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/ Series / [BL] NEET life in the Apocalypse
[BL] NEET life in the Apocalypse
[BL] NEET life in the Apocalypse
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4.9 (98 ratings)
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After living in the zombie apocalypse for more than 20 years, Song Yu is once again dragged back to the very beginning. As a once leader of a small base, getting tricked by his comrades and dying in a pit of zombies, Song Yu just wants to live a normal life in the apocalypse away from people in general.
So when he comes back to three months prior to the apocalypse, he sells his home, says sayonara to his tricky family and leaves to the lush forests, hundreds of miles away from civilization, buying all of the necessities to living a stable home.
That is until one day, several people move next door with a mysterious air around them who want to get to know Song Yu.
The group of people consists of 5 people, all ranging in abilities, who end up living in this wonderland, not wanting to leave.
Song Yu: I just want a stable life!! Get out of my yard!
Everyone else: Boss! Let us stay, we will garden for you!

Updates every Friday JST (maybe some in between hehe)
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To anyone who wants to translate my series: Please get my permission at: [email protected] Thank You very much.

ActionBoys LoveFantasyHorrorMatureSci-fiSlice of LifeSmutSupernatural
Apocalypse Betrayal Caring Protagonist Clingy Lover Clumsy Love Interests Death Destiny Devoted Love Interests Early Romance First-time Intercourse Hiding True Abilities Human Experimentation Love at First Sight Near-Death Experience Past Trauma Persistent Love Interests Power Couple R-18 Revenge Smart Couple Tragic Past Unreliable Narrator Zombies
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 31—i never stopped looking...

    First time making a review on a novel online, but this is like just so good. I'll be a cow, horse, or any domesticated animal when I reincarnate on the next life, so I can repay the author for posting their novel online. 

    The main character, Song Yu, worshipping this man to heavens. I am simply worshipping this man's character, and the author's writing to create such a lovable strong sweety. I also like Lan Zhou, the main lead, he's so in love with Song Yu, but he's still sensable while being in love. Both Song Yu and Lan Zhou are really my likes, rating them to hell and heaven with cutesy fillings that has muscles.

    To be frank, I've read a lot of apocalypse BL novels, and compared to those, I like this more, so like hella looking forward to the life of our neet and his husband (also along with their friends).

    Luv author so much <3333, please have my soul. This is one of my fav now, and it really tops for me. Compared to most wn I've read that are of the same genre, I'm looking forward to the future releases. Waiting is so worth it for this. Author's writing makes this novel such a fun read. 

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    8 Likes · Like

    I usually don't read ongoing stories but I decided to give Chapter 1 a try and it was enough to get me hooked. It's a wonderfully well written apocalypse themed novel. The motivations of each of the characters are laid out clearly, you actually know where it's coming from and not just a plot device to move the story foward. 

    Both the MC and ML are on the powerful side and understandably so, and yet they do not come off as an overpowered mary sue. The side characters are well fleshed out and I am definitely looking forward in seeing more of the side couple/s. 

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: ch 20


    lol sorry, I had to..

    It's a gud fun read. 


    It also perfectly avoids the unexplainable bullsh*t, where m.c.s who return to the beginning of zombie apocalypse makes zer effort to prevent it.  

    Here we have a clear and understandable motive where m.c is done with ppl & their bullsh*t...


    BUT.. eventually inevitably he does the bare minimum to warn people.... and all my previous excuses shatter... 

    If you are going to warn people why not do it early??? Atleast some would build shelters and stock up... ans if he has predicted the heat wave and meteor ppl might take his warning about zombies seriously... maybe they would even reenact armageddon/ Doomsday and destroy the meteor in space 

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 83—more people

    It's a really good apocalyptic story! The phase and progress is good that I hope author please continue the quality and don't be like other apocalyptic stories that goes down hill after the climax up to the end. TvT

    Everyone is endearing and fun characters with their own personality. Plus they do what they actually meant, like seclusion and just living on their own base away from corrupt bases. 

    I hoping to see more amazing things as a the story progresses. ❤

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 61—a familiar face

    Honestly, this book captivated me by the 1st chapter. I am just so in love with this book, the characters really brought this book to life for me. It was interesting and fast going, which really kept my interest in the plot. I loved the internal struggle these characters face, and the battle scenes were just so interesting.

     I can't wait for the author to finish it so I could read it all over again.

    100% recommend for people looking for a fast-paced, bl, zombie apocalypse, with slight angst novel!!

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    1 Likes · Like

    This is a nice story with a kind and lovable translator. Nothing more, nothing less. 10/10 would recommend!

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: the latest

    Really recommend

    The story is nice and simple.

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    1 Likes · Like
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