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/ Series / Changing Things for the Better?
Changing Things for the Better?
Changing Things for the Better?
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In a constantly transforming world, where reality being altered was noticed by no one, Daniel knew and made the best out of his situation until his life changed forever.

Written by MrSimple
Edited by Trismegistus Shandy

DramaGender BenderMysteryPsychologicalSlice of LifeTragedy
Abusive Characters Aggressive Characters Anti-social Protagonist Appearance Changes Blind Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Coming of Age Depression Disabilities Fast Learner Forced Living Arrangements Identity Crisis Jobless Class Living Alone Loneliness Loner Protagonist Male to Female Pansexual Protagonist Seeing Things Other Humans Can't
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      Status: c02
      Mar 16, 2019

      I am kind of a fan of this story. I always find stories when the MC will wake up with some tragic accident happening to them such as losing a limb or in this case eyesight (Maybe also being paralyzed from the waist down?) I also find it interesting that it's a gender bender on top of that.


      Only real issues I have are that I feel it's a bit rushed and sudden for the MC to accept having a boyfriend. I like to think it's from the fact that the MC is a bit delirious still with everything that has happened. I'm also expecting the Hospital to find out this version of the MC's name and think the reason why the MC has different memories such as thinking they're called Daniel is because of the Trauma that just happened.


      It is some weird god thing trying to just change the world is also a bit weird or out there. I don't mind if it's a god doing it. But the reasoning is a bit off for me.

      The other Issue and I'd say it's more minor. I would recommend trying not to use actual name brand things like Queen or Youtube. It has a habit of taking a reader out of the universe. Not really an issue for things like Car brands though.

      I can't help but like to think that the MC in this world's family is worried about the MC. Like she ran away from home and they haven't found her in a year or two. I also can't help but imagine that Josh is gonna end up being something like the CEO of some company. I don't know but I do like that I am getting interested to see where this goes.

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