruption Cunning Protagonist Fantasy World Healing Hunters Mature Protagonist Second Chance Time Travel Weak to Strong World Invasion
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 43- conflict (8)

    I like that the reviews here are a lot better than on rr. Everyone is talking about how they hate the scummy MC. But I believe the author made it pretty clear that the future was pretty harsh for all humans and I feel like it is pretty believable that MC had to grow apathetic to some degree.


    And it is not like he doesn't help anyone. He usually answers all questions and helps out if it doesn't cost him anything. It looks like he has to believe most of these people will die regardless of what he does. From his logic, why should he waste money on dead people?


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    Status: chapter 85- old friends (3)

    Many stories have an interesting premise but fail because of the author's poor writing skills. This here is an example of the opposite.

    From the characters to the world-building and an engaging story, everything is very well done and there are no major issues. The problem is with the premise and consequently the MC and his motivations. It's just plain depressing and frustrating reading about a broken, defeated man who is given a second chance to fix everything but decides to throw it all away. If you thought that the prologue was depressing and you were hoping it gets better, it doesn't.

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    Status: chapter 35- rainfall (6)

    I actually fell in love with this novel, this is a very good novel! The fantasy concept, the skills concept, how the Protagonist deals with his sh*t.

    And also the poor fairy, Levi. Literally poor, he doesn't have any point at all. #PrayforLevi

    Questions? No. Stab first, questions later.

    I would give my virginity to the author if he posts more than 5 chapters on the same day

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    Status: c41

    You are missing out if you haven't read this yet. Each chapter seems fulfilling with fillers, the concept is original, characters are fulfilling to watch, the story seems complex, the villains are seem real, and for once the story is actually about healers. While the setting is familiar, the tale is unique on perspective on healer role. 

    This author is my hero... so often healer problems are never talked about.I can truly feel author has personal experience on healer role as it's not just heal heal and be down with it. You see sustain issues, and how people treat you if you can't help. Also the cost of kindness. Also even nicest healers eventually have a dark side. (ex character goes looking for people knowing they down stupid and didn't bring antidote.). There's also that grumpy side that still gives advice to people unconsciously even if you know they won't listen.

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    Status: c40


    Person C "Why are you so shameless. We also protected you from monsters. You have a duty of helping your teammates."

    Healer"Is that so. Good luck with your severed shoulder then".

    Levi"Just give me your points if you want to succeed already. I have more knowledge than you can imagine."

    Healer"Dream on. Go buy me ice cream if you want points. You can keep the pocket change."

    Good, if to describe with one word. Or the sense and vibe the novel gives makes you contemplate, acts like a reminder. And If I was the one who read this review till now, then I would be seeing the few chapters, as it means you may enjoy.


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    Status: whatever is current ch

    Edit: I also forgot to mention, I prefer the version of the MC from the prologue more than the current cold and calculating one at the moment. My defense is that he already knows that he owe the people who kept him alive long enough to make that wish, then it is definitely just weird that he would go back with only the wish to be lazily comforted with a nice and easy life. The man himself even say he felt like he doesn't deserve to be alive, but he is alive because of the other 70 peoples who died and he is granted a second opportunity to only squander it by being a cold and maybe have a little bit of heart to help here and there in his big plan to profit and living a lazy life.  

    This story is still unraveling, but I stand to say that it was a decent read. I will update this when the story have more chapters for me to read, but as of now it is more telling than showing. We only get one perspective, and some characters are weirdly unreasonable. The magic is ok so far, and the way the story flow is pretty good, but the main character needs some work. He got future knowledge, and he just wanted to live a peaceful life, but like the story point out, if he is a vet in the tower, what the hell happen to races that don't conquer the tower in time before a new race is assimilated. It stands that if he has been there for 9 years, then he must know what it means to not conquer the tower. There have to be consequences for races that don't or can't conquer the tower as it was stated in the beginning, when the 10 entities were introduce with their intention of not wanting anyone to conquer the tower. My conclusion for now is he will not be able to lead a peaceful life like he wanted, the call to action will come and he will have to take it to the frontier again. The genres and the way the story is set up is pretty generic as far as my knowledge of this type of story will flow, but I am still waiting for some kind of twist that will make it more than just a generic survival journey and conquest. From some of the clues, I feel like the dark thing to this tower of Etna is that the races that are older will be recycle by the tower as a fuel source by cannibalizing their souls as they wait for their turn to be extinguish. This will release room for the next assimilation, and therefore the races that are the administrator of the tower must be in the know. Just speculation so far, but my guess is that the 10 entities mention in the beginning are using the tower as a farming process to amass massive amount of mana crystal by farming people who died as they climb the tower. Which is why they won't let anyone to conquer it, because they themselves have not conquer it and is using their privileges and power to restrict and harvest resources for their own gain to clear the final stage. If you read this far, then what I am saying may not make much sense, and it probably doesn't but the synopsis will be twisted in some way because I can't see how the story will continue if he truly doesn't try to use his knowledge to fully conquer the tower and maybe learn the truths that exist at the top. Got like a tower of god feeling, but the main character is kind of an asshole and there is still too many mysteries still unresolved. The character Xie or whatever the hell her name was, is seriously unreasonable for plot sake, like calm your tits girl and f**king analyze the situation instead of scheming and being a bitch to Alex. Some characters feel like they exist only to fill the space if you get what I mean, and some are kind of fleshed out. I am not a great writer myself so take this with some salt, but this story could use a re-write when you do complete it and I will wait to judge it again when I have read more. 

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    Status: chapter 77- change (2)

    Impressive worldbuilding and powersystem!The story really binds your antention. Try it yourself and see what I'm talking about.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: c41

    A surprisingly good writing style. Keep it up author-sama :)

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: illustration [1]

    The story is great, it had a great premis e and great development much more like Korean than others but there's still some unresolved mystery within which, meh, I'll just read more chapter... 

    It's good anyhow, try to read some of the chapter at least

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c40

    really good and interesting novel so far, I hope that writer will contineue his work

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