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/ Series / Ryn of Avonside
Ryn of Avonside
Ryn of Avonside
1.34M Views 40174 Favorites 124 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 4828 Readers
4.8 (643 ratings)
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Elias and friends thought it was just a storm, everyone at Avonside University did, but when the clouds cleared and the sky was revealed again, they were met with a strange sky. Gone were the city lights and everything beyond the limits of their campus, replaced by a mountain wilderness. Elias is further swept away when he is torn from his friend's grasp and transformed beyond recognition. Will the newly dubbed Ryn find her way back to her friends, and or will she return to Avonside to find it ransacked and destroyed by the strange and magical forces that inhabit the new world?

Cover art done by Ishime!
You can find her here:

AdventureDramaFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveIsekaiRomanceSci-fi
Adventurers Beautiful Couple Beautiful Female Lead Caring Protagonist Character Growth Charming Protagonist College/University Complex Family Relationships Curious Protagonist Cute Protagonist Family Fantasy World Female Protagonist Hiding True Abilities Kingdom Building Knights Lost Civilizations Male to Female Medieval Multiple Realms Post-apocalyptic Scientists Technological Gap Transgender Transported into Another World
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      New AbusedEve
      Status: 91: so many reasons

      I like the story tho Ryn is very much overpowered and it's quite boring to always see storys going into that direction but well at least this story got more than just overpowered chraracter thing going for it. What I noticed is that Male chraracters dont receives much love in this novel and those that do are trans/gay other wise not really any male characters. (Well ok there is like 3-5 maybe but they are pretty much not relevent or about to.) world building is nice but I feel like author focuses on very small part of map area when they could go bigger story feels like it's missing any real antagonists but it could also be because story is going quite slowly. Also I would like to say that I barely see anyone who can pose threat to protagonist and that feels quite boring but also could be that its just not revealed

      Anyway I give this story 3 star but it could be a 4 star if story can star fix male downgrading (I understand teachers are mostly female but well maybe not in higher education but still why is there no interesting/cool male characters?


      there is Troy but his trans so dont want to count him


      Anyways good novel and I like that this novel does not force push trans/gay unrealistically  bullsh*t things that give false impressions to people (there prob is some I think but they are minor that I dont even remember) so ya good novel that anyone can read and not go saying that it's bad.


      I'm going to keep reading and will update it if I feel like I should put it lower or higher :)


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      0 Likes · Like
      Status: current

      There are three genres I like most — trans stories, lesbian stories, and isekais. This story mixes all of them, which I may have seen before, but never have I seen it like this. 

      With the same incredible worldbuilding we're used to with QuietValerie's work, and the engaging and realistic cast of characters and their dynamics... With the sheer... uniqueness of the magic system... this is not just another trans story, lesbian story, or isekai. This is a culmination of them. 

      I can't recommend it enough.

      (Also goddamn it just kiss already)

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      26 Likes · Like
      Status: current

      Let it be known. I have stated this multiple times, I don't like isekai stories. However, I will always read whatever Vale writes. Her stories, even in fantastic circumstances, always have such a beautiful human touch to them. This story blends science fiction and fantasy into a flurry of adorable dorks, lovely world building, and of course, some gay as hell writing. 

      Every time I wonder if she'll run out of ideas. And every time I'm swept away into a new and lovely land full of blushing lovely queer women. 

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      17 Likes · Like

      It's pretty good, and it's one of the better isekai/romance novels I've read, but it feels a little overrated though. There isn't as much, "Complex storytelling and beautifully developed characters"  as the reviews might suggest.

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      16 Likes · Like
      Status: 21: happy little fir tree

      This novel was a fun read, but has the problem that it's not just a gender bender/girl's love story, it's a trans story. And what that means is that many of the conventions and tropes used to tell the story are going to seem weird if you're not part of that subculture.

      The casual way in which the main character's friends decide to "become a family" is one of them, when several members of the group don't even know each other very well. Another is the depressive mindset of the main character, who seems emotionally fragile, conflict-averse and perpetually depressed about being a man (until that's fixed). Another is the fact that almost everyone who's effective, well-meaning and not a jerk is female or trans, and the only couples you're presented with to this point are gay.

      Readers who are looking for stories about being trans won't find any of this to be a problem. Indeed, the worldview is one that will probably appeal to them, and you can see that reflected in the high ratings for the story. For a more general audience these elements feel strange and draw you away from the story, which is why I stopped reading it and am assigning it a medium rating.

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      15 Likes · Like
      Status: c0

      Not a bad story, but it has some rather typical pitfalls.

      The good:

      The characters are likable, the worldbuilding is interesting, and the mechanics behind magics are pretty original.

      The bad:

      There are wide swaths of chapters with little to no plot progression - simply teenagers cuddling and trying to form a relationship. Cute, but nothing happens.

      The main character is fairly overpowered, is rarely questioned, and has the luck of a dozen lottery winners. Easily able to accomplish feats far beyond the norm and overshadow everyone else. Not quite wish fulfillment, but be prepared for your suspense of disbelief to be strained. Nice if you turn your brain off.

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      14 Likes · Like
      Status: Beyond current
      If someone was to rate this story less than 5 stars I would have to question their reading comprehension and their ability to read between the lines. 
      QuietValerie is a talented author who creates entire universes populated by a vast about of lore, mechanics, geopolitics, cultures and characters, many of which you will not see at first glance or until the characters learn of how stuff works. 
      Her magic systems and mythologies are often well thought out, complex and insightful. The details and complexities are revealed over time as previous assumptions by the characters are slowly peeled away as they learn and experiment.
      The characters and their interpersonal relationships are delightful and if you know the author and the people around the author you can start to recognize the real world inspiration for different facets of the characters.
      Honestly watching this story in particular grow from its initial inspiration to its current chapters has been an amazing story and I feel honored to have had a small few ideas incorporated and used to torture/tease the readers.

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      14 Likes · Like
      Status: 24: a single bullet

      Overall not bad, however I believe it would be significantly better with less, or even no, romance. The romance and drama seem to take up at least half the story, with flirting and s*xual tension occasionally interjected into the middle of otherwise suspenseful moments. The problem with this is that the magic, world building, and plot are all much more interesting than the romance, yet are forced to vie for the remaining screen time.

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      13 Likes · Like
      Status: 8: fateful fruit

      Another great blend of science fiction/fantasy from Vale, this time with a larger core cast and bigger mysteries. I am very excited to see where this goes.

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      12 Likes · Like
      Status: 8: fateful fruit

      QuietValerie has made another amazing story with this one! The character development so far has really given life and emotions to the MC and all the group of friends that goes along with them. And the world building is really great at making the places and "not quite" animals/plants come alive. I can't wait to read more of this story and see where it takes me!

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      12 Likes · Like
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