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/ Series / Epic of Guemwyn -The Bronze Age Warrior-
Epic of Guemwyn -The Bronze Age Warrior-
Epic of Guemwyn -The Bronze Age Warrior-
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The Maghary Empire attempted to conquer the territory of Udjnia while carrying their bronze weapons. But the local gods sent monsters to disrupt their victory. And so Empror establish the organization 'Gilda Wira' (Warrior Guild) in order to repel the monster back to the northern region of Udjnia.

In 350 AM, Akilla the hassasin came and enlisted as a 'Wira' (a nickname for members of the warrior guild) and met Guemwyn who had ambitions of becoming the greatest warrior, with Zora the former imperial warrior as their new boss.

The spiral of destiny brought them together on a mission to terminate Ghuast, the monster that terrorized the borders of the Empire. And the spiral would grow into a storm that would shake the politics of the Maghary dynasty in the sun blessed land of Udjnia.

Will the three of them got their desire? Or do they have been divided? Especially when they chose a different path when the empire began to collapse...

ActionAdventureFantasyHistoricalMartial ArtsSupernatural
Adventurers Alternate World Ancient Times Assassins Conflicting Loyalties Conspiracies
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