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/ Series / I Became the Hero’s Bride to Save the Otherworld.
I Became the Hero’s Bride to Save the Otherworld.
I Became the Hero’s Bride to Save the Otherworld.
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4.4 (36 ratings)
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Reyna Charlotte Ashford, the 「Hero of Light」had successfully repelled the Demon Lord's army and saved the world. She wanted no wealth or reward other than to be left alone to live her life. Hiding herself away in her hometown of Verdantia, she merely lives day to day doing tasks for the Hunter's Guild. The Goddess of the Oath, Fairyluna found that end for the hero simply unacceptable.

"How can the Hero who saved this world go unloved? It's madness!"

Using her godly powers, she unleashed a summoning circle to bring forth the Hero's true love, wherever they might be. The Hero, ambushed alone by a horde of monsters lay dying under a tree as a scene of carnage lay before them.

The summoning circle brought forth a young woman from Earth, Kiyome, to that hell scape. Wearing a pure white wedding dress and ring, and holding another ring in her hand.

"Traveller, will you save the Hero of this world? All you need do is place that holy ring on their finger, and say 'I do.' "

Hero's Bride Discord @

FantasyGirls LoveIsekaiRomance
Scribbly Anniversary V2
Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Arranged Marriage Cute Story Demon Lord Former Hero Goddesses Heroes Magic Mysterious Past Slow Romance Transported into Another World
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Table of Contents
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    Status: 13 ー 「revelations and vows」?

    Undertones of NTR make this story unenjoyable for me. I had hoped for a fluffy story, but there's some heavyhanded lampshading going on painting a much grimmer picture, souring what I had expected to be a sweet story.

    I also found it strange that none of the synopsis makes it way into the story (at least, not the first 13 chapters). It's as if the synopsis itself is a prologue. Weird.

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    Status: c13

    Ok, I confess, I did write this review cause of the last sentence of the synopsis.

    Just genius.


    In three words: excitingly twisted story.

    However, a proper review always requires a bit more than just one sentence.

    In my opinion, the story is well written to remain exciting at least until chapter 13. Without going into detail and giving away unnecessarily there is linguistically and from the plot some effort to maintain gender confusion. Mix ups and false assumptions are the key words here.

    After just a few paragraphs and chapters, it becomes clear that there is much more to this story than just "yuri" and "girls love". The potential for the further plot is pretty good to remain very exciting.

    At first it is hard to get used to the linguistic peculiarities that are used to keep the entanglement going. However, I think it's worth it.

    As a little warning, this story contains elements of mind control and brainwashing. However, the way these elements are incorporated is quite interesting. Worth a look.

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