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/ Series / Glorious Vanity (SI LitRPG)
Glorious Vanity (SI LitRPG)
Glorious Vanity (SI LitRPG)
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The Ego Shield that Vain chose as his first weapon upon entering Babel. Strangely, it's not listed in his inventory despite being one of his possessions... 


When materialized, she looks like this:



The voice in Vain's head that reads out and gives him system messages. At first, he thought it was male, but it seems that 'she' is a female and apparently one as beautiful as Freyr...? 

Is she really just a part of the system, or...?


Freyr Valhalla

An Aesir from Valhalla and a member of the Norse Pantheon. She appears to be the daughter of Odin and Freyja?

Upon entering Babel, she was cursed to suffer a humiliating and disgraceful end. In another timeline, that would have come to pass. But fortunately for her, she met Vain and had her fate changed... as well as her heart stolen.

Plays a pivotal role in the events to come... at least, she should have...

Vain Glory

Our MC. Technically, 'Me', but also not 'Me'. 

Found himself in Babel and immediately recognized that it was an isekai situation, but also that it wasn't the happy-go-lucky JP version. 

Laughably weak in terms of stats, but he has quite a few trump cards that can work extremely well if put to proper use. Also has an uncanny ability to read and predict the flow of events for some reason...

The circumstances around my arrival are a bit weird...


A spearman that appears to be from Korea and possesses a unique skill called [Future Gauging Karmic Eyes]. For some reason, he's extremely calm and collected while also a bit confused at the situation. When examining Freyr, it's almost like he expects her to act completely different...

Akira Kadashi

A laidback guy that looks like a typical Isekai JP light novel protagonist. Messy black hair, a relaxed smile... the works. Quickly manages to gather a group of powerful and beautiful women around him, mostly non-human. 

However, despite his laidback attitude, he possesses incredible combat aptitude. Wielding a single knife, he manages to somehow cut through even thick platemail like it was butter as well as create cuts far deeper than they should be.

His unique skill is...?

Sakura ???

A beautiful young woman with flowing pink hair. Clearly a cultivator from a wuxia/xianxia world, she favors a spear and quickly gathered a group of admirers to her faction. 

She has a weird skill called [Dragon Princess's Insight] though, so it seems like she's not quite an ordinary cultivator after all...

John Doe

A man with shaggy brown hair and dark eyes that occasionally flicker red with malice. Has an arrogance around him that seems to look down on everything. Relishes in violence and seems a bit unhinged.

His unique skill is [Record Eater], and it seems able to steal the powers from other people. From what I could gather, he seems to be from a world where Ability Users were common?

Gotta make sure to be careful around this guy... His powers don't work on me, but it'd be annoying if he copied Freyr's powers. 


A man calling himself Lucifer. His moniker is [The Inviolable Morning Star]. Seems to know a lot more about what's going on than he lets on... and also seems to be in touch with certain people that shouldn't be in this story.

Currently serving as the Guide for the Tutorial, but recently got promoted.

For some reason, he declared himself my friend after I threw an explosion at his face. What a weirdo.

Apparently a princess from a different world. She entered Babel by following her knight, Gale. Self-declared friend of Freyr's.


Apparently a knight from another world, and the personal knight of Aqua. Looks like a typical JRPG hero with green hair and has the calm confidence to boot.

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    Status: --

    It took me a while to realize it, but apparently there's quite a few references to his previous works? It takes away a fair bit from the reading from a beginner's standpoint.


    Also, it's pretty much 95% wish fulfillment. 

    It's one thing to be told you're not that strong compared to the other guys... but when you're literally breaking reality and rewriting it with your own 'lolnou' version multiple times a chapter sometimes? Against literal gods? And you get the girl pretty much within the hour you're alone with her first? And you're getting the personal attention and praise of multiple gods/ higher beings? And when the system itself becomes a tsundere for you?

    Well.. no. The protagonist is hideously overpowered, with a will of steel and unbreakable morals, and yet somehow tries to tell us he's not really that much. No. Super normal dude.


    Read More

    11 Likes · Like
    Status: 33 – this message was brought to...

    I'm generally not a fan of  tower climbing novels since they tend to get repetitive and uninspired like for example leveling with the gods wich was when I finally got done with the genre 

    BUTT.... (and I know mine looks good), this one is really good got hooked within the first chapters, even I don't know a way to describe how good it is without doing it justice so go ahead and read it and I'm sure you will enjoy it

    Read More

    4 Likes · Like
    Status: c28

    This story is really fun and flows well.

    Read More

    3 Likes · Like
    Status: 40 – this tutorial is too damned...

    This is an amazing story. The moment this became similar to Omniscient reader's viewpoint only made me want to read it even more. There is also the fact that he isn't the only cheat around (though, of course his cheats are game breaking when the conditions are met so in a way he is OP). I especially like the fact that there is one main female lead (though I am a fan of harem, having one love interest is better when it is done properly). I suggest reading this to anyone who likes reading ORV or SCOG, and also for those who would like to see some comedic banter with Vain, the fMC and the various constellations that mess around. 

    Read More

    2 Likes · Like
    Status: 28 – a killer coincidence

    Good story nice pace just love this work

    Read More

    1 Likes · Like
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