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The Epic of Leviathan
The Epic of Leviathan
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4.3 (143 ratings)
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Previously named as- A Mutant's Ascension

The CoverArt is provided by LordValmar and I really appreciate his help.

This is a Fanfic... I don't own anything!!! All the characters except the MC and all the Worlds belong to their original owners


A/N: First of all I want to declare that English is not my first language, so if you cannot overlook a few mistakes then this fanfic is not for you.

The MC is neutral evil, so don't complain about that at a later date saying that MC is evil or something like that.

Last warning, in this fanfic some characters will have a different attitude than the canon or the original version so please note this warning before jumping into this.

I am also writing this to pass my time nothing serious, but I will try my best to complete this fic. This is going to be a World Travel Fic.

1st World: My Hero Academia

2nd World: Harry Potter World

3rd World: Marvel Cinematic & X-Men Cinematic Universe X-Over (Comics Elements Involved)

4th World: Highschool DXD (Final World)

This is simply a repost of my fanfic The Epic of Leviathan from Webnovel. You can find this on Webnovel if you want...

MC doesn't meet a God after his death so he didn't have an idea about what he had to do in the future or even if he will have a power or not.

But all of this changes on MC's 4th birthday, when he awakens his quirk and receives a message from God. Only one mission is given to him and no other directions or commands.

Join the MC in his path to see (or read) how he completes the mission and which path he takes.


Discord Channel-

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World Travel Fanfiction
Antihero Protagonist Apathetic Protagonist Based on an Anime Character Growth Comedic Undertone Devoted Love Interests Male Protagonist Multiple POV Multiple Transported Individuals Mysterious Past Older Love Interests Overpowered Protagonist Polygamy R-18 Ruthless Protagonist Sadistic Characters World Travel
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Table of Contents
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    Status: invitation…

    Status: Ch. 91 – "Invitation"

    Rating: 3 / 5


    I feel that the idea behind this story was great, and its start was excellent and appealing. I believe this story had the opportunity to become something truly remarkable. However, a few decisions in between squandered that. By no means is the novel bad, it's still a decent read, but I feel it could've been much better.

    Note: As with all reviews, this review is going to be biased. I mention plenty of items in my review that I do not enjoy, but many others may. So, please, do keep in mind that everyone has different tastes as you read this review. Also, this review has no intention to slander this work or its author. I am writing this review because I liked the novel, so when I saw some writing decisions that diminished my enjoyment of the novel, I felt compelled to say something about it.

    Grammar (★★★☆☆) :

    The grammar of this story is decent. It's nothing revolutionary, and it's not bad. Sure, there are a few grammar mistakes here and there, but it's good enough to a point where it shouldn't affect your reading experience. You'll have to look for the grammar mistakes to find them deliberately.

    Story (★★★★☆) :

    I personally really like the idea of the story. Long story short, the protagonist is assigned missions by "god" to go into different worlds to complete missions. As of writing this review, the worlds "god" has assigned the protagonist to conduct missions in My Hero Academia and Harry Potter.

    Not only do I like the idea of the story, I feel that the author also did a great job translating that story into text. There are many cases of a novel where the idea is good, but due to poor execution, the idea is wasted. Fortunately, this is not the case for The Epic of Leviathan. The author also gives the protagonist an uncommon power and uses it very well.


    In the first world, My Hero Academia, the protagonist is given the ability to control gravitational fields, which allows the protagonist to have perfect control over all metals. The author and the protagonist both proclaim that the power is very similar, if not the same, of Magneto from X-Men.

    With his ability to control gravitational fields, the protagonist follows the general plot of My Hero Academia. At the same time, we, the readers, can see how the story ever-so-changes slightly with the protagonist's actions. I enjoy the decision for the protagonist not to get very close with Deku, the protagonist of My Hero Academia. This is something uncommon among fanfictions of My Hero Academia. (Side note: for context, I'm not fond of the character Deku. He is why I cannot bring myself to finish watching or reading My Hero Academia which is otherwise a critically acclaimed piece of fiction.) The climax of this arc is when the protagonist has a massive fight against All-For-One, which results in the protagonist successfully killing All-For-One, who also happens to be the object of his mission assigned by "god." Afterward, the protagonist quickly takes care of the other villains of My Hero Academia before he and his lovers get sent to the Harry Potter world to complete a new mission.

    The mission assigned to the protagonist and his lovers by "god" is to interfere with Dumbledore's plan to make a martyr out of Harry Potter. The protagonist is given the new ability to control lighting as well as keep his old power. His lovers each get a unique ability, and they are born as the last members of the noble Ravenclaw family. The protagonist then starts interfering with Dumbledore's plans which include exposing Peter Pettigrew and saving Sirius Black. This is also pretty much where I stopped reading.


    World Building (★★★☆☆) :

    I believe world-building, when it comes to fanfiction, is a very different ballpark. The critical difference between world-building between an original and a pre-existing setting is that everything needs to be built from scratch in the original setting. In contrast, in a pre-existing setting, the foundation is already built. You, as the author, just need to do a good job utilizing those foundations while adding something of your own to it as well.

