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/ Series / Legends of the Wesh: Lochley
Legends of the Wesh: Lochley
Legends of the Wesh: Lochley
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The Universe is held together by something. It is an undisputable truth but nobody knows what that something is.

People claim that it is connected by The Path of Legends, where Gods traversed trying to find the meaning of their own existence. Others claim that the universe is a Tree, connecting worlds with its extending branches and giving life-bearing fruits to its inhabitants. Several even claimed that the Universe is just a colony of ants, that this universe and the worlds in it are just as insignificant as insects.

In one of the Worlds in it, the arrival of someone signaled great changes.

Gods will die, Trees will Rot, Insects will burn.

Those at the top had fallen and they will upend the worlds trying to claim what was theirs. Those at the bottom have had enough of scraps and they yearned to devour the fruits of the worlds. Those that were innocent and caught in between had no choice but to persist, lest they get erased by the surging tides.

Nobody knows where will they end, but everybody knew where they started. They will not be judged, they will not be rebuked, they will not be curbed, they will not be vanquished.

The universe is their canvas and it’s time — time to paint their truths upon it.

Azrael was born as a prince in the warring world of Ost, inheriting the title but not its privileges. Oppressed by his siblings in every step of his life, he had no choice but to be subservient to their whims until circumstances spiraled him to the abyss, to a new world, and to more agreeable companions.

But is he truly free from the past or will it continue to hound him to his new life?

Elira had one wish… to be known more than as an offspring of the Great Phasol Family. Talented, hardworking, and stubborn, she struggles to break free from the influence of her family.

Everything had been going well in her life but is she strong enough to resist the upheaval and truths of the world?

William grew up in an orphanage with nothing to his name. Regaled by various tales of fantasy and greatness by his caretakers, he reached adulthood with the goal of having a legend of his own.

Will he make his mark on the world or be forgotten like an ant; crushed by the boot of an unsuspecting traveler.

The world of Lochley has been at peace for centuries and its undercurrents are growing restless from waiting… waiting for that spark of opportunity to ignite and swallow the world whole.

Some will cause it, some will resist it, and some be drowned by it.

Which one will you be?

ActionAdventureBoys LoveFantasy
Archery Awkward Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Bisexual Protagonist Death Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Gore Handsome Male Lead Introverted Protagonist Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Past Trauma Possessive Characters Shoujo-Ai Subplot Shounen-Ai Subplot Special Abilities Teamwork Tragic Past Unreliable Narrator
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