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/ Series / My Succubus System (18+)
My Succubus System (18+)
My Succubus System (18+)
908.4k Views 11265 Favorites 167 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 2812 Readers
3.8 (244 ratings)
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After awakening in a new world a young man changes his life drastically by becoming a busty, lust craving succubus?

Adventia, world of fantasy, where adventurer classes of all types live and thrive. Our intrepid hero acquires the Succubus class, transforming her into a carnal loving she-demon with a desire for all things erotic! In fact, to level he (I mean, she) must lewd!

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      Status: grenvale

      The grammar is good, the worldbuilding is good, and the first few chapters are enjoyable, but the chapters following after the tutorial area are just frustrating, so I stopped reading.

      As for the reasons I dropped the story:


      Chapter 20: The threesome comes off as rape-y, with Agni's succubus instincts overpowering her actual desires and the other two taking advantage of this fact. Also, Abeni's reason for wanting to dominate Agni comes off as petty when one considers that Abeni's defining character trait this far in the story is "s*xual harassment."


      Chapter 22: Agni and Katrin's stuff was stolen by the three stooges (these three don't really seem evil, just frustratingly douchy). It is also shown that all three are manipulative backstabbers.


      Chapter 23: Agni reacted too calmly to the incident, as if she is okay with being taken advantage of (basically a doormat character).


      Chapter 24: The flash-forward was the last straw for me. It just shows the protagonist being abused, stomped on, and stabbed by a random guy three months into the future. Talk about a sudden tone shift.


      This story really needs a "Manipulative Characters" tag


      even if it's only for chapters 20-22.


      This is also my first review so take it with a grain of salt.

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      22 Likes · Like
      Status: dropped at rune master

      The story and world are intriguing and fairly well written, though not exactly what the author intends. (This is based off of posts  in the comment sections.) Unfortunately the majority of the smut scenes do not include any consent (aka they are rape) and that just isn't what I was looking for when I read this.

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      13 Likes · Like
      Status: making up, the oppai way [...

      I really enjoy most of this novel but fact that the MC is constantly emotionally abused and just forgives/ignores the culprits is just too much for me to continue with. 

      P.S. I would add a girls love tag.

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      11 Likes · Like
      Status: contract 1

      I was going into this looking for some trash to pass the time but got a pleasant surprise the first few chapters kinda went as I expected but after a while it kinda just stopped the s*x scenes I mean sure there is still some crumbs of erotic stuff but it got dropped except for the villain but that's like a few sentences not that much compared to the start tbh I don't know how I feel about this novel on one hand I want to see more development in powers and setting and see a grind of all skills and on the other hand I want garbage a tough choice as it is as of writing this is keeping a sense of normalcy and balance with what it's doing so I can't complain I just hope that the author goes in the right direction and has a plan anyway I think if you want trash then then this is decent but you could find better if you want to see cool abilities different paths moral questions with a light dose garbage every now and then your in luck because this is that this is very reminiscent of the second coming of gluttony but more light hearted and fun I think this novel is always improving and I hope it keeps up the trend until the end this is my first review so I hope I did well also this should be at 4.3 at least Jesus 

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      6 Likes · Like
      Status: c60

      The story starts well, the protagonist is not a f**king pervert and most of his thought are because he becames a succubus yes not incubus but succubus. He is your typical japanese harem protagonist. He just CAN'T let go, is so exaxperating that I have a knot in my throat while reading this. You are a succubus a lust demon can you act as one? Well, if you are expecting a very smuty story go away. If you want a story like "Kumo desu ga?" but with a SIMP succubus go ahead.

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      5 Likes · Like
      Status: Caught up

      Contrary to what the other reviews are saying, there is no rape, and the s*x scenes are no different from any of the other r-18 novels on this site. There is no rape.

      Great novel, interesting plot and well developed characters.

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      5 Likes · Like
      Status: current

      An interesting story with lots of character development. Indeed as the story goes on it seems that the class given to some characters reflect their past lives in some way. There is s*x, but it is kept light on details on the whole. There is one scene other reviewers have had complaints about. I would say it is ambiguous as to what is occurring and more detail would have cleared up the problems surrounding it. Story and growth wise I would give it full marks, but there are afew things that just jarr for me reading it.

      - There are some words that have been used in the wrong tense and some chapters that need editing more.- I would prefer it if the writer would use one system of measurement and stick with it, you give heights etc in imperial, adding metric afterwards is disjointed and breaks the narrative and accuracy is not needed in a story unless it is of significant importance.- Boobs,   need to be given more detail. Using cup sizing is lazy and inaccurate in a bad way. They can fit three different sizes of cup which is why they are a bad form of measurement.

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      4 Likes · Like
      Status: Contract (1)

      The pacing is perfect for me, and I love it. Not everyone will. Read it and leave if you dont, but give it a chance.

      --As pointed out by the author, which I agree with, this story does not have rape scenes (as of posting, but the author vehemently denies that he will ever have such a thing portrayed as anything other than terrible). There is a scene that some people have decided to construe as rape, but it was consensual, and *Said characters having been taken advantage of by the other party (in something unrelated in action to the consensual event) ***after*** the consensual event does not change that fact that the event was consensual, and not at all coerced.*

      This novel shows consent, and in any future scenarios where it wouldn't I have faith from previous experience that the author would make sure to not portray the rape  as anything other than terrible.

      Give the novel a try, don't listen to the other comments talking about "rape this, lack of consent that", and if for whatever reason you can't see it, look a bit harder, and remember things from the character's perspective, not your own.

      All in all, great story, with fleshed out world systems, and a really interesting take on the game-like interface system. 

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      4 Likes · Like
      Status: contracts (1)

      Okay, I can't rate this a 5 but for sure a 4.  The world is interesting and there is a lot of character growth for the main character.  Now my biggest thing is I feel there is a lack of detail for some scenes that could really use it.  Such as Agni and the threesome, I believe the lack of detail (not a description of actions but a description of thoughts by the characters involved) which I believe is the cause of the misconception of the scene.

      So I am just saying just work on the details it can really flush out the whole novel.

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      2 Likes · Like
      Status: a dragon’s story (1)

      I like it. The lore of the world and the different races is described really well. There is a lot of explicit content, but it helps further the story.

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      1 Likes · Like
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