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/ Series / Ascension: Tales of Twin Tails
Ascension: Tales of Twin Tails
Ascension: Tales of Twin Tails
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4.6 (45 ratings)
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These are the tales of two cat burglars, partners in crime all their lives, struggling to fit into a world that won't offer them even a moment of security or peace. But what if someone beyond this cruel would could offer them a gift? The chance to revitalize their lives, a single moment to gaze deep within themselves and not only see what it is they truly desire, but to chase that dream? To forge their bodies anew to allow their minds peace at last, as their true selves... With the seal upon my prison weakening, I reach out to those souls in need and ask of thee...

Will you accept Ascension?

(Specific content warnings will appear at the start of any chapter that requires them. Huge thank you to @AceTrainerJade on twitter for all their help in editing our story!)

ActionGender BenderGirls LoveRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural
Childhood Friends Crime Criminals Magic Past Trauma Special Abilities Thieves Transformation Ability Transgender
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    Status: chapter 73 – spiteful spirits

    This story is amazing, you are going to fall in love with the characters, you'll hate that you love some of them, and you Will Cry. That's a threat and a promise. This is the queer trans furry story that you'll ever read. Warning: If you aren't trans, gay, or furry coming into this story, you might find that you are when leaving. So have fun!

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    Status: chapter 80 – solar system

    I confess that I wasn't expecting much out of a story about trans furry cat burglars other than a fun time.   And this story does deliver on that, but it also hits a lot more deeply than I thought it would.   The trials that Cat and Fox deal with are very real to the trans community in general, such things as Fox dealing with the shadow, or the ones who Geppette sheltered, all of that is very well done.   I so badly would love to have a Goddess call me her daughter, that scene was so beautiful it brought tears.

    And then there are the characters, quirky and more complex than first appearances, as well as a general optimism that differences can be overcome and enemies can become friends.   The fights are amazingly creative, although I do have to admit that the Janus fight simply baffled me.    The story has me quite intrigued where all of this will end up.

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