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/ Series / Hunter Mania 「Hell And Heaven」
Hunter Mania 「Hell And Heaven」
Hunter Mania 「Hell And Heaven」
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Out of nowhere, two towers emerged in the world. And inside the tower, a game had started.

Those who took part in the Game of Angels were called Players, and those who rebelled were Hunters.

In a wicked world, being kind is not courageous or heroic. It's pure ludicrous.

If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you. To survive in a cruel world, one must become callous.

Aeron completed the unparalleled task of reaching atop the tower and ending the Game of Angels. But, by that time, only he remained. Thus, he gained the title of being 'The Last Hunter.'

But, Aeron is not satisfied. He refuses to be treated like a pawn by Higher beings. So, he makes a wish with the desire to replace them and become supreme himself.

What to expect: The novel will be slow-paced. World-Building and Various Character interactions will be its primary focus. The story revolves around a group of people trying to save the world before the towers appear. Many chapters will focus on how they deal with various problems even before the Towers appear. Also, the novel revolves around differents Sci-fi elements, as the story takes place in the distant future.

I do not own the cover art.

ActionComedyFantasyLitRPGMysteryPsychologicalSchool LifeSci-fiSupernatural
Antihero Protagonist Apocalypse Army Building Calm Protagonist Character Growth Clan Building Clever Protagonist Game Elements Game Ranking System Hiding True Abilities Hunters Magical Technology Modern Fantasy Multiple Protagonists Mythology Philosophical Satire Sibling Rivalry Skill Assimilation Strategic Battles Survival Game Sword And Magic Unique Weapons Wealthy Characters
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