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The Outlands
The Outlands
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Thomas was your bog-standard high-school kid; approaching the end of his senior year, he wasn't quite sure what he wanted to go into in college, but that was fine, he had time.

Well, perhaps not as bog-standard as all that; his parents died around his tenth birthday in a tragic plane crash, and he was taken in by the grandfather of his childhood friend, Ellie, whose parents had died in that very same crash. There was something...different about the grandfather, more specifically his occupation - despite living in the middle of nowhere with nothing of import within miles, he somehow had some incredibly confidential job that neither Thomas nor Ellie knew anything about.

Until shortly after Ellie's eighteenth birthday, that is. The grandfather took them to a fantastic world known as The Outlands, where he revealed that he was the head of the Freelancer's Guild, and made preparations to show the two the ropes of freelancing.

But...when their stats were measured, things took yet another turn. In a monumental coincidence, it turned out that Ellie had the best stat growths possible, immediately marking her for stardom, while Thomas had the worst possible. Such misfortune would usually mean that he was wholly unsuitable for the business, but...the Goddess of Fortune had seen his bad luck and took pity on him, granting him her strongest blessing.

And, thanks to that blessing, he soon found himself on a path of great change, both for himself, and the world as a whole...

Edited by Vongrak. Chapters weekly on Sundays.

Currently in the process of being posted to Royal Road as well.

If you want to be notified as soon as I release a new chapter, check out my Discord:

AdventureFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveLitRPGRomance
Adventurers Alternate World Appearance Changes Beastkin Beautiful Female Lead Childhood Friends Clingy Lover Devoted Love Interests Divine Protection Doting Love Interests Dungeons Famous Parents Fantasy World Game Elements Gods Identity Crisis Male to Female Modern Fantasy Monsters Tomboyish Female Lead Weak to Strong Wealthy Characters
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 28: appointed’s meeting

    If you like OP protagonists in a litrpg world, this protag may be too OP for you!  (All the while complaining about how weak they are)

    I can't anymore, I tried.  The slice of life stuff was decent but as it started move more and more into action/rpg stuff... well the MC just kept getting more and more cheats/blessings and the already low tension of danger just kind of petered out into boredom.

    Honestly it sort of became like watching a streamer playing a game with a bunch of cheats turned on walking through a game and pressing 'A' once in a while.

    So the setup wasn't bad.  Kid and his adopted sister find out there grandfather is from another, more magical dimension setting up for first contact with earth.  Which is neat.

    They go into isekai world and get their stats/growth measured.  Adopted sister has max stats! (10 per level in everything)

    MC has the lowest (1 per level) but then the MC gets a class that is a combination of blue mage, shapeshifter, and summoner (of monsters they slay).  With the 'unfortunate' side-effect of turning MC into a girl.

    But adopted sister is secretly a lesbian (Nice!) and MC still likes girls (double Nice!)   and they've always sort of liked each other but due to gender differences, nothing came of it.

    The class right there could have put the MC on even footing with their love interest eventually.  Maybe not in a straight up fight but said MC could basically fill any role the party needed with a bunch of weird skills.

    And all this?  This right here?  That could have been a good story.  MC has to deal with not being the strong guy protecting his love interest at first, slowly grows in power to match her (ish) and then love interest would have to learn the same thing.  Or at least to depend on MC as well.

    Buuuuuut in between learning about the MC's terrible stat growth and getting the class?  He was blessed by the goddess of luck.  So that anything that depends on chance... automatically succeeds.  In a game world.  Yep.

    For you D&D types, a blur spell with a chance to make attacks miss?  Congratulations, no attack will ever touch you again.

    1% chance to reflect all damage done to you back at attacker?  Congratulations, you're now god (the MC did not get anything like this up to where I read to be fair.  But really >=|)

    And, not only does this effect drops but the MC gets a reverse greed sensor where whatever they want to drop, will drop (as long as it can at any rate).  And in this world, you get some standard skills for whatever switchable class you have and the rest all come from random dungeon rewards so...  Not only could the MC farm for specific skills from monsters, but they could just waltz into dungeons and pick even more rare skills.

    And then, to follow up that, the gods of both heroes and war are like 'we are going to optimize you so let us control your drops.

    At which point I'm wondering why even bother.  It's like creating a character on an MMO and then just... letting someone else play them.

    The straw that really broke the camels back for me though was after merging with an actual goddess with no repercussions, the MC complained about how weak they were.  And it's just... your stats don't even matter anymore.  Reality bends to your whim to strike your foes.

    As an aside though, I completely disagree with 'unarmed claw fighter' being the optimal choice for a build.  Stack buffs/debuffs/hots/dots that should only belong to dungeon bosses and then use a bunch of dungeon bosses as minions. [/spoiler]

    TLDR; Had some interesting ideas, could have been good.  As a slice of life it was fine, had the action elements been kept in the background.  But they weren't and the sheer OPness of the MC made it boring.

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    Status: chapter 25: home again

    I am really enjoying this book and thought I would try my hand at a review. It is very well written with VERY few grammar mistakes, so you won't have that issue pulling you from the story as you puzzle over the mistakes. 

    The story at this point in time is mostly Slice of Life (IMO) that is slowly moving into a little more action/adventure. The pacing feels good for this type of story as well. For me, it has a good balance of LitRPG tables in it, though I do wish for an updated stats table for Tess and Ellie. So far beyond the first time we saw them, all we see are skills they have acquired. The interactions and relationships between the characters feels real and not forced. 

    Anywho, give it a read!

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