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/ Series / Fates Parallel (A Xianxia/Wuxia Inspired Cultivation Story)
Fates Parallel (A Xianxia/Wuxia Inspired Cultivation Story)
Fates Parallel (A Xianxia/Wuxia Inspired Cultivation Story)
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4.7 (53 ratings)
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***Volume 1 is scheduled to release on Kindle Unlimited on October 25th. All chapters before 34 will be removed when the book launches.***

After centuries of endless wars, the three greatest nations of the continent have come together in peace. As a symbol of their cooperation, they have worked together to establish the Grand Academy of Spiritual, Martial, and Arcane Arts, a place where the best and brightest of each nation can gather on neutral ground and share knowledge, techniques, and cultures. Can the peace truly last, or is the academy just another proxy for the constant conflicts the three nations face?

None of that matters to Lee Jia, a homeless young girl who's biggest concern is surviving the winter. But when she accidentally stumbles into the academy in search of a new place to stay, her destiny is changed forever. Determined to carve out a new place for herself and make the most of her good fortune, Lee Jia dives head first into the world of magic and martial arts.


Fates Parallel is my first serious attempt at writing a story, and a personal love letter to Eastern fantasy and xianxia stories. It's heavily inspired by East Asian culture, folklore, and mythology, with what is likely going to be a decidedly Western artistic license. I try to write every day, with a goal of about 45,000 words per month (~1500 per day). Chapter lengths are around 3000 words on average, releasing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Cover art drawn by the incredibly talented Tsuu (TsurotArtistry).
Full resolution cover art:
All Ko-Fi donations go directly towards new artwork commissions. Patrons get up to 20 chapters in advance.

ActionAdventureDramaFantasyGirls LoveMartial ArtsPsychological
Abandoned Children Academy Animal Characteristics Character Growth Couple Growth Cultivation Demonic Cultivation Technique Demons Determined Protagonist Different Social Status Enemies Become Allies Fast Cultivation Female Protagonist Friendship Half-human Protagonist Heartwarming Heavenly Tribulation Immortals Inscriptions Late Romance Magic Magic Beasts Magic Formations Weak to Strong Xianxia
  1. 127. FinalOct 18, 2021
  2. 126. PredatorOct 15, 2021
  3. 125. SemifinalOct 13, 2021
  4. 124. DefeatOct 13, 2021
  5. 123. CompetitionOct 12, 2021
  6. 122. TalentOct 12, 2021
  7. 121. RivalsOct 12, 2021
  8. 120. SpiderOct 11, 2021
  9. 119. MagmaOct 11, 2021
  10. 118. SistersOct 11, 2021
  11. 117. FamilyOct 10, 2021
  12. 116. BarrierOct 10, 2021
  13. 115. HuntOct 10, 2021
  14. 114. EliminationOct 9, 2021
  15. 113. QualifierOct 9, 2021
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      New Yarny
      Status: 125. semifinal

      Been binging the ever living heck out of this in the past few days. I've sacrificed sleep because I literally can't stop. That's how good this is.

      This is not your stereotypical wuxia/xianxia power fantasy. Every character is well developed and has their own place and story in the world (which is built up really good, I might add). 

      There are a few issues that don't really have to do with prose or grammar, though. 


      The author has mentioned that one particular arc was badly received. Personally, I think that it does a good job of highlighting all the nuances and tensions in their world. But I'll admit that I did have to put down my phone to take a breather at some point. It isn't completely unbearable, and it really does get a lot better later on. Reception really depends on the reader.


      I'm looking forward to more. 

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      1 Likes · Like
      New totallesbo
      Status: 52

      this is a must read for xianxia and wuxia fan and also to those who love yuri

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      2 Likes · Like
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