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/ Series / How to Kill an Isekai Protagonist
How to Kill an Isekai Protagonist
How to Kill an Isekai Protagonist
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Yovan is an arcane hunter, a specialist that deals with magic users and magical creatures. Yet, in a world ruled by mages from an outside world called Earth with godlike powers, he is only looking not to draw attention to himself and enjoy life as much as possible. Unfortunately, an unlucky string of events will make him cross paths with one of the mages, leading to brutal experiments performed on him. With nothing left, Yovan will take up on himself to defeat the mages and get rid of the evil from another world.

Anti-Magic Assassins Comedic Undertone Human Experimentation Magic Male Protagonist Monsters Power Struggle Psychopaths Revenge Satire Strategic Battles Transported into Another World Weak to Strong
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