    I believe the author did an excellent job using the already existing settings of My Hero Academia and Harry Potter. So, if I think the author did a good job, why would I only give it three stars? The reason is that I feel the author only used the foundations and didn't add enough of their ideas to it. Though I do believe that for the world-building of the Harry Potter arc, the author did do a good job implementing the pre-existing world setting as well as adding their twist to it, however, I very much dislike the Harry Potter arc, but for different reasons. My dislike for the Harry Potter arc does indeed negatively affect my appreciation for the author adding their ideas to the Harry Potter setting.

    Characters (★★☆☆☆) :

    This is my biggest gripe with this novel, the character development. First and foremost, I must have you understand why I incredibly dislike harem stories. I believe, unless a story starts with being a harem story, introducing harem destroys all character development and, and, in fact, causes the character development to regress. The problem with harems is with each new member of a harem, less can be written about any single love interest. At the beginning, where the protagonist only has one lover. All energy was spent to develop the character of that single love interest. In addition to making the relationship between the protagonist and the lover richer. However, with the introduction of new lovers, less energy and effort could be spent on each love interest. More often than not, this results in the lovers becoming carbon copies of each other, and whose purpose, become no more than to just be an object the protagonist has s*xual intercourse with. This, frankly, pisses me off and is the biggest reason that caused me to stop reading. This phenomenon begins late in the first arc (My hero Academia) but becomes painfully apparent in the second arc (Harry Potter). In the Harry Potter arc, the only time the love interests are mentioned in are when the protagonist has bedroom fun with them or wants to have bedroom fun with them. The love interests' characters now do not go farther than just being a human flesh bag with a hole.

    When the protagonist still only had a single love interest. I remember when reading, and the author started hinting about the protagonist getting a new love interest, I said aloud, "Don't make this a harem, " but the author eventually did just that. Now, I'm not saying harem stories cannot be good. However, I do believe it is very hard to make a harem story emotionally rich, which, unfortunately, is the case here.

    Another gripe I have with the story is the extreme power-creep. I feel that the protagonist got too powerful too quickly. It felt like the protagonist wasn't even in the world for a year before he was strong enough to kill the strongest villain. I don't like stories where the protagonist gets ridiculously powerful because it renders all other characters useless in the story. It becomes a one-man show which some people might like, but not me. The nail in the coffin for me, though, was when the protagonist goes to the Harry Potter world, he gets to keep his old powers. My problem with this is with his old power, the protagonist is already the strongest being in the Harry Potter world the moment gets there, and the author admits this too. What is the problem with this trope? Simple. It means that there is no challenge, no danger. There is no obstacle to push the protagonist to better themselves to experience character growth. In other words, the protagonist's character becomes stagnant. Protagonists should be dynamic characters, not static characters, a character who experiences no change as the story progresses. Static characters should only be reserved for side characters the protagonist will only see once or twice.

    Final Remarks:

    For me, this novel showed tons of potential. In fact, it inspired me to start writing my own world-hopping story where the protagonist is assigned missions by a higher entity called Avatar of the Prophet of Serenity. However, with all things, everything good must eventually come to an end, and it just happened sooner than I had wished for me for this story.

    I still suggest you read through the story but don't get too attached to it. That's it. Thanks for reading my review.

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    14 Likes · Like
    Status: c6

    I have no idea how this got in the trending list. It's bland and too wordy. Most of the time it's just the MC's monologue which makes you ask why he did not use his tongue to talk with other people if he got one. There are also some grammar mistakes. The author is not that bad at English. He/she is just too lazy to fix his/her mistakes.

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    13 Likes · Like
    Status: visitors from asgard (ii)…

    This was really real good😳😳😳

    Dont mind the other bad reviews cuz this was really good (feeling that if this story end I will feel really bored) 👍

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: Chaos in Azkaban (II)

    The biggest problem with this story is the fact that the author tells and does not show. EVER. It feels like reading a journal entry of the MC. The whole novel is just the MC describing what happened in his life. I think that's enough to deter most people from this story. It's fun, but very difficult to read because I HATE the way it's written. It does not develop characters because of this and quickly becomes a slog. I hope that the author one day realizes that he can write better if he learns to show and not tell.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: setting up everything (i)…

    This is an awesome story and I'm looking for more! 😁👍 BTW just an opinion, but I think you should make the main character more secretive.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: third year (ii)…

    This is a nice, laid back read. You won't feel any tension, as expected from a laid back story, MC's interaction with girls are nice. Overall a good novel to pass time, I like it... and I love Nemuri!!!

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: klaue & vibranium (i)…

    This is one of the best fanfics and novels I've ever read I recommend this to whoever saw this comment to atleast give it a try.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: c110

    Just binged all of the chapters in one day! I understand why it got into trending! Keep up the good work!

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: blast off !!!

    Mmm this novel is pretty good, some minor mistakes with gramar and kind of easy to get a power up, girls get super easy infatuated with the MC, there was never a quarel in the harem kind of sus considering the sheer size of it.

    I personally enjoyed the switch from " hero " to " villan " (considered by society) .

    MC is overpowered from begining (yes ik he trains, but strictly speaking from the kinds of powers he gets from god) .

    Mmm that is all from me at the moment, I liked the story it was structured preety nicely, hope it continues updating.

    Considering all the downsides of the story I still give 5/5 (im bias cuz I like it) 😤

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