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/ Series / The Puzzle Box
The Puzzle Box
The Puzzle Box
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Seth wakes up inside a small box with no way out and no idea how he got there. The journey to understand where he is and why will question identity, choice, and fate as he and others find each other, confront dark forces, and try to solve the puzzle of the box.

Cover image is from a stock image by LeWelsch DeNyon as seen here

DramaGender BenderMysteryPsychologicalSci-fi
Amnesia Artificial Intelligence Confinement Cruel Characters Cyberpunk Dreams Military Mind Control Multiple Identities Mysterious Family Background Mystery Solving Personality Changes Programmer Psychopaths Saving the World Sharing A Body Siblings Soldiers Souls Survival Thriller Virtual Reality
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      Status: chapter 30 – epilogue

      This story is wonderful. It's a big old puzzle and you keep thinking you've got something figured out only to realise your imperfect information had led to imperfect conclusions over and over. The characters and their change, growth and resilience are amazing, and the villain (no spoilers here) is phenomenal and just how I would imagine certain people irl going about things.

      when reality itself is mutable what can you trust? Yourself, and your friends? Perhaps? 

      anyways this is a fantastic story and the ending is a perfect payoff, so don't be afraid to give it a read - I'm sure you'll love it just as much as I did!!

      I read it over 3 days or so at an easy pace and it was the first thing I picked up when I had a free moment.

      PS MajorKerina has done a phenomenal job setting tone, scene and tension in this book. 5 stars for sure. 

